Friday, May 8, 2015

Sinister Ball A Post Apocalyptic Event 5-9-15

Event: 5-9-15 5-9pm SLT

Today I received this very cool invite and since it's a public event I was told I can post the info. so others can attend as well.  The live music lineup looks great and when I went to have a look at the stage I can clearly see this is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of people taking photos.  I won't post pics of the awesome sim/set yet as it should be a fun surprise for attendees. 

Visit here:

The invite reads:
"You are cordially invited to Templemore's Sinister Ball
A Post-Apocalyptic Burlesque Themed Event
Saturday, May 9th
5pm Oblee
6pm Zachh Cale
7pm Sassy Nitely
8pm Amereth Popstar
Best Dressed Awards (3K for Female, 3K for Male)
To Be Announced by Sassy toward the end of her set.
You must be present to win.
FAQ: How Should I Dress?
Think steam-punk meets burlesque. Now go nuts. ;)
Or feel free to IM Sassy Nitely or Luis Lockjaw for inspiration.
Be sure to add your photos of the event to our Flickr & Facebook Pages:

TM Sinster Ball I took a pic with the invite too although I'm not sure I'll be wearing this particular outfit to the party as I have a large variety of Steampunk and/or post apocalyptic outfits but wanted to show the invite so plopped me and my chair next to it. Sinister.jpg

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