Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CHRONOPHOBIA by Rebeca Bashly Now at Split Screen Installation Space

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Rebeca Bashly has a new exhibit at Split Screen Installation Space called Chronophobia which is now open.  Ok, I'll admit I wiki'd Chronophobia and found it to be defined as the fear of time.  Chronophobia is especially common in prison inmates and the elderly, but it can manifest in any person who has an extreme amount of stress and anxiety in their life.

At first I thought that's an odd thing to be afraid of, but there were further thoughts expressed about it such as “an experience of unease and anxiety about time, a feeling that events are moving too fast and are thus hard to make sense of" which can be caused by a traumatic childhood experience, genetics, incarceration, or old age.  Ok, I guess I can get that.  Actually sometimes in SL I verge on this anxiety when there are a bunch of cool events and things to see and do all at the same time and I know I can't do them all. Or maybe when I think about the time spent online when maybe I should be spending that time on more real life and thinking maybe something important is passing me by while I'm online?  Ok, I digress, and anyway that's a stretch but about as close as I can personally come.  I suppose the exhibit got me thinking, and that's something art is good for.

 Anyway .. this exhibit by Rebeca incorporates skeletons of a couple, some dinosaur looking animal with outstretched wings/arms and the chest cavity of something large and animal-like, of I'm not sure what, as you can see in the pictures below each atop a sort of sundial sky platform that is ever changing and seemingly trickling away or falling apart in chunky pieces dropping down like sands in an hourglass. I guess that depicts time slipping away leaving the remains of the lovers and other figures in the form of just their skeletons?

I need to ask Rebeca or Dividini Shostakvich, owner/curator of Split screen for sure what it all means.  I noted Rebeca has another exhibit coming soon which is great to hear because I always love her exhibits and haven't seen any around for a while until now.  Check this one out for yourself over at Split Screen. In the mean time I need to go back and find Rebeca to find out what this is really all about.  Oh, and while you are there be sure to check out Jo Ellsmere's cool Biomechanical bots before that exhibit closes Feb. 29th.  Previously blogged here:

**Addendum: Ok, Divi blogged it with a better explanation here:
 Also I've since learned the winged dinosaur looking animal is actually Pegasus.  And be sure to note the skeletal infant inside the female skeleton.  So I wasn't too off base with the overall theme. 

Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly
Chronophobia at Split Screen by Rebeca Bashly

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