Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are you looking for me? Computer Woes

Broken Computer

First I want to say, if you don't see me online and are looking for me, try searching up Karatrapdoor2 Resident. 

So, I began having a multitude of problems with my 2 year old alien laptop and although Dell was so kind as to come to my house on my warrantee and personally installed a new graphics card, the display screen had also gone very bad, one of the keys was bad, it randomly was getting hot (in spite of a cooling pad) I was having frequent freezez, crashes, blue screens, ac adaptor errors, etc. etc.  Needless to say, the Dell home repair dude couldn't fix all that so off it went to Dell in TX.  I tried to log on to a "lesser" laptop and cant get on Kara Trapdoor (the original).  I have tried probably no less than 50 times on 3 different viewers and I either get 2/3 of the way through the log in bar and crash or I make it in but all I see is blue screen, water or sky, I don't show online to anyone, I can't see my own av or other things, and I cant access my inventory, literally like I'm dead in the water.  So I tried someone else's  really good computer... there I can log onto Kara.  I cleaned cache, cleaned all files, rebooted the wireless router, changed my tag, hair base, put on some light clothes and went to protected land.  I still can't log onto Kara Trapdoor from this laptop I'm using while waiting for my alien to return.  This is disturbing as although I made Karatrapdoor2 for just such an occasion long ago, I never enhanced her much.  She looks about the same  but has next to 0 inventory.  I am used to having my wonderful inventory, enjoying beautiful windlights and taking photos and video, moving around smoothly, etc. 

I will say that every computer I've ever had has been a love/hate relationship for me.  I am amazed by them, love them when working, am totally enthralled really when they work.   I'm not in the least techy though, being a more physically social person than this techy stuff is,  but I have learned a few things and try to get updates, clean and defrag, etc. and use help of some very techy friends as needed.   Computers just like to give me problems.  

Bottom line, this sucks.  I'm guessing most of us have been here at some point though.  I truly feel bad for persons with low end computers in SL who can't enjoy it like I normally do.   I am very thankful for what I have had in the past.  But to top things off, this computer I'm temporarily using is Window 8.1.  Seriously annoying with 5 million popups when browsing and stuff, plus I don't get why I have to keep going to the side, top or bottom, to work stuff.. .. and  also I am not a app'y sort of person.  I want what I chose to want not what is presented to me randomly.  (From what I hear, all that is not really so random but personally selected for me based on high tech spy skills the powers that be have aimed at my personal life, saved in that magical cloud for their future ad use.  And just when we all thought that whatever goes to the cloud stays in the cloud.....apparently we were wrong about that..../me puts on bathrobe now)  Well a tiny bit of suggested stuff is ok, as I might be missing out on something great if I don't know about it, but OMG.. really? So many things just constantly thrown at me with this Windows 8.1.  Plus many things are so different everywhere online with it, like for instance even my blog auto highlights key words and then if you click on that it takes you to something with that word, not related to my blog or anything I have intent of promoting in any way.. .. its not wantd and is very annoying.  Surely there is a way to turn that off. Also through all this I have concluded McAfee must be a virus in itself.   I can only hope my alien will be back soon and in good working condition,   But it's a wake up call for me to try to clean up my inventory as I've been told Kara's big inventory may need too much ram for this little laptop.  So I fear one day the inventory may also be too much ram for my alien and then how will I get in? I do love my inventory things though.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of finding me.... Facebook recently decided that some years and many many contacts later that Kara Trapdoor must not be a real person.  I am assuredly very real.  So I changed my Facebook name to my acceptable "real" name Kara Vontrap there.  I hope you enjoy my music. 

Well.. if you need me, most likely you can find me on Karatrapdoor2 Resident in Second Life for now.  OK, rant over.   I think that was a rant... I feel like a huge rant.  Screw the alcoholic beverages, this calls for the really good stuff.  I'm going for some cookies and milk now. 

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