Sunday, January 31, 2016

Calas Galadhon Re-opening Tomorrow

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The remodeled Calas Galadhon sims re-open to the general public tomorrow.  Of course it's amazing as always with a new look.  If you are a group member head over today for lag free early entry.  Check out their new Facebook page too:
The blog site is here:

Calas Galadhon Reopening Calas Galadhon Reopening

The City by Betty Tureaud, LEA27

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Today was the grand opening of Betty Tureaud's "The City" at LEA27.  This very cool large city build with sculpture, flying planes, and amazing colors is very impressive but be sure to adjust settings to see all the beautiful colors.  You need Medium Ultra High settings with Projector light.  There was a large crowd and I saw up to 75 at one point with Ultraviolet providing music and Betty on hand for a great opening event.  The usage of 4 sims for perspective proves there is art in open spaces, said LEA host LaPiscean Liberty about the sim.  Betty suggested exploring in the city and clicking some houses for links too.  The landing is a airplane teleport and there is a poem provided and meaning for the sim I will let you explore for yourself!   I also found playing with windlights for different effects was very fun.  Check it out at the link above.

The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beginners by Cica Ghost

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This cool sim by Cica Ghost is now open and again Cica combines creativity and whimsy for a fun and interesting explore.  Somehow I think this one has deeper meaning but I might be too tired to grasp it at this late point in the day and it's fun at face value anyway.    The sim info simply states:   "Every end is a new beginning."  Cica's places often have a little more than meets the eye so look all around and be sure to sit on the roof tops.. which basically just grabbed me.   I saw this today in editor's pics on the SL Destination guide and was a little presently surprised to find yet another new build by Cica.  I blogged her prior not long ago here:  This new one has a similar feel with the building shapes and that giant moving snail with the house on it's back.. yup.. it's very interesting and well worth a visit.

Cica Ghost Beginners Cica Ghost Beginners_002 Cica Ghost Beginners_003 Cica Ghost Beginners_004 Cica Ghost Beginners

Sunday, January 24, 2016

9th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

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It's almost time for the annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education again which will be held March 9-12, 2016.  Preparations are being made and if you enjoy getting involved each year be sure to head over to their web site for more details.  There are many ways to be involved as it is a huge production.  The call for proposal for presenters is closed but they can always use volunteers.   Exhibitor and machinima proposals, and award nominations are still open for a short time so if interested in that take the link now.   Registration is open and it's free for all to attend.   This annual event held in Second Life also includes information on other platforms and is a great way to learn innovative ways others are using virtual platforms in education both in-world and in first life.  This year's theme is "Horizons".

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Through A Blogger's Eyes

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Hurry over to Art on Roofs as Inara Pey's "Through A Blogger's Eyes" exhibit ends tomorrow.  I've been meaning to blog this and am just getting to it so you have one day left to see some lovely exploration pieces from this prolific blogger at this location. I highly respect Inara, her blog, and photography so wanted to make sure and spread the word.  For more info. and one of the best SL blogs around check out her site here:

I've previously blogged about Art on Roofs when another artistic blogger exhibited there which you can see here: Art on Roofs: Inara Pey

Friday, January 22, 2016

HIgh Water: A Great Place to Explore Again

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Today I noticed blogger Ziki Questi blogged about High Water a sim I really love.  I blogged in previously here:

And you can read Ziki's current post here:

So I stopped back in again and sure enough I ran into sim owner and creator Morton Funk again and had a nice chat with him and snapped a few more pics.  This is a super relaxing and beautiful water based photographic sim that works well with many windlights so check it out some time.  If you visited before you will note Morton has changed it up a little excluding so much of the art of others but is now more of a minimalist nature setting with some new beautiful additions. High Water with Morton Funk High Water with Morton Funk High Water with Morton Funk

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Phoenix Dance Team Grand Opening

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 1-16-15 at  7 pm slt  The Phoenix Dance Team opened their theater at Perrinton  151,75, 2002.  Cash tp'd me over and we both enjoyed the quality performances in their lovely theater.  At times there were 100 in attendance and prior to my arrival they had to do a  sim restart but came back in full force with a  fantastic show.  They had their own dancers and shows and guest performances and they included an ever popular audience participation dance.  I was impressed they had so many male dancers for a change too.  Their next show will be Jan 30th at 7pm SLT.  Based on this one I'm sure it will also be a great performance also. Phoenix Dance Team Perrinton Phoenix Dance Team Perrinton Phoenix Dance Team Perrinton Phoenix Dance Team Perrinton Phoenix Dance Team Perrinton

My pictures really don't do the show and theater justice as I wasn't aware it was going to be so cool and didn't plan to blog it.. but luckily I did snap some shots sort of on the fly and decided to blog it now since it seems it will be a great place for quality shows.  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Bots Are Back -At Split Screen Art Installation

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Jo Ellsmere's bots are back and this time at Split Screen Art Installation, a well known immersive art area, owned and curated by Dividni Shostakovich.  This group/show first appeared in 2014 at Avante Garde LEA8.  I am as amazed now as I was then as to what they can do and Divi knows I totally love this exhibit! Be sure you get your shadows on, and use the designated parcel windlight and sounds for the full experience as you watch the bots change from one to 5 and back with delightful movements between.  The above video was taken at the prior installation, but the entire set is now housed at Split Screen for all to enjoy.  The current exhibit info. states: "Jo Ellsmere's "Biomechanical" performance by bots was probably the standout contribution to the Russian Avant-garde show in April 2014.  It now returns to SL for a limited engagement at Split Screen, showing now through the end of February.  Come see this mesmerizing work before it disappears again!"

 The Split Screen Installation Space is a place for artists to develop large installations. Contact Dividni Shostakovich for information.  He has a history of bringing in big name artists for some great immersive art.  There are currently other works of art also at Split Screen and the landing information for the area reads as follows: "The artworks at the Split Screen Installation Space park are:
Blue Tsuki: Windmills from "Adagio."
Bryn Oh: "Bulbfish" (by the little pond).
Cherry Manga: "Chessboard."  Be sure to walk on it.
Eliza Wierwight: "The Satirical Polemicist."  Sit on the little heart in the middle.
Kolor Fall (Patrick Faith): "Adjacent Lovers."  Click on the cubes.
Maya Paris: "Tutti-fruity trees": sit underneath and say the name of the fruit!
     "2 NightBird Nest and eggs": sit in the nest and click on the eggs!
Miso Susanova: "Time as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" (on the sky platform -- there are teleporters scattered around the land). Sit on it to see up through the installation to the moon (set at midnight if you aren't using Firestorm).  If you position your camera before you sit, you'll see that you're walking.
Oberon Onmura: "Contact Improvisation."  Watch it for a while.  You can also walk into it if you like.  Explanatory notecard: 􀀟
Scottius Polke: "Rusty Boxyphant" and "Green-Purple Turtle II."  You can ride the turtle!
Trill Zapatero: "Cheese Grater Street Lamp," "Big Oak Tree," and "New Novia Oak."
Dividni Shostakovich
Curator, Split Screen Installation Space

split screen Divi Split Screen Split Screen-Jo's bots Split Screen split screen Div and bots

My Heart Goes Boom LEA2

My Heart goes Boom Encore 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

Gates of Memories, an Amazing Explore

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Today I visited "Gates of Memories", in the moderate "Amazing" sim by shelly 70.  The sim info. states: "We don't remember days,  we remember moments."  This beautiful winter sim is home to a wonderful collection of great sculptures by some well known artists, pose props, and variety of décor all very nicely put together making for a wonderfully photogenic sim and nice place to visit with friends.   I highly recommend a visit. Amazing Gates of Memories_001 Amazing Gates of Memories_018 Amazing Gates of Memories_019 Amazing Gates of Memories_009 Amazing Gates of Memories_004 Amazing Gates of Memories_008 Amazing Gates of Memories_022 Amazing Gates of Memories_020

Omagination Art Gallery

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Omagination Art Gallery's recently held their second Annual WHITE SHOW opening the new year with a collection of works that give a fresh look at what color can do. White is clean, new, and a perfect ground for the imagination, said their invitation. They had a evening of art and music to celebrate this exciting exhibit! Music was presented by Soulvision, Nina Bing, and FrankLee Anatra. Artists include:

Antartica Slade
Gitu Aura
Freyja Merryma                              
Jarla Capalini                  
Kaijah Chrome
Kimmie Rayna (Kimma)                 
Ini Inaka          
Lisa Figueroa
Morgana Nagorski
Nakari Tolsen
Owen Landar
Sacha Audeburgh
Saoirseheart (seersha)
TheaDreem (Thea)  
Rage Darkstone

The invitation ends:
"As the new year begins, we move into a new era at Omagination Art Gallery. Thank you for joining us for this opening event!
Owen Landar,
Artist and Owner, Omagination Art Gallery"

While I unfortunately missed the opening party I stopped in to check it out as I always enjoy their exhibits and happened to catch up with Owen.  When I expressed my disappointment in missing the party he advised there will be another party later when this exhibit closes and then when the next opens and offered their group and/or subscriber.   I snapped his picture and of some of the images in the lovely gallery here for you to see.  Check it out if you haven't already.

Owen Landar Omagination Art Gallery Omagination art gallery

Friday, January 8, 2016

GregKat 24, Marqs DeSade, and Elvis!

I dropped into the super cool Lemonrock Café
to see one of my favs GregKat 24 for a fun show then Marqs DeSade followed and announced it was his rez day AND Elvis' birthday today!  Woot.! Anyway .. they popped out a cake and dancer for him and dropped balloons for everyone to pop while dancing. 

Marqs Rez day at Lemonrock Marqs Rez day at Lemonrock

Above Marqs and below always one of my favs GregKat 24

GregKat 24 at lemonrock cafe

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Share your LL Love with the RL World!

Today I logged in to SL to find a new Firestorm message on the opening screen, and thought I'd share it here in case you missed it.  The message was about a new opportunity to share the reasons you love Second Life with others.  Please review their web site here:

I always think it's great to let others know about the good things in SL and why many of us keep coming back.  It often gets a bad rap for the "adult" content even though that's a factor many love too, but there is so so much more to it than that and many of us in enjoying a huge variety of great opportunities and things from live music, to the arts, to socialization, to building/designing and being creative in many ways, etc. and I believe others should know about this.

Here is an excerpt: "We're very excited with our first six landing pages that have now received thousands of new visits.  Best of all, new sign-ups are beginning to roll in!  Thank you to all who have shared these pages with your RL contacts and please continue to do so. 

Now that we've launched the pages, we're ready to start improving them by adding testimonials from Second Life users to replace the current stock reviews we have there now."

Anyway, here is an opportunity you might enjoy being a part of.  Be sure to check the rest of it out on the Firestorm page linked above.