Monday, January 11, 2016

Omagination Art Gallery

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Omagination Art Gallery's recently held their second Annual WHITE SHOW opening the new year with a collection of works that give a fresh look at what color can do. White is clean, new, and a perfect ground for the imagination, said their invitation. They had a evening of art and music to celebrate this exciting exhibit! Music was presented by Soulvision, Nina Bing, and FrankLee Anatra. Artists include:

Antartica Slade
Gitu Aura
Freyja Merryma                              
Jarla Capalini                  
Kaijah Chrome
Kimmie Rayna (Kimma)                 
Ini Inaka          
Lisa Figueroa
Morgana Nagorski
Nakari Tolsen
Owen Landar
Sacha Audeburgh
Saoirseheart (seersha)
TheaDreem (Thea)  
Rage Darkstone

The invitation ends:
"As the new year begins, we move into a new era at Omagination Art Gallery. Thank you for joining us for this opening event!
Owen Landar,
Artist and Owner, Omagination Art Gallery"

While I unfortunately missed the opening party I stopped in to check it out as I always enjoy their exhibits and happened to catch up with Owen.  When I expressed my disappointment in missing the party he advised there will be another party later when this exhibit closes and then when the next opens and offered their group and/or subscriber.   I snapped his picture and of some of the images in the lovely gallery here for you to see.  Check it out if you haven't already.

Owen Landar Omagination Art Gallery Omagination art gallery

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