Sunday, September 30, 2012

Split Screen Exhibit Opening Party Today 9-30-12 at 1pm SLT

Visit here:

This month Split Screen Installation Space hosts 3 artists, Rose Borchovski: "Echoes in the Garden", Simotron Aquila: "Conditioned Actions" and Misprint Thursday:  "Ile de Coeur"  Their opening party is today at SSIS 1pm SLT. The DJ will the wonderful and eclectic Isabelle Mavendorf.

Party is underway .. come join us!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hampsterdance and The Arcade Gotcha

I just could not resist this.  A couple weeks ago I grabbed my 100L hamster from a gotcha at The Arcade and finally got some of the girls together for a dance the other night.  The hamsters are doing the Hampsterdance! 

Visit Here:

Guaranteed to delight shoppers, The Arcade features over 65 of the grid's top builders and designers offering unique gacha prizes in a gorgeous custom build guaranteed to evoke the nostalgia and whimsy associated with the late 19th century penny arcades and pleasure piers. This much anticipated event is open now at The Grove Country Club Estates and runs through October 15th

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thanks Linden Lab, BOSL, and Haunted Castaway Island Visitors

Visit here:

Huge thanks to Linden Lab for featuring and putting in editor's pics our Haunted Castaway Island in the Second Life destination guide.  Check it out here: and if you like it too, go to the destination guide at this link and give it a like vote! We are having a lot of fun chatting with and meeting all the many visitors. Thanks also to BOSL for promoting it in the BOSL weekend new video.  If you'd like to see that, check it out here:
The Haunted Castaway Island will be open through Nov. 1, 2012.  Come check out this 1/2 sim of very interactive fun, stop by the welcome center for your free gifts, and enjoy!
And now on the V3 sign in page too!  Yay!
(But PS... I'm working on something HUGE now with some friends.... stay tuned) 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Cats

My dear friend Kathy Nikolaidis gave me this adorable Zooby cat, and its purring in my arms atm.  I'm so excited tonight.  To make a short story long I am getting a long lost beloved cat back tomorrow RL

About a years ago around this time a tiny grey black striped cat walked into the yard.  The neighbors said, "Don't keep it, as it's too young to be away from it's mom".  There are a lot of cats in the neighborhood, but none that looked like the kitten and I did try to find an owner and left it alone but put food out.  For 2 weeks the kitten hung around at the door eating my food and playing with me or following around outside.  Then suddenly it was gone.  I had to accept that and hoped it found it's mama.  After all, for all I know, that kitten was mooching off other neighbors too with  it's puss 'n boots big eyes. It was gone almost 2 weeks to the day when he came back walking across the yard with another tiny twin kitten in tow, but one that was about half his size and female.  Now THIS new kitten seemed way too young to be away from mama cat and had to be the runt if from the same litter as big brother. They were adorable and as friendly as could be.  They knew I'd be a sucker and feed them both.  I felt like big brother realized baby sis was failure to thrive in whatever setting she had come from and brought her to me.  I had lost a 16 year old cat the prior winter that looked just like these babies and in my mind it was like she had sent them to me.  Come winter they got let into the house and by spring the tiny runt had surpassed big brother in size in spite of his male status. She was smart as a whip, fetched objects, put every hair band she could get her paws on in the water bowl, slept on my bed and talked to me constantly.  He on the other hand was the one who would let anyone hold him any which way all the while purring and loving every minute of any torture anyone could bestow. She went into heat and me, not really knowing too much about feral cats, immediately took them both in to get them fixed, micro chipped and a checkup.  They stayed in the house throughout the rest of the winter and by late spring I started letting them in and out of the house.  They'd come and go and the female mostly liked to stay inside but the male would go out most days for a while.  Both would paw the door like a dog if they wanted back in or if he roamed far he'd at the least come  running home in the evenings when I called for him.

Late June I took the cats for shots to a vet that is in the middle of the city.  It's about a 20 minn drive from my home and across a huge river that has only 2 bridges to get there over.  Their 2nd ever car ride in to the vet was traumatic for them but they were in a carrier.  I took them in, got the standard/required shots and flea/tic/worm treatment and headed out the door.  The darn carrier shifted with the weight of two cat and broke one of the corner connection tabs causing it to come about half open with the bottom half and cats crashing to the ground.  This spooked the already stressed cats who each shot off running in two different directions like wild beasts set free to the wild. The problem is they were no longer wild and I felt they should have come back when I called.   Initially I was in shock for a second because this is something one thinks about in their minds eye, like what would happen if you drove off a bridge or something like that, that you rehearse a response to some horrible thing like that in order to be prepared if the worst should happen.  Well it really happened and I was off and running chasing and calling the cats but about the same time both cats jumped different 6 ft wooden fences, the female in one flying leap and the male sort of scrabbling his way up and over.  There was no way I could climb over into a private yard like that.. but yeah, I did try for one.  I'm no spring chicken any more and the fences were both the same design although in different yards and I was about half over one when i realized if the cats were going to run they were going to run and I could not just ally oop into someone's private yard, especially if I was not sure I could get out without getting arrested, plus the cats were in two differen't directions.  I also really mistakenly believed they'd come when I call once they settled down.  

I ran around one of the houses and a man let me search his yard with a fine tooth comb, even putting out a bowl of water and saying I could come back and put out food and look more any time.  The cats were nowhere and neither cat came when I called.  It was so upsetting.  At home they would come when called every time. I walked the streets calling for hours.  I took a break to make lost signs and posted about 15 laminated signs in the neighborhood, in the DQ and Kwik Shop windows and various posts.  I drove around asking walkers and joggers, of which there were plenty, to keep an eye out for them.  After most the day was gone I reluctantly went home empty handed.  I had been out of SL for almost a month.  I was sad.  I thought maybe I'd peek into SL to see how things were going.. and I have been back in SL full force ever since.  I  believe I would have taken a longer SL break this summer or maybe after time would have quit  altogether like I had planned, if not for this incident. Now I was double sad about things in SL that had been going on and the RL cat loss. But SL  mostly welcomed me back where I have stayed.

 I went back to the vet neighborhood just about every day for a month, putting food and water in the back of the vet area, and talking with neighbors about them.  Still no sign whatsoever from anyone.   I began to get a few very false lead phone calls from people trying to help in various ways, and of course followed up on them all.  After about a month I went to the area less and less often and at some point decided the two cats were together taking care of themselves having an adventure.

Today the call came.  The vet has the male cat!  I am so excited.  They said he appears to be in good shape.  A neighbor lady said he'd been hanging around for a while and she decided to turn him in.  He has that micro chip and its my little guy!  The vet was about to close and I could not make it to them in time from where I live  but I will pick him up tomorrow.  Now I have to worry about the little girl, but I'm again hopeful maybe the same lady will get her too to turn in.  What a miracle.  3 1/2 months later we will be reunited!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Arcade Exchange Games, Polybius Series III Arcade Cabinet-Just Released!

   Visit SL Marketplace here:

Be the first one on your block to own this newly released arcade game system.  My friend CB, AKA:  Aeonix Aeon/Will Burns in conjunction with RobsteRawb jaxxon made these totally awesome games in SL and I do believe they are perfect because he's just anal like that.   But in a good way.  Because now we get to have super cool, mostly mesh, arcade games including Qbert, Pacman, Galaga, Ms Pacman, and Polybius.  These games not only look amazing, but they REALLY PLAY and if you'd like to try them out in-world, I have them set up at the Haunted Castaway Island Arcade in the Info center near the landing.  See them here:

    If you love them as much as I do and need one for your game room, parties, or clubs, there is a kiosk there with details on how to get one or go to market-place at the link above for details.  There is a cute history on the elusive & somewhat mysterious Polybius and it comes with a warning.
    SL Marketplaces begins with, " What arcade or personal game room in Second Life is complete without the greatest arcade legend nestled in the corner?  Sure it'll give you nightmares, may cause seizures, plant subliminal messages and all around mess with your: But isn't that a small price to pay for gaming glory?"
  And you need to go there to read the rest: ) I snapped some pics in my game room with CB and one over at the Haunted Island.  Check them out!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Prism Furniture Moving Sale 50% until 9-19-2012

Visit here:
My friend Lilly Juno is having a 50% off moving sale at Prism Furniture and when I visited I was very impressed with her new releases.  She's also making mesh furniture and other items too now. Great job Lilly.  I took a few pics for my blog here:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cica LEA 13
This is a must see by Cica Ghost in SL, LEA 13 .. video says it all but doesn't show it all. .its amazing to me.

After the Party **THANK YOU** For Visiting! Please Visit Again Through Nov. 1

I was on top of the moon! Thanks to everyone who came to the Haunted Castaway Island opening day parties! Please visit for lots of interactive fun through Nov. 1. Thanks to all the opening day party visitors: Eliza Wierwight, Cherry Ravinelli, HKM Bookmite, cecilia Levasseur, Hilary Faith, Taylor Faith, SagX Lionheart, GuitarPig Resident, Stalota Static, Claudia222 Jewell, Arturo Martinsyde, Celeste Python, Bloomy Miles, Renee Parks, Teagan Zarco, Krystyn Mureaux, Rory Serpente, Nate Starsider, jhaesoph Foxdale, Marchioness, Resident Karabella Veliz, Sugar Silverstar, Genius Alenquer, cwenmaria Abeyante, Arioch Snowpaw, Portia Lytton, Bryn Oh, spieceyG12 Resident, Arrow Inglewood, Sabre Swords, Jewel Appleetor, Samantha Hellmann, LEON Matfield, Franklyn Constantine, Naxos Loon, Michiel Bechir, Mia Pleides, Merlynn Guardian, Wrath Rufus, Musique Gable, Roiben Sweetwater, Adriane Munro, Aida Lundquist, Emma Portilo, pixel Reanimator, Gina Broono, Apmel ibbetson, Dividni Shostakovich, Cage Yue, Kathy Nikolaidis, Aynesleigh Violet, Persia Bravin, JohnMcQueen Resident, Sue Hunniton, Mishe Mactavish, BlaiseJoshua Resident, Sasha Silvershade, Briona Flatley, Sepp Schimmer, Serina Galaxy, foehammer25 Resident ks Spitteler, ush Underwood, Lynn Rae, Riley Ulrik, Phideaux Mayo, Sehlly70 Resident, Da5id Neiro, Fiona Kappler, Josie Anderton, Ertina Loopen, Kandisnky Beaumont, Rage Moonstoone, Gatsby Difference, dakillakm Resident, Burly Tigerpaw, Tessa Zailvstok, and of course me and co-owner Toogy Restless. (and all the ppl i missed)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Haunted Castaway Island Grand Opening Today!

Welcome to the grand opening of Haunted Castaway Island
Saturday September 15th with parties at both 1pm SLT and 9pm SLT
Open September 15 through November 1, 2012
Halloween costumes are the preferred attire, but anything goes.

The year was 1942 when the luxury liner set sail for it’s vacation destination filled with wealthy socialites.  When the mighty storm un- expectantly arose, it tossed the vessel against the reefs cracking a fateful hole in its hull in the dark of the stormy night.  As it began to sink, the passengers in great panic threw themselves to the waves hoping to swim to some unknown safety while some cast about in the few tiny lifeboats.  The next morning only 2 young sisters remained, finding themselves lost on a foreign deserted beach now strewn with the remnants of what was left of their former transport and fellow passenger’s remains.

The innocent young castaway girls began to salvage what they could and eventually out of necessity grew strong and savvy building elaborate homes from drift wood and things collected from the ship and the island.  The entire rest of the crew and passengers perished in body only, for they remained with the girls in spirit helping them along the way as the girls could not have accomplished so much in their tender years on their own.   But for each other, the girls grew up knowing nothing other than the ways and company of the haunted.  To entertain themselves they all set up and enjoyed a bit of fun playing tricks or scaring each other from time to time and also enjoyed dancing and partying at every opportunity. They lived this way for many many years and in their own time passed into the realm of their fellow passengers.   While of our realm these are the homes they built.   Welcome traveling visitors to Castaway Island.

Haunted Castaway Island will be open to the public through November 1, 2012.
--Please enjoy and click everything for optimal experience.   Pictures and machinima are encouraged and please post to the Flickr group so that we may enjoy what others have seen and done here. Be sure to take the helpful hints and additional information notes from  the Kara and Toogy signs because it’s easy to miss some of the best things here. (Spoiler alert for those who like to really find all the fun themselves)  Take a landmark and visit often as things may change over time and there may be some fun visitors from time to time.

If you have questions please contact Kara Trapdoor or Toogy Restless.
We hope you enjoy your visit.

Some of the Kreepy Kastle highlights including an interactive body bending dining experience, secret dungeon, obscure attic, hell hole, rooftop dancing, and much more. Some of the tea house highlights include the magic Houdini room, secret stairway, doctor’s office, puppet show, and outdoor play area including mud wrestling, mini cars to race, and a variety of games. Every room of the homes have numerous interactive things to find. The romance castle in the sky is a nice getaway for couples once you make your way through the scary corn maze.. This half sim is packed with fun things to find and play on and some of the best things might take even the savviest explorers a while to figure out. There are plenty of pose and animation spots and a Flickr group to post pictures and machinima. Be sure to pick up free gifts along the way. During the next month and half some things may change a bit and there will be some interesting visitors and events on occasion so check back often. We hope you can make the opening or visit during the season. People are dying to get here.

BOSL Fashion Week Starts Today!

I'm so excited.... I love love love these fashion shows that are very entertaining.  Be sure to be there!  Full schedule on the Associated SL Press BOSL web site along with a lot of other great stuff.  Check it out here:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Haunted Castaway Island Opening -Gangnam Style

Everyone is invited to the grand opening party Saturday Sept 15th at 1pm SLT and again 9pm SLt then it will be open through Nov1, 2012.  SLurl to follow here soon.  Also check this out:" rel="nofollow">
for the music by Psy, Gangnam Style that has gone viral in short time.  Special thanks to Franklyn Constantine who made our welcome gifts t-shirts,  come and get yours at the party.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NeoVictoria 2nd Anniversary Party

Congratulations to the NeoVictoria sim.  Their 2nd anniversary party was a fun hat themed OOC party, but it's usually a Steampunk based & machinima supported area.  I had a good time dancing and hanging out with some old friends and of course I took a few photos.
(Asil Ares on the left-founder) 

                                                (Remember it was hat theme night!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You Are Invited: Grand Opening of Haunted Castaway Island Sept 15th

I've teamed up with my good friend Toogy Restless this year for a 1/2 sim of Haunted fun.  Some of you know I did this last year and had a blast but this year is even bigger and better.

Welcome to the grand opening of Haunted Castaway Island
Saturday September 15th  with parties at both 1pm SLT and 9pm SLT
Location: Castaway Dreamer’s Island  SLURL:
Open September 15 through November 1, 2012
Halloween costumes are the preferred attire, but anything goes.

Please join us at the grand opening of Haunted Castaway Island.  There will be dancing on the Shifting Sands Dance Floor in the graveyard while those who like to explore can hit the highlights including: Kara’s Kreepy Kastle Korner, Toogy’s Tricky Tea House, Cozy Couples Castle in the sky, Spider’s Lair,  Shipwreck, Skeleton Band, eel riders to help explore in the waterways & so much more.

Both the main houses are loaded with many interactive things so be sure to click and sit on everything for optimal experience.  Some of the Kreepy Kastle highlights including an interactive body bending dining experience, secret dungeon, obscure attic, hell hole, rooftop dancing, and much more.  Some of the tea house highlights include the magic Houdini room, secret stairway, doctor’s office, puppet show, and outdoor play area including mud wrestling, mini cars to race, and a variety of games.  Every room of the homes have numerous interactive things to find. The romance castle in the sky is a nice getaway for couples.  This half sim is packed with fun things to find and play on and some of the best things might take even the savviest explorers a while to figure out.  There are plenty of pose spots and a Flickr group to post pictures and machinima.  Be sure to pick up free gifts along the way.  During the next month and half some things may change a bit and there will be some interesting visitors and events on occasion so check back often.  We hope you can make the opening or visit during the season.   People are dying to get here.

For more information contact Kara Trapdoor or Toogy Restless

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pixel Panic Gallery at Crimarizon Opened A New Exhibit Last Saturday

Visit here:
(My friend and artist Link Bressig, exhibiting at Pixel Panic)
(The current exhibit opened Saturday featuring Link Bressig and Annie Klavinham)
(Brad and Renee were among visitors with Link's works in the background)
I stopped in to Crimarizon again to check out my friend Link's current exhibit in this impressive sim that is also an amazing explore with tons if wonderful, magical nooks to search for in the generally jungle type surroundings.  Link's pictures are as impressive as always with some in rich deep colors and another whole section contrasting in blues.  All are impressive and beautiful.  Link was kind enough to pose for me (see top pic).  This exhibit and sim is well worth a visit.

Monday, September 3, 2012

STEAM: The Hunt 7-Sept 1-30

Starting point visit here:
The blog and pics of hunt finds here;

3 Day 99L Special on Gabriel Geometric Mesh Dress Only at Mimi's

Visit here:

This dress is a fantastic buy at Mimi's by Gabriel.  I love that they include mesh layer options as I like to stay on Phoenix viewer most of the time because it seems to work best for taking pictures around the grid, but the layers are limited so Gabriel includes a layer for the dress AND feet/shoes.  I found several other Gabriel mesh dresses that are just amazing there that I could not leave without.  Check it out but hurry for this special dress sale.

ImagiLearning-Explore and Learn

Visit here:
Here is one last good explore for my Labor Day off work fun times in SL, then on to other things.  This find was courtesy of PhotoHunt, which is a fun challenge Mondays and Wednesdays in SL.  I missed the time frame today, but they always offer new or super good places for Photohunt, so I went late and took this pic.  The area is a large cool looking place that has information along the way so you can play and learn.  There are nice dance places and cozy spots for photos too. The owner appears to be Virtual Bacon. If you want to find out more about PhotoHunt visit here:

Tatty Soup-Cool Explore and Shopping

Visit Tatty Soup here:

For a great explore and a cute shop fill with home furnishings visit Tatty Soup by Tab Tatham.

Explore Noweeta Grassland

Visit here:

This rural grassland includes a sweet cafe with gathering area, windmill, lots of nice grasses and flowers to pose and play in, hot air balloons and riding balloons, a pond area, various nooks for photos and relaxing with someone special and even a crashed space ship. Check it out some time.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vampire Tea Party Today!

My good friend is having some fun today ... please join us here: