Monday, October 6, 2014

Seth Regan "Left of Center"

Left of Center - Front Cover
                      (official press release photo above)  (below photos I took at release event)  
mankind tracer_005
 I attended the release party enjoying the music and great crowd most in steampunk gear.  The official press release for the event stated:

Sunday October 5th 2014 at 2PM SLT, Multiple Award Winning, veteran live Second Life (SL) performer Seth Regan, will be releasing his new all original SL CD “Left of Center”. This will be his 6th release since he first started started performing to global audiences within the Virtual World of SL. Seth started performing in SL in 2006 as "Mankind Tracer" and quickly rose to become one of the most recognized names in SL music, business and also in other virtual worlds.
The "Left of Center" EP features Seth’s popular new ballad "Only for You", the politically themed Americana anthem "One Voice" and the raw emotion of "So Many Things", among others.
For nearly 8 years, fans from all around the world continue to fill Seth's live shows in SL... and for good reason. Seth’s music is often called both “profound and insightful in music and lyrics”. He offers unique takes on the cover tunes he performs, adding his own stylings and smooth vocals. His sound is always crystal clear and the level of interaction and vibe at Seth's shows is always positive and  uplifting.
"I wanted to create music and lyrics which draw from, and elaborate on, some personal feelings I have on various topics and current events. Some may be romantic, some a little eerie. Some are political in nature. I only hope people will understand the metaphors and directions I might have taken."- Seth
”Left of Center” will be available for purchase as an SL CD at the release party for the first time and then after the party at Seth’s future SL shows in support of this release. The release party will be at a specially designed venue with a “Steampunk” theme.
This EP also includes a bonus track of a recently rediscovered recording of an earlier production. Seth had written and recorded "Eye of the Storm" coincidentally only a few months in advance of the devastating Hurricane Andrew which decimated South Florida in 1992 where Seth was living at the time. The song was played on the radio for some time after the storm and during the area's recovery.
Attendees are encouraged to dress in a steam punk theme.
The release party is open to the public and sponsored by the Lefevre and Hernandoz Foundation." 
Press Contact:
Brandy Maltas (Kalli Birman)
mankind tracer_004

mankind tracer_006

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