Monday, February 29, 2016

LEA22 Funky Junk.. A Must See Explore!

Visit here:
Visit their blog site for lots of info. events, video, and more here:

This immersive art sim was award to Carmsie Melodie, an Australian, as a Linden Endowment for the Arts Artist in Residence land grant which will run through June this year.  I"ve been blogging about mine in the last post but I have to blog this one as it's soooo cool.  20 of us were awarded these full sims based on concepts proposed to LEA.  Carmsie's concept is a whimsical virtual 3D recycle junkyard of sorts.  The sim description states: "Funky Junk is a land where rust rules and recycling is taken to the extreme. There's tons of fun to be had but - be warned - beware of the plug hole in the lake! Enable sounds, music and click stuff!  Enjoy :)" The profile says Carmsie is into 3D art, landscaping, building, and SL education and it all shows in this impressive build.  There is so much to see. 

The sim is a true joy to explore as long as you don't have some ocd about clutter, junk, and trash or used old things LOL.  Really it's amazing.  It will take me weeks to see every detail that I want to. I took some pictures of course.  The main areas to teleport to include the marine, recycling, crabs, forest, sheep, birds, multiple houses, and diner, orchard, school, wreck, blah blah blah, junkpile, and info center.  There is a main event area where I first dropped in on opening day for some live music and djs and information that there will be future events.   There is even a Funky Junk Female avatar gift at the info. center along with a map.  Even the main ground texture is unique.. all great.  You have don't want to miss this one.  The sim surround is ALL the way around and above.. for a very immersive feel and moving clouds across the sky.

I really enjoyed the music as it seemed fitting then I heard the streaming music say Funky Junk and had to ask Carmsie what kind of stream this was as it seemed so perfect for the sim, and Carmsie replied, " I collected suitable sounds/music with no copyright, all copyright free ... the funky junk one .. I added my rl voice morphed as a robot."  Carmsie added robotty voices to some of the inhabitants here ... need to click them to hear. 

Anyway.. be sure to visit this wild sim and click on everything.  It's great!  Enjoy : )

Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-LEA22 Funky-Junk-Visual-Map-LEA22 (The bottom picture above is their map you can pick up at the welcome center)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

LEA14 WishYou Were Here Opening Party Tomorrow Feb. 28th 1-3pm SLT

Visit here:

Wish You Were Here LEA14 Opening Tomorrow

Starting a Flickr group for pics too:

Open tomorrow Sunday 2-28-16 from 1-3pm SLT .. live music with Josie Anderton and AMForte Clarity.  Dress casual or airline, travel, or world ethnic costume suggested.

OK friends I was awarded a Linden Endowment for the Arts Artist in Residence Land Grant through June.  If you know me well, you know I am neither an artist or a builder so this was a stretch for me but I am grateful to LEA for affording me this opportunity to expand on a concept I've had in mind since last summer with this land award.  Actually with the help of friends I think I have this place ready for visitors!  I hope you all can come visit and hang out and have some fun.  Thanks to LEA and the following contributors:
Building and Gallery assist: Greg Parker and Ryde Thor
Soundgarden modules: Sonicity Fitzroy
First LIfe pictures by invitation: Josie Anderton, Igor Ballyhoo, JayT Foxtrot, Dido Haas, Mimi Juneau, Alles Klaar, Collin Martin, Avi Meridoc, Agatha Nowles, Frenchy25 Resident, Johannes1997 Resident, Sonrisa Seminario, Cinn Sommers, Gabrielle Swindelhurst, Toysoldier Thor, Kara Trapdoor, and Valiant Westland.

Wish you were here…… at the grand opening of Linden Endowment for the Arts LEA14 Artist In Residence sim.
You are cordially invited!  
What:  “Wish You Were Here” is a collaborative exhibit celebrating connections made in SL and learning more about first and Second Life locations and friends from around the world.
When: Sunday February 28th 1-3pm SLT
         1pm SLT Josie Anderton
         2pm SLT AMForte Clarity 
          and Monday the 29th at 8pm SLT Collin Martin
Where: Linden Endowment for the Arts LEA14 sim
Why: Official sim opening party with live music
How: Come dressed casually or in airline, travel, or ethnic costumes from around the world
Who: Everyone is invited by Kara Trapdoor & LEA

Welcome to LEA14 “Wish You Were Here”
"Wish You Were Here" is an airport setting with large airplane galleries that have first life picture postcards inside from around the world by SL residents and smaller Second Life picture postcards from around the grid that give landmarks when touched.  The sim is surrounded by vignettes representing various worldwide landscape types for visiting and for photography and machinima that can be shared on the Flickr group if desired. The idea is about learning more about both worlds  we enjoy and meeting new friends from around the world.   The sim story line follows Mitch and Krystal who meet in an airport, exchange information, then send each other educational postcards about their travels as they venture on their separate journeys.  They continue to learn about each other and the world and eventually meet up again in Second Life where they explore SL sims that are similar to RL and also find extra things SL has to offer such as the  “not possible in real life” sims to explore together.  Perhaps you will see pictures from some of your SL friends in the exhibit or even of your own SL sim.  Some other funs things to see and do in LEA14 include: contribute your own RL pictures if desired, kayak, hot air balloon, several games, zip line, fly up to the not possible in real life two level fantasy area for exploring, dancing, and enjoying the lower level sound garden, join the mile high club, parachute, dance in the airport party room and around the sim, and much more.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay,   Kara Trapdoor

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CHRONOPHOBIA by Rebeca Bashly Now at Split Screen Installation Space

Visit here:

Rebeca Bashly has a new exhibit at Split Screen Installation Space called Chronophobia which is now open.  Ok, I'll admit I wiki'd Chronophobia and found it to be defined as the fear of time.  Chronophobia is especially common in prison inmates and the elderly, but it can manifest in any person who has an extreme amount of stress and anxiety in their life.

At first I thought that's an odd thing to be afraid of, but there were further thoughts expressed about it such as “an experience of unease and anxiety about time, a feeling that events are moving too fast and are thus hard to make sense of" which can be caused by a traumatic childhood experience, genetics, incarceration, or old age.  Ok, I guess I can get that.  Actually sometimes in SL I verge on this anxiety when there are a bunch of cool events and things to see and do all at the same time and I know I can't do them all. Or maybe when I think about the time spent online when maybe I should be spending that time on more real life and thinking maybe something important is passing me by while I'm online?  Ok, I digress, and anyway that's a stretch but about as close as I can personally come.  I suppose the exhibit got me thinking, and that's something art is good for.

 Anyway .. this exhibit by Rebeca incorporates skeletons of a couple, some dinosaur looking animal with outstretched wings/arms and the chest cavity of something large and animal-like, of I'm not sure what, as you can see in the pictures below each atop a sort of sundial sky platform that is ever changing and seemingly trickling away or falling apart in chunky pieces dropping down like sands in an hourglass. I guess that depicts time slipping away leaving the remains of the lovers and other figures in the form of just their skeletons?

I need to ask Rebeca or Dividini Shostakvich, owner/curator of Split screen for sure what it all means.  I noted Rebeca has another exhibit coming soon which is great to hear because I always love her exhibits and haven't seen any around for a while until now.  Check this one out for yourself over at Split Screen. In the mean time I need to go back and find Rebeca to find out what this is really all about.  Oh, and while you are there be sure to check out Jo Ellsmere's cool Biomechanical bots before that exhibit closes Feb. 29th.  Previously blogged here:

**Addendum: Ok, Divi blogged it with a better explanation here:
 Also I've since learned the winged dinosaur looking animal is actually Pegasus.  And be sure to note the skeletal infant inside the female skeleton.  So I wasn't too off base with the overall theme. 

Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly
Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly

Sunday, February 14, 2016

One Billion Rising Event in Second Life Today

Visit their web site here:

"One Billion Rising is a global movement, founded by Eve Ensler, to end rape and sexual violence against women. It was started in 2012 as part of the V-Day movement. The "billion" refers to the UN statistic that one in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime, or about one billion."

I would be remiss if I didn't blog about the One Billion Rising SL Events today raising awareness about violence toward women.  They do some annual dance videos as shown above.  Be sure to check out their sight for all the official information. (note I did not take the images used here for promo purposes) Their 24 hours of music has begun!

one billion rising one billion rising 2

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pre-Valentines Day Party at The Inner Room, Tonight

Visit here:

The Inner Room adult lounge is having a pre-valentines day party and as you know per my prior blog posts about the play it's pretty cool.  Their press release states:

The Pre V-day party everyone wants to be at! Whether you are venturing alone to meet someone or being accompanied by your Valentine.. come join us on this special night of romance and fun!
SASSY NITELY 9PM slt -singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN and is a true performer who engages her audience. Sassyâs shows will lead you into an unforgettable kaleidoscope of acoustic covers, original music and impromptu song productions. Her music will move you and you will be allured by her charisma and energy. Come join us and let her soul-felt voice captivate you. A Sassy Nitely performance cannot be missed.
ESSENCE BILASIMO 10PM - Essence enchants your hearts and lets you feel the true pure emotion that you will hear within every song she sings for us, as we are an Essential part of the experience! From rock, to pop and R&B her capabilities are endless! An infectious laugh combined with a golden voice makes this a combination you do not want to miss!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Isle of View -Linden Labs Valentine's Day Sim and Events

Visit Isle of View  here: or here:

The annual Linden Lab Valentines Day sim is open at Isle of View.   Today  Feb 12th 10 am to 2pm and again 2-4pm SLT residents can have a chance at hugging a Linden, dunking a Linden and more.  I visit every year but usually miss out on the Linden event as I work during the week day hours. One year they had the kiss the Lindens and they'd give you their teddy bears too.  Last year they had a cool boat ride and lots of freebies and when I visited today (yes I was home off work today) I noted they still have the romantic swan boat rides again. While there you can also enjoy fireworks and run through fields of botanically beautiful landscapes!  The sim windlights start out a cool dark red but I soon lightened mine up so I could have a good look at things. Try the red first though.. it's fun.
 This is always a cute thing to do as a Valentine treat and this year it's even better in that you can purchase a few items for just 50L with proceeds going to Team Fox.  The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research  Some of the items available include roses, candy hearts, bears, chocolate and more that you can send to a friend, loved one, or even yourself.

So while I was there I took a ton of pictures especially of the Lindens as I've never been in the company of so many Lindens before other than perhaps that time I hit Isle of View many years ago during this event and I didn't take pics then. 

Isle of view 2016 Linden collage 1 Linden collage 2 Isle of view 2016 Isle of view 2016 Kara and Torley Isle of view 2016 Simon Linden and Taffy Criss Isle of view 2016 Simon Linden Isle of view 2016 Torley and Samanthafaye Isle of view 2016 Marianne Mccane Isle of view 2016 Isle of View Torley Linden isle of view

Loose Nuts SL Love is Strange Party Tonight 5-8 pm SLT Sat, and Sunday Too!

Loose Nuts.  Visit here:

On a tip from my friend Greg Parker I ran over to check out Loose Nuts, at Nut's Landing.  This is a rotating party/dance sim owned by Delia Claremont with builds by her and DJ Dune (Dunerunner), Pross (prosperine2), and Hepburn.  I happened to catch their Mardi Gras build before the party and took a few pics then came back while Dune was putting some finishing touches on the "SL Love is Strange"  or sort of a Out of This World anti-Valentines day Valentines party build where there will be a party open to the public tonight from 5-8pm SLT, then 5-8 Saturday and again Sunday, Valentines day from 4:30-7:30pm SLT.  

Ok, I must emphasize here that this place is very cool and not your average party or club time dance area.  They make these builds and boy do they make them.  The pictures do not do them justice.  They have an amazing fully immersive look and feel to them, with vignette areas to play and interact, photo booths and photo ops, games, fun things to see and do and they are fully decorated and surrounded.  Apparently they have these themed rotating events regularly and do new builds for them along with having a consistent club on the ground and a current winter barn area too.  These are great explores and photo opportunities too. Hint: look for hidden areas too!  Hope to see you there! nuts landing_006 nuts landing_007 nuts landing_008 nuts landing_003 nuts landing mardi gras tipping point 147, 119, 946_004 nuts landing mardi gras tipping point 147, 119, 946_001 nuts landing mardi gras tipping point 147, 119, 946_002

Fire & Ice by Cole's Corner

Visit Cole's Corner on Marketplace here:

Colemarie Soleil shared with me her Fire & Ice, Game of Thrones inspired particle accessories.   She also has a lot of fun reasonably priced fantasy items, dance particles, things for petites, and even quite a few nice freebies.  I'm a fan of fairies and magical things so her products have always appealed to me.  Check it out! Fire and ice by Colemarie

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Game On! Superbowl Sweatshirts Available Now

Are you ready for some football? Well you can be, by sporting one of these game day shirts that come in various colors for each team along with other sporty game day clothes by Ena Roane "You Play Like A Girl" sold on SL Marketplace here:

Thanks to Kathy Nikolaidis for this game day tip!

Game Day Shirts Game Day Shirt superbowl.jpg