Friday, October 14, 2016

Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates for Halloween Open

And here's one more blog post for the night.  I found Foggy Swamp Sim located here:

This sim in part of Neva Estates and I found the official blog post by Keon & Neva about it here:

According to their web site the sim opened October 6 and will remain open 2 months for Halloween.  I have to say this is one of the most detailed sims I've seen for Halloween.  True to their ongoing quality, Neva and Keon's sim builds flow well and it is going to take me some time to explore it fully but I wanted to get it posted so others can get right into exploring it too.  It looks seriously cool all over.  I started with the sim windlight which works great but when I took an aerial view picture I did change the windlight to show everything better as its a little dark and well, Halloweenish.  The sim info. states: "We hope to see you all in the Foggy Swamp during the next 2 months, to have a great time exploring and enjoy the scenery as we tried to do our best in giving you a special Halloween feeling!
Neva and Keon"

Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates Foggy Swamp Sim_001 Foggy Swamp Sim_002 Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates Fogg<a data-flickr-embed=Foggy Swamp, Neva Estates

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