Saturday, September 15, 2012

Haunted Castaway Island Grand Opening Today!

Welcome to the grand opening of Haunted Castaway Island
Saturday September 15th with parties at both 1pm SLT and 9pm SLT
Open September 15 through November 1, 2012
Halloween costumes are the preferred attire, but anything goes.

The year was 1942 when the luxury liner set sail for it’s vacation destination filled with wealthy socialites.  When the mighty storm un- expectantly arose, it tossed the vessel against the reefs cracking a fateful hole in its hull in the dark of the stormy night.  As it began to sink, the passengers in great panic threw themselves to the waves hoping to swim to some unknown safety while some cast about in the few tiny lifeboats.  The next morning only 2 young sisters remained, finding themselves lost on a foreign deserted beach now strewn with the remnants of what was left of their former transport and fellow passenger’s remains.

The innocent young castaway girls began to salvage what they could and eventually out of necessity grew strong and savvy building elaborate homes from drift wood and things collected from the ship and the island.  The entire rest of the crew and passengers perished in body only, for they remained with the girls in spirit helping them along the way as the girls could not have accomplished so much in their tender years on their own.   But for each other, the girls grew up knowing nothing other than the ways and company of the haunted.  To entertain themselves they all set up and enjoyed a bit of fun playing tricks or scaring each other from time to time and also enjoyed dancing and partying at every opportunity. They lived this way for many many years and in their own time passed into the realm of their fellow passengers.   While of our realm these are the homes they built.   Welcome traveling visitors to Castaway Island.

Haunted Castaway Island will be open to the public through November 1, 2012.
--Please enjoy and click everything for optimal experience.   Pictures and machinima are encouraged and please post to the Flickr group so that we may enjoy what others have seen and done here. Be sure to take the helpful hints and additional information notes from  the Kara and Toogy signs because it’s easy to miss some of the best things here. (Spoiler alert for those who like to really find all the fun themselves)  Take a landmark and visit often as things may change over time and there may be some fun visitors from time to time.

If you have questions please contact Kara Trapdoor or Toogy Restless.
We hope you enjoy your visit.

Some of the Kreepy Kastle highlights including an interactive body bending dining experience, secret dungeon, obscure attic, hell hole, rooftop dancing, and much more. Some of the tea house highlights include the magic Houdini room, secret stairway, doctor’s office, puppet show, and outdoor play area including mud wrestling, mini cars to race, and a variety of games. Every room of the homes have numerous interactive things to find. The romance castle in the sky is a nice getaway for couples once you make your way through the scary corn maze.. This half sim is packed with fun things to find and play on and some of the best things might take even the savviest explorers a while to figure out. There are plenty of pose and animation spots and a Flickr group to post pictures and machinima. Be sure to pick up free gifts along the way. During the next month and half some things may change a bit and there will be some interesting visitors and events on occasion so check back often. We hope you can make the opening or visit during the season. People are dying to get here.

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