Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween.  I found these cute inexpensive dresses with a hud changer for 5 totally different Halloween looks.  We went over to the duet sim and snapped a few pics.  I was going to list the info but would rather direct you over to Kathy's blog if you are interested in purchasing the dresses, hair, details etc.  She has a great blog, takes great pics, so please just look there for that.
Kathy's blog, Nick's Knacks here:

And the sim is beautiful and can be found here:

With Kathy

Arcade Exchange

Here I'm blogging a cool product in SL.  These look fantastic in a game room and are really playable.  Check them out on Marketplace.

Arcade Exchange Promo 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

SAMHAIN-Bullring House of Horrors Experience Opens October 23rd

Do You Have What It Takes To Survive?

(I found their trailer on their web site and Youtube/shared here above)

Visit here:
This sim officially opens October 23rd  2pm SLT but has been open while in the works for a little bit  and is already on the destination guide under haunted houses so people are free to start exploring.  SAMHAIN-Bullring House of Horrors Experience runs from Oct 23-Nov 13th.  For more information visit their official web site here:
At the landing you can grab a hud or explore on your own. The BRM Entertainment group is putting it on and Sim Design, concept and everything is all the groups. The Trisks were on hand and they can answer questions if help is needed navigating the sim.  You don't want to miss anything.  They are the designated sim helpers. There are a few notices at landing about suggested lighting, how the experience works,  etc.

Many of us traditionally think of Samhain as the festival of the dead, summer's end and celebration of the end of harvest and the start of the cold half of the year or winter.  It's also known as the beginning of the spiritual new year and often celebrated on Halloween / October 31st. This sim does seem to fit this idea only in a much darker way. I took a few pictures but since it was so late I didn't make it all the way through and look forward to exploring the rest of it.  What I did see was VERY cool.

Be sure to turn up your sounds and click on things.  This is my kind of explore.. very interactive and highly detailed. Some other visitors passed me a flashlight which helped with picture taking and so I wouldn't get so lost.  Be forewarned, there are dangers. There are freebies and prizes. I took  a million pictures.  More can be seen on my Flickr and I took even more in my computer but it was an embarrassingly large number of pics so didn't post them all. The pumpkin patch is really cool.  If you get stuck just forge ahead or ask a Trisk for help.  There are hidden places. The graveyard is fantastic and the main haunted house is very cool with unique effects I haven't seen in SL before. It was super creepy, scary even for real, and I got lost but that was ok as when I went around I saw things I'd missed before. The haunted house is hands down my fav this year! This is a must see sim.

Samhain Samhain Samhain Samhain Samhain Samhain Samhain Samhain Samhain Samhain

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Burning Man Burn2 DaVinci's Workshop Open Now through Sunday

Visit Burning Man here:
Official web link with all the info. here;

It's time for some burn again over on the playa.  Join muscians, djs, artists, performers dancers, free spirits and others in Second Life's Burning Man sim.  The freebies, the porta potties, camp plots, 3 stages, catacombs, and all the unique builds are ready for your discovery.  I've blogged many of the prior burning man events in SL but if you want more general  info., schedule, map, etc. prior to heading over for a visit be sure the check the official web site link above.  I took a few pics for my blog.

burning man 2016_001
burning man 2016_003 burning man 2016_006 burning man 2016_007 burning man 2016_008 burning man 2016_009

Monday, October 17, 2016

Savannah and Trey at The Back Room Halloween Party

Visit The Back Room here:

Tonight I visited the Back Room music venue and it was decorated for Halloween.  Many visitors wore great costumes.  The lineup was fantastic and 6 musicians sang half hour sets each.  What prompted me to post about the event since I tend to hear a lot of live music was Savannah's son got on her stream singing some songs with her and some on his own.  I've never heard Trey before.  Savannah is a great entertainer and her son really was amazing.  My friend Cash who I was there with me told me he's heard Trey previously singing at Key West before Trey went off to college.  I'm glad he was back to sing with Savannah so I could hear him tonight. I took a few pics. Savannah was dressed as little red riding hood to her partner's big bad wolf.
Here is Savannah's promo page for info. booking etc.  You can even listen to some of her music here:

The Back Room Savannah Rain The Back Room Halloween Monday

The Epiphany Event Now Open

I got into Epiphany right when it opened.. Yay.  This is an all gacha event. You can visit here:

Here is the web link to the shopping guide if you want to see whats available before heading over.

This gacha event is offered new 4 times a year and is nice because you can trade in your unopened extras for credits.

The Epiphany Event The Epiphany Event

Friday, October 14, 2016

Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates for Halloween Open

And here's one more blog post for the night.  I found Foggy Swamp Sim located here:

This sim in part of Neva Estates and I found the official blog post by Keon & Neva about it here:

According to their web site the sim opened October 6 and will remain open 2 months for Halloween.  I have to say this is one of the most detailed sims I've seen for Halloween.  True to their ongoing quality, Neva and Keon's sim builds flow well and it is going to take me some time to explore it fully but I wanted to get it posted so others can get right into exploring it too.  It looks seriously cool all over.  I started with the sim windlight which works great but when I took an aerial view picture I did change the windlight to show everything better as its a little dark and well, Halloweenish.  The sim info. states: "We hope to see you all in the Foggy Swamp during the next 2 months, to have a great time exploring and enjoy the scenery as we tried to do our best in giving you a special Halloween feeling!
Neva and Keon"

Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates Foggy Swamp Sim_001 Foggy Swamp Sim_002 Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates Fogg<a data-flickr-embed=Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates

Furillen, Love of Life

Visit Love of Life Furillen here:
This interesting sort of foggy snowy sim apparently is modeled after a real place in first life Sweden according to a blog dedicated to this sim posted by the sim owner, Serene Footman in this link
I've visited before and I believe I've blogged it before but there are additions.  Some of the industrial looking buildings have unexpected surprises inside.  I took a few recent snapshots while I've just been sitting around relaxing in the snow. The sim info. states: "
Inspired by Furillen, an island off the northeast coast of Gotland, Sweden. Once a limestone factory, now a luxury hotel. Remote, bleak, beautiful."

Flickr group:

Love of Life Furillen Love of Life Furillen Love of Life Furillen Love of Life Furillen Love of Life Furillen Love of Life Furillen Fruillen Love of LIfe Fruillen Love of LIfe... Brrrr I need a coat

It All Starts With a Smile

Visit It All Starts With a Smile here:

This is the name of a sim that occasionally gets rebuilt/updated and is always great.  The current build is both scenic and has nice places and poses to settle into with a friend or date or just relaxing and exploring alone.  Kaelyn Electo (Mcmahon) has made this go around in a sort of fall country charm design.   I used the natural windlight settings in all the pictures.  Visit here for a nice relaxing time. I've previously blogged her sim in former styles and is a great one to keep an eye on.
The sim info. reads: "A friendly hangout with beautiful picture perfect scenes. Come here to explore, spend time with friends and take lots of pictures!  Be sure to share your captured adventures here:"

It all starts with a smile_001 It all starts with a smile_002 It all starts with a smile_003 It all starts with a smile_005 It all starts with a smile_007 It all starts with a smile_008

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Halloween Town by Laura Liberty Now Open

Visit here:

Halloween Town 2016
Halloween Town 2016
Laura Liberty's Halloween town is open!  This is always a fun sim to play in and it has tons of pose spots, a long fun haunted house sort of tour through horror movies, plenty of Halloween products to buy and freebies.  Laura always makes her sims fun and interactive.  She's added new features this year too so check it out.  Cash and I took some pictures for the blog. Halloween Town collage Halloween Town 2016 Halloween Town 2016 Halloween Town 2016 Halloween Town 2016 Halloween Town 2016