Friday, October 31, 2014

Facebook Issues

facebook note--seriously Facebook? I do more business and have a larger circle on this than most people... tell me its not real.  Grrr
Seriously Facebook? I have far more contacts, business, and associations on this account than most do.  I'm not real?  Tell that to YOUR advertisers, my friends, and business partners, etc.  So much for being user friendly.  So much for keeping people happy.  So much for pen names.. those aren't legal either now? Just great.. I'd love to have a huge big rant here, but know it's worthless other than to make me feel better. I understand the issue behind this but feel in this case it's not valid.  Just Nice : (

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cica Ghost's Little Town Opens Tomorrow 10-30-14

Visit here:

 "The inhabitants of Cica Ghost's Little Town have all disappeared for the day -- or maybe they're just hiding -- giving you a chance to explore their quirky, curious, humorous and delightful island."  Cica Ghost is at it again with the opening tomorrow 10-30-14 of her latest build, "Little Town at Taboo Rock".  Quite a few people were hanging out today although the official opening is tomorrow,  but people do come in out droves to see the sometimes delightful and sometimes quirky builds Cica does once the word goes out. This one is great with a sort of steampunk meets Dr. Seuss feel to it, with oddly shaped buildings, gears and whatnot.   At the landing you can pick up a free flying ventilator to help you explore airbound or just enjoy and there are also unique steampunk looking little cars one can drive around to explore as well. Even the music fits this eclectic sim that is so rich in texture and fun shaped buildings and objects. A fun place to visit! 

                    (Cica in black dress below.  Me in bottom pics in vehicle and flying ventilator)
news and brews shirts_002
news and brews shirts_005
news and brews shirts_008
news and brews shirts_009

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tropical Escape Spa, Fitness Center, and Much More -Closing Nov 1

Visit here:

If you'd like to visit my "Kara's Korner Tropical Escape Spa and Fitness", it's going to close up Nov 1, so hurry on over.  This is an interactive place I put together  some time ago and is a great date place, place for families and girls nights out, photo ops, and exploring.  Some of the features include:
-Hair and body spa and salon with plenty of post/photo spots for many people.  There are also many couples/adult places. Hair styling, tattoo, hot tub, spa, pool, etc.
-Tai Chi galaxy
-Adult Turkish Bath
-Fitness and Game room including SLictionary, Greedy, Cards Against Humanity.
-Chapel for free elope or photos including free photo albums to take
-Free photo studio with many nice backgrounds
-Multiple underwater and mermaid areas
-water slide
-Mermaid  and other water areas
-Kayaking and jet ski
-Paper Airplane tour rides
-Many small couples areas to find
-Free gifts in various locations.
-Resort lodge with games and live music stage area
 and much more.
Have Fun!

Tropical Escape Spa and Fitness Center

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Giano Estates Children's Show Teaser

Join us this Sunday for a great parade and show!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Modern Day Haunted House

visit here: Deep in the heart of suburbia Giano Properties on a quiet little dead end street sits an un-obtrusive ranch house at #17 Lighthouse drive that is the typical middle class residential home in an average American neighborhood. But during this time of year when the veil between worlds weakens and thins, strange things are said to occur at this residence. Stop by, if you dare, to explore this unusual phenomenon now through Halloween.

 sim video here:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SL Live Radio New Studio Open House Party 10-14-14

Visit here:

SL Live Radio will be hosting it's new studio grand opening party this Friday 10-24-14 from noon to 4pm SLT.   Today DJ Sonicity Fitzroy was hosting her show "Slow Bake" featuring SL musicians on her radio show in the new studio, so we all got a sneak peek. I took a photo so you can see how cool it is with a lot of moving lights, etc.  There are free SL Live shirts too.  We can all hang out with any of the DJ's during their shows there. 

SL Live Radio

SL Live Radio
SL Live Radio DJ Soni
(DJ Soni)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Follow Me, Down the Rabbit Hole-Explore Second Life

My imagination has always been piqued by the terms “rabbit hole” and “follow the white rabbit”, so much so that I’ve actually had a white rabbit in my profile pics for quite a while now, with the words, “follow me”.  I guess my insatiable curiosity just loves the idea of an adventure, exploring something magical or profound and SL is a bit like that for me sometimes not only in the explores but more so in learning about others and  myself in this virtual world through my involvement in relationships with others in an alternate setting that is real but not my reality as far as daily life and the way I conduct myself in first.  My SL experience is a great escape, adventure, learning opportunity, and a place to explore parts of my own mind I would not otherwise do or maybe have an opportunity to do in my first life.   I love to go down my SL rabbit hole, but in first life many of us would be too cautious to do as much. In some ways many people somewhat safely explore things in their SL environment and about themselves they wouldn’t do in first life.  Simplistically for example, how could I be a fairy in fairy land in first life? SL offers freedoms for many they don't have in first life.  And a more complex example would be in some of the interpersonal relationships I see in a world of anonymous reflections interacting.   At any rate, the idea of self-exploration, exploration of the unknown, and subsequent new understanding or metaphysical  “waking up” is part of the whole rabbit hole concept.  It could be expanding awareness to incorporate new ideas and achieving mind-expansion.Many books and movies such as The Matrix also reference the white rabbit in this manner. 

The other part seems to be simply exploring and enjoying the adventure for what it is.  Second Life is a good opportunity for both.  SL is my down time from first life so generally I try hard to keep things light and enjoy surface value magic, exploration and some creativity in SL,  but anyone who knows me knows that in spite of myself I can’t help but constantly contemplate all things about interpersonal relationships and also run and explore everything such as the beautiful magical wonderlands that I can in SL.  Going down the rabbit hole can represent the taste of something extraordinary with the tease of more to come.

Some say the term rabbit hole refers to drug use, as in the mind and body altering cake and drinks from the story “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.  Certainly the Jefferson Starship song, “Go Ask Alice” is referring to the Carroll story and drugs such as LCD/hallucinogens.  The story has Alice following the white rabbit down the hole into a wonderland where she must take the drinks/cake to proceed through a beautiful, yet strange and surreal world and story that has its risks, adventure, and ultimate desire to return home or reality, safety, and normalicy.  One can get lost in the rabbit hole with a risk of never finding ones way out.  Have you ever spent more than a few hours in SL and still not wanted to surface to first life? I think we’ve all been there.   Anyway, there are other drug annotations such as the hookah smoking caterpillar and mushrooms all around. 

My SL fantasy world and some of the amazing beautiful Sims are just such an adventure to me but without the fallout from drugs or other repercussions for behaviors first life would hold.  But again, the white rabbit is more than a drug induced trip, it represents exploration, introspection, curiosity, and is about questioning reality and ourselves.  I think going down the rabbit hole at least a little ways once in a while if fine, as long as you know your way out.  Take a chance and you might learn something about yourself and meet some great people along your voyage of discovery.  I know many run headlong, never looking back.. this is SL… enjoy.  Check out the explores.  One is pure fantasy,  the other is similar with the addition of a cool EMB (adult) club at the end. 

rabbit hole.jpg
The Rabbit Hole, (adult) EMB Industrial Goth Club, visit here:

Dysphoria, (general) Oxygen Island, Alice in Wonderland visit here:

The Rabbit hole Includes the Red Queens Throne Room (stage fancy stage area), Rose Garden Maze area, Mall area, and The Rabbit Hole Club, super cool club area. 

Dysphoria includes  Enchanted forest and gardens (fairies and sprites).
Wonderland Warren (giant rabbits).
White Rabbit's House (please do sit on the bedroom chair).
Dysphoria Forest (don't fall into the little green swamp!)
Red Queen's Castle: Turn left up into the red-lit winding-thorny-path (just before you reach the giant black widow spider).  Mushroom Circle: Some mushrooms have animations, click to see.
Mad Hatter's Tea Party: Path on the right up into the mountain, just as you reach the mushroom circle. (There are balloons in the trees at the Hatter's, you can use them to fly.)


The Rabbit Hole(Above pics of Dysphoria and below, The Rabbit Hole)
The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole “It was much pleasanter at home," thought poor Alice, "when one wasn't always growing larger and smaller, and being ordered about by mice and rabbits. I almost wish I hadn't gone down the rabbit-hole--and yet--and yet--...” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Yes, .. and yet....
Ok, maybe I wrote a little too much here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Tour Time

Everyone who knows me knows I love Halloween and  have done a few haunted houses myself in SL in the past.  Well it's time again for touring haunted houses and sims.  Here are a few of my favorites. All of these are excellent so check them out and have fun.

Paradise Falls, Skyrah - Khyr Ariem.  Visit here:
  This is a very haunted tour with a pumpkin hunt along the way, a maze etc.  Pretty dark.

Paradise falls_001

Pumpkin Town 2014 Visit here:  There's a variety of things to see and do here from a haunted house to a great explore, well worth the visit.
halloween town_003 Halloween Town by Laura Liberty, visit here: Always a favorite with a long tour through haunted movies, shopping, a pumpkin decorating contest, freebies, and more. super fun place to visit.
halloween town_001

Saturday, October 11, 2014

News and Brews Cafe and Giano Journal Launch Party 10-12-14

Giano party invite.jpg

Kathy Nikolaidis and I have opened up a small coffee shop, The News and Brews Café, In Giano Properties, a light role play "real" type community.  We have made up a news/journal, The Giano Journal,  and will be having a launch party for both tomorrow/Sunday 10-12-14 at 4pm SLT with DJ Love.  Please join us.

And if you'd just like to view the Giano Journal online you may view it here:

UWA Transcending Borders. Enter Now. Closes Oct 31st.

UWA Transcending Borders

(Ad poster by Eliza Wierwight)

Be sure to visit the official UWA Web site with all rules and details.
Visit inworld here:

On a personal note I will be helping to judge this round.  I have enjoyed perusing the art and machinima in the past and even won audience participation prizes. (this is a fun way to be involved and win even if not contributing to the actual contest --see their blog for details.)

Visit here: Part of their press release /initial info. about this states..."
"University of Western Australia (UWA) is happy to announce the launch of Machinima UWA VII and the 5th UWA Grand Art Challenge, with a starting prize pool of L$545,000 each. The theme is "TRANSCENDING BORDERS".  Sponsored by Tom Papas and SciFi Film Festival, LaPiscean Liberty, SL Artist, AviewTV, Arrehn Oberlander and MetaHarpers, Kip Yellowejacket and Virtlantis, Taralyn Gravois and Arts Castel Gallery, TheDoveRhone and Peace is a Choice and S&S Gallery of Fine SL Art, Barbie Alchemi of Creations for Parkinsons, Jon Stubbs, UWA Student Services, as well as the UWA Virtual Worlds Project.  The prize pool sits at L$1,090,000 (approx. USD 4,200).  We hope you are inspired by this to create many wondrous works of art and film as you have been through the years! (Please note the major rules and special prize guidelines as well as the Audience Participation Prizes for watching the machinima.  These will be on the UWA Blog and SLArtist)"

Friday, October 10, 2014

BOSL Fashion Week Begins Oct. 11th

BOSL FW Ad Inworld


The press release in part states:
"The Best of SL Magazine and BLVD Fashion House Models will present the BOSL International 2014 Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, Saturday, October 11th and run through Saturday, October 18th. The week's theme will be "A Night at the Movies" and some of the best of Hollywood films.
Celebrating BOSL's anniversary and the introduction of BOSL Emporia, the remodeled retail area and event venue, the launch show will feature designs from Ever An' Angel, the 2015 Miss Virtual World candidates will be presented on Sunday, October 12th, A Hot and Steamy movie theme will be presented on Friday, October 17th and the finale show will be dedicated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness honoring the memory of the late actor and comedian, Robin Williams.  The theme will be based on the famous movie “Aladdin.” The other shows will be a mixture of the films themes.
Following the finale show, there will be a party with music provided by SL Live. 
Participating designers include:
Artizana,,Azul, Black Lace, BlueMoon Enterprise, Castiel, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture, Desir
Dot-BE, EDELFABRIK, Ever An' Angel, K E L I N I, Luxe Paris, Lybra, Modern Couture, Prism, Romance Couture, Sascha's Designs, Son!a, The White Armory, Tres Beau ,UniQue* BoutiQue, Vero Modero, Vogue, Whimsical Imaginarium, Wicca's Closet, Y o K a n ,
Invitations with the LM to the venue will be distributed on Saturday morning, October 11th.
Started in 2008, this media giant has grown from an SL magazine that focused on the "Best Of" in all aspects of SL to include the following companies:
-            Best Of SL Magazine
-            Miss and Mister Virtual World Pageants
-            Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy
-            BLVD Agency now known as BLVD Fashion House
-            Fashion Feed
-            SL Associated Press known as BOSL Interactive
-            Best of SL Couture Boulevard & Renaissance Galleria Malls (Renaissance has been changed to Emporia)

Each company is focused on bring the “Best Of” in it’s own category.
BLVD Fashion House is one of the longest operating agencies in SL and features some of SL's top fashion models. Being home to very special models with a discerning eye and a high level of professionalism is our acclaim. We are able to offer fashion shows that can take advantage of the immense coverage BOSL has as media to make very effective announcements for the shows, top class models and top class show productions for SL fashion designers and creators who are looking for first class fashion shows that enhance brand image. This agency is exclusive and models are welcome by invitation only. Applications are not accepted except for castings."

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are you looking for me? Computer Woes

Broken Computer

First I want to say, if you don't see me online and are looking for me, try searching up Karatrapdoor2 Resident. 

So, I began having a multitude of problems with my 2 year old alien laptop and although Dell was so kind as to come to my house on my warrantee and personally installed a new graphics card, the display screen had also gone very bad, one of the keys was bad, it randomly was getting hot (in spite of a cooling pad) I was having frequent freezez, crashes, blue screens, ac adaptor errors, etc. etc.  Needless to say, the Dell home repair dude couldn't fix all that so off it went to Dell in TX.  I tried to log on to a "lesser" laptop and cant get on Kara Trapdoor (the original).  I have tried probably no less than 50 times on 3 different viewers and I either get 2/3 of the way through the log in bar and crash or I make it in but all I see is blue screen, water or sky, I don't show online to anyone, I can't see my own av or other things, and I cant access my inventory, literally like I'm dead in the water.  So I tried someone else's  really good computer... there I can log onto Kara.  I cleaned cache, cleaned all files, rebooted the wireless router, changed my tag, hair base, put on some light clothes and went to protected land.  I still can't log onto Kara Trapdoor from this laptop I'm using while waiting for my alien to return.  This is disturbing as although I made Karatrapdoor2 for just such an occasion long ago, I never enhanced her much.  She looks about the same  but has next to 0 inventory.  I am used to having my wonderful inventory, enjoying beautiful windlights and taking photos and video, moving around smoothly, etc. 

I will say that every computer I've ever had has been a love/hate relationship for me.  I am amazed by them, love them when working, am totally enthralled really when they work.   I'm not in the least techy though, being a more physically social person than this techy stuff is,  but I have learned a few things and try to get updates, clean and defrag, etc. and use help of some very techy friends as needed.   Computers just like to give me problems.  

Bottom line, this sucks.  I'm guessing most of us have been here at some point though.  I truly feel bad for persons with low end computers in SL who can't enjoy it like I normally do.   I am very thankful for what I have had in the past.  But to top things off, this computer I'm temporarily using is Window 8.1.  Seriously annoying with 5 million popups when browsing and stuff, plus I don't get why I have to keep going to the side, top or bottom, to work stuff.. .. and  also I am not a app'y sort of person.  I want what I chose to want not what is presented to me randomly.  (From what I hear, all that is not really so random but personally selected for me based on high tech spy skills the powers that be have aimed at my personal life, saved in that magical cloud for their future ad use.  And just when we all thought that whatever goes to the cloud stays in the cloud.....apparently we were wrong about that..../me puts on bathrobe now)  Well a tiny bit of suggested stuff is ok, as I might be missing out on something great if I don't know about it, but OMG.. really? So many things just constantly thrown at me with this Windows 8.1.  Plus many things are so different everywhere online with it, like for instance even my blog auto highlights key words and then if you click on that it takes you to something with that word, not related to my blog or anything I have intent of promoting in any way.. .. its not wantd and is very annoying.  Surely there is a way to turn that off. Also through all this I have concluded McAfee must be a virus in itself.   I can only hope my alien will be back soon and in good working condition,   But it's a wake up call for me to try to clean up my inventory as I've been told Kara's big inventory may need too much ram for this little laptop.  So I fear one day the inventory may also be too much ram for my alien and then how will I get in? I do love my inventory things though.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of finding me.... Facebook recently decided that some years and many many contacts later that Kara Trapdoor must not be a real person.  I am assuredly very real.  So I changed my Facebook name to my acceptable "real" name Kara Vontrap there.  I hope you enjoy my music. 

Well.. if you need me, most likely you can find me on Karatrapdoor2 Resident in Second Life for now.  OK, rant over.   I think that was a rant... I feel like a huge rant.  Screw the alcoholic beverages, this calls for the really good stuff.  I'm going for some cookies and milk now. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Seth Regan "Left of Center"

Left of Center - Front Cover
                      (official press release photo above)  (below photos I took at release event)  
mankind tracer_005
 I attended the release party enjoying the music and great crowd most in steampunk gear.  The official press release for the event stated:

Sunday October 5th 2014 at 2PM SLT, Multiple Award Winning, veteran live Second Life (SL) performer Seth Regan, will be releasing his new all original SL CD “Left of Center”. This will be his 6th release since he first started started performing to global audiences within the Virtual World of SL. Seth started performing in SL in 2006 as "Mankind Tracer" and quickly rose to become one of the most recognized names in SL music, business and also in other virtual worlds.
The "Left of Center" EP features Seth’s popular new ballad "Only for You", the politically themed Americana anthem "One Voice" and the raw emotion of "So Many Things", among others.
For nearly 8 years, fans from all around the world continue to fill Seth's live shows in SL... and for good reason. Seth’s music is often called both “profound and insightful in music and lyrics”. He offers unique takes on the cover tunes he performs, adding his own stylings and smooth vocals. His sound is always crystal clear and the level of interaction and vibe at Seth's shows is always positive and  uplifting.
"I wanted to create music and lyrics which draw from, and elaborate on, some personal feelings I have on various topics and current events. Some may be romantic, some a little eerie. Some are political in nature. I only hope people will understand the metaphors and directions I might have taken."- Seth
”Left of Center” will be available for purchase as an SL CD at the release party for the first time and then after the party at Seth’s future SL shows in support of this release. The release party will be at a specially designed venue with a “Steampunk” theme.
This EP also includes a bonus track of a recently rediscovered recording of an earlier production. Seth had written and recorded "Eye of the Storm" coincidentally only a few months in advance of the devastating Hurricane Andrew which decimated South Florida in 1992 where Seth was living at the time. The song was played on the radio for some time after the storm and during the area's recovery.
Attendees are encouraged to dress in a steam punk theme.
The release party is open to the public and sponsored by the Lefevre and Hernandoz Foundation." 
Press Contact:
Brandy Maltas (Kalli Birman)
mankind tracer_004

mankind tracer_006

Friday, October 3, 2014

Giano Properties

This is a very fun place.  Check it out some time.  Residents can drive around and participate in a variety of fun events and activities and hang out with friends in a light role play community that is almost like first life!