Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Bots Are Back -At Split Screen Art Installation

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Jo Ellsmere's bots are back and this time at Split Screen Art Installation, a well known immersive art area, owned and curated by Dividni Shostakovich.  This group/show first appeared in 2014 at Avante Garde LEA8.  I am as amazed now as I was then as to what they can do and Divi knows I totally love this exhibit! Be sure you get your shadows on, and use the designated parcel windlight and sounds for the full experience as you watch the bots change from one to 5 and back with delightful movements between.  The above video was taken at the prior installation, but the entire set is now housed at Split Screen for all to enjoy.  The current exhibit info. states: "Jo Ellsmere's "Biomechanical" performance by bots was probably the standout contribution to the Russian Avant-garde show in April 2014.  It now returns to SL for a limited engagement at Split Screen, showing now through the end of February.  Come see this mesmerizing work before it disappears again!"

 The Split Screen Installation Space is a place for artists to develop large installations. Contact Dividni Shostakovich for information.  He has a history of bringing in big name artists for some great immersive art.  There are currently other works of art also at Split Screen and the landing information for the area reads as follows: "The artworks at the Split Screen Installation Space park are:
Blue Tsuki: Windmills from "Adagio."
Bryn Oh: "Bulbfish" (by the little pond).
Cherry Manga: "Chessboard."  Be sure to walk on it.
Eliza Wierwight: "The Satirical Polemicist."  Sit on the little heart in the middle.
Kolor Fall (Patrick Faith): "Adjacent Lovers."  Click on the cubes.
Maya Paris: "Tutti-fruity trees": sit underneath and say the name of the fruit!
     "2 NightBird Nest and eggs": sit in the nest and click on the eggs!
Miso Susanova: "Time as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" (on the sky platform -- there are teleporters scattered around the land). Sit on it to see up through the installation to the moon (set at midnight if you aren't using Firestorm).  If you position your camera before you sit, you'll see that you're walking.
Oberon Onmura: "Contact Improvisation."  Watch it for a while.  You can also walk into it if you like.  Explanatory notecard: 􀀟
Scottius Polke: "Rusty Boxyphant" and "Green-Purple Turtle II."  You can ride the turtle!
Trill Zapatero: "Cheese Grater Street Lamp," "Big Oak Tree," and "New Novia Oak."
Dividni Shostakovich
Curator, Split Screen Installation Space

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