Saturday, May 16, 2015

Garden's of Absentia and LEA9 Barefoot Wanders--2 Good Explores

Visit here:
Garden's of Absentia by ipunin.Pera
Their sim info reads: "For a quick walk or hours of discovery, the Gardens of Absentia has something for everyone. Home for the Pool of Hope Charity, Tribute Garden and Cancer Awareness.  Visitors can find information  on Autism, Internet Bullying and Non-Violence Against Women"  Special thanks to good friend  Makkie Riegler for showing me this beautiful sim.  A person can light a luminaire on the lake for a loved one lost to cancer.  There is a lot to the area so be sure not to miss this one.

Garden's of Absentia

Who explores in a gown? I guess I do... and LEA9 is great for photos! Visit here:
This cool place is made for photography really and all you have to do is follow the arrows from setting to setting.  Then there are tvs around in a variety of sitting areas where if you submit your pics to Rosie Renfew or you can submit to Flickr:  she will add them to the tv loop so ppl in the sim will see them.  The blog site is here:
The sim info says: "The concept of Barefoot Wanders is to make an interactive environment within SL.  Skydomes are placed around the sim where people can explore and be creative with photography.  By adding these pictures to photo domes around the sim, people can see what others have created.  Ideally creating an interactive space to share and embrace photography in SL."
And thanks to Ziki Questi for this find as I saw it first on her blog.  Again, this is LEA9, one of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Land grants.  Enjoy.   LEA9 LEA9

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