Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Frogs, By Cica Ghost

Visit Frogs here:

Well I've been having the flu for the past almost week and not in SL much in spite of being home doing nothing much.  I just haven't been up for it so yeah, missed a lot of the cool annual Valentines favorites in SL.  But I am feeling a bit better and went to visit Cica Ghost's new "Frogs" sim.  It looks like it opened Feb 5th and she generally seems to keep her sims open for about a month or maybe depending on traffic or something.  She also rarely gives a sim notice explaining her thoughts or explanations about her builds, but they are generally not overly complicated at face value.  I have no clue what she thinks as I don't see her often to ask, so I guess.  But they are always very cool and I try to visit all her builds.  Of course I love this land of frogs.  I have a Flickr group for frogs in SL that I made many years ago so this is right up my alley.  This organic sim is filled with big bouncy or rather more like throbbing frogs since they sort of bounce a little in place, a young girl seemingly drawing her dream of a prince on a old wall, maybe wondering how many frogs she might have to kiss in pursuit, and just on the other side of the door seems to be possibly an older version of herself alone at a table with a heart/valentine on a stick.  She is looking toward a broken TV (be sure to look deep  inside the broken screen for a miniature build) also possible representing broken dreams, as the room seems to be for one, not two? I really don't know Cica's intent but regardless, this earthy frog filled sim is way cool and you can get a free big frog avatar at the landing point. I always enjoy Cica's builds.  Enjoy!

Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Exploring Natural Falls V

Visit Natural Falls V, Domain West owned by Dann (Dannchris) here:

I have to say this is a super cool magical urban decay sim that is both eerie and beautiful at the same time.  Unfortunately it was hard on my poor old computer to explore much and take photos there but what I did see was sooo cool.  I mostly took pictures in what I consider the pretty fantasy garden area but the rest the sim has different feels to it too.  There are some pose spots great for singles and couples  that would make for good photos with avatars in them too. Their sim info. from the destination guide states: "Natural Falls is located in an abandoned, flooded metropolis slowly decaying under a derelict, elevated railway.  Explore this urban sprawl of neglected gardens, forsaken shops, and deserted homes"

Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls