Friday, October 31, 2014

Facebook Issues

facebook note--seriously Facebook? I do more business and have a larger circle on this than most people... tell me its not real.  Grrr
Seriously Facebook? I have far more contacts, business, and associations on this account than most do.  I'm not real?  Tell that to YOUR advertisers, my friends, and business partners, etc.  So much for being user friendly.  So much for keeping people happy.  So much for pen names.. those aren't legal either now? Just great.. I'd love to have a huge big rant here, but know it's worthless other than to make me feel better. I understand the issue behind this but feel in this case it's not valid.  Just Nice : (


  1. Google+ is happy with pen names.

    1. Thank goodness. I know that was a struggle for a while too though, in the past.

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