Thursday, February 27, 2014

Explore Second Life

Dragonfly by Kara Trapdoor

Dragonfly, a photo by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

A great explore by Mad Ninjaz, owned by Shiranui  Kubo.
Nagaru by Kara Trapdoor

Lorena Chung Estate

Toru Enchanted Forest by Kara Trapdoor
Visit here; Toru Enchanted Forest by FlyFisher.Walpole 3broz

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wear Pink Against Bullying 2-26-14

Visit here to get your shirts:
Today I received this info. that is blogworthy.  (Note the shirts come in his n' hers, different styles)

Visit here for more info on the RL organization:

Bullying can take place anywhere and it's important to speak up about it.
Stand against bullying without saying a word by slipping into a pink T-shirt.
PurpleMoon Creations invites you to wear a specially created mesh pink shirt for males and females and show your support against bullying.
A minimum donation of L$10 is required but any higher amounts are appreciated!
Pink by Kara 2
Net proceeds from Pink Shirt Day activities & t-shirt sales benefit the CKNW Orphans’ Fund in support of Boys & Girls Clubs Anti-Bullying programs. All transactions will be published at
- Spread the word sharing pictures of yourself wearing the pink shirt at: or tag it on your Facebook as #pinkshirtday
- Follow the organization on Facebook ( and Twitter (
- Make a donation:
- Challenge your friends and co-workers to commit to a bully-free lifestyle and wear pink on Feb 26, 2014.
Thank you.
PurpleMoon Creations Team
Donations will be accepted until March 4th, 2014 inclusive.
The avatar collecting funds is PinkShirtDay Resident.You can also contact this avatar if you are interest in selling these shirts at your land or business.
Find more information about the PINK SHIRT DAY at:
PinkShirtDay_PressAd by Kara 2

From BOSL With Love Hunt --3 Days Left!

Be sure to visit the From BOSL W/Love Hunt before it's over 2-28-14.  Visit here:
The "From BOSL W/Love Hunt" will end on Feb 28 so you only have 3 more days left to hurry on over for some quality items.  I've previously blogged the hunt with photo teaser a couple of times and for more info. see here: and here:
From BOSL WLove Hunt by Kara 2

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dromund Kaas, The Dark Planet: A Great Explore

Av_022 by Kara 2

This sim is a great fun explore! I went with E and he and I both were running around in all directions checking it all out.  This has many levels of sci fi fun.  I didn't see notes around about it so I just took a lot of pics to show you how cool it is.  Exploring is a little challenging too as you need to click a lot to magically teleport from one mysterious place to the next, but I did see some patterns soon for navigating.  It's apparently a little role play, but I didn't see any observer tag options and it  was fun just going everywhere looking anyway.  Watch out for some of their dangerous plant and animal life too.   Their sim profile states: "A remote; shadowy world in the Sith Empire, with dark secrets at every turn..."  That is for sure.  You really will find some huge amazing places if you click around and explore well.
Av_012 by Kara 2auction_009 by Kara 2

Av_019 by Kara 2
Av_027 by Kara 2Droumnd Kaas by Kara 2
Av_018 by Kara 2
Av_025 by Kara 2

A little more background info. :

Giant Redwoods of LEA6

Visit here:

redwoods by Kara 2
(Promo pic above: I didn't take this one)
Av_006 by Kara 2
(E providing some entertainment for me in the middle of the forest-quite the entertainer)
If you like forests hurry on over to this exhibit before Friday when this exhibit closes.  Some of the
LEA art comes and goes pretty fast and that's the case of the Giant Readwood forest at LEA6.  The February LEA Full sim monthly art series, presented Artful Nature and Sea Mizin's Redwood Forest.  This exhibit opened February 16th with live music and performances on the small stage in the middle of the forest.  Anyone can still go get on the stage and insert their own stream.  I visited with Enigmatic and he jumped up on stage and entered his stream for a short set or at least long enough for me to take his picture. 

The sim has a little educational factor too as the info. note states in part: "Walk among the California Redwoods. They live and grow to a mystifying age ranging on the upside of 2000 – 3500 years. Respectively known as Coastal Redwoods and Giant Redwoods. Researchers studying these forests remind us how little we know. Such as how many hundreds of years it takes for a mature forest to provide bedding for their sprouts and seedlings. Canopy science reveals an affinity to unexpected creatures.  Be sure to visit, relax and enjoy the sights, especially our visiting critters; and, of course, don't our very own baby redwood grow to full height!" 

Sim Credits: ________________________________________________________
Vicki Firecaster,    Watch her magical scripting grow a Redwood Tree
Nintin,    Critter creator and scriptor of salamanders and banana slugs
Arrehn Oberlander,    Dance Machine, and his latest, The SelfServing Stage
rockmccool,   Critter scriptor 
Harter Fall,    Misty clouds
Derek Sienkiewicz,    Music, DJ, and for space to work, a whole year...Bravo Derek!
Kay Garaguru,    Hours of lessons in patience and sample builds
Johnas Merlin,    Awesome help on build approaches
Kurk Mumfuzz,    Many many reference photos of Muir Woods, 2013
Mel,    Extra photos of Henry Cowell Redwood Park and a place to sleep, 2012/13
Carlos & Lauren,     All their photos of Mariposa Grove, Yosemite 2013
Motoko Oanomochi,    Redwood Tree entrance at LEA5 using 3D&Dreams

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Emerald Green, A Beautiful Explore

Emerald Green is a beautiful full sim to explore, take pics, dance, cuddle, and enjoy the nice nature design.  There are plenty of waterfalls, caves, flower gardens, seating, buildings, and more.  It will take a while to be sure I've seen everything, but here are a few photos. The sim is by Sakuya Infinity and the profile info. states:
"Emerald Green is a full SIM in region Nets.
Region Nets is composed by 3SIMs  called
Emerald Green , OceanBlue , AquaMarine .
(but AquaMarine is now contrusting...)
Emerald Green is one of  beautiful SIMs .
flouting island , flower garden , pond and etc ." sic
Emerald Green by Kara 2
Emerald Green by Kara 2Emerald Green by Kara 2Emerald Green by Kara 2Emerald Green by Kara Trapdoor
Emerald Green by Kara 2
Enjoy this wonderful explore and have a great week!
Emerald Green by Kara 2Emerald Green by Kara 2
Emerald Green by Kara 2Emerald Green by Kara 2Emerald Green by Kara 2

Serendipity Creations

Visit the Marketplace here:
Visit the blog here:
Visit the Facebook page here:
Kathy's shirts.jpg by Kara 2
(me in a shirt Kathy made for me, and her in one of her shirts for sale on Marketplace, Serendipity Creations.)

Kathy's logo by Kara 2
Kathy and Kara.jpg by Kara 2My good friend Kathy Nikolaidis has started up her new store "Serendipity Creations".  Kathy and I have been good friends for years and she's been overly excited about her Canadian hockey team winning the gold over the USA team, so much so that she bought me a USA shirt while she wore her Canada shirt.  We took a pic in the shirts and even though Canada came out ahead of the USA in the Olympics, we did have more medals overall, so I guess we can both feel like winners and sport our shirts.   Anyway... she's a shirt buff and also into inspirational sayings and well known on Facebook for her history with SL sports and also her clever Bitstrips and funny and inspirational sayings.  She definitely keeps a person laughing and inspired.  This is reflected in her new shirt line in SL.  She is off to a good start with a couple of styles of mesh women's tops with fun sayings and designs.  I've put her Marketplace, Facebook, and blog links at the top of this post if you want to check it out. If you have some great sayings or ideas for shirts, let her know.
Olympics by Kara 2olympics2 by Kara 2

Paradise Lost in Second Life, Trailer 1 - Basilique Performing Arts Company

Visit "Songs From The Coalface", A blog by Canary Beck here:

Visit Canary Beck's Youtube for trailers 1-5 here:
The first trailer for Paradise Lost in Second Life - The Story of Adam and Eve's Original Sin in Fourteen Movements of Mozart's Requiem, featuring God creating the Garden of Eden, Adam, and the animals. Opening in Spring 2014 at the Basilique:

(First in 4 posters and first in 5 video teasers, not made by me, but Canary Beck,  entrepreneur, owner of the Basilique Club, designer, singer, performer and director of theatrical dance and performing arts in Second Life. Her blog states she also writes, films and photographs the virtual experience on her blog.

Paradise Lost by Kara 2

The Basilique's last performance, Romeo and Juliet, reportedly was exceptionally well done and well received, and sadly I missed it just mainly because I'm bad at scheduled SL time, but this is one I want to make every effort to see.  The blog shows pictures of some of the scenes they are working on, lists the actors, and provides a great deal of more information, so check it out if you like this sort of thing.  Personally I think it will be great. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Belated Rez Day

Divi by Kara 2

Divi, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

           Happy Belated Rez Day To A Very Special Friend

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More About Altberg Over at New World Notes

Visit New World Notes here:

Hamlet/James has a nice post with some personal and professional information about LL's new CEO, Ebbe Altberg.  Check it out for an interesting read and more info. about the new CEO.

I also found this directly from Ebbe over at the LL forum and blog posts:

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Visit here:
Mingle by Kara 2
(final prize room)

Tonight Enig and I found a fun little adventure called "Mingle".  Their notecard in part reads: "The creators of Havenhollow proudly present its 2nd holiday installation: Mingle.
February 1st we open our interactive hud-based event. Complete the Mingle hunt with your HUD and receive access to some amazing prizes generously offered by some of your favorite designers!
Mingle encourages you to do just that! To complete some of the HUD's hunt tasks you will need to find someone to do them with! This is your chance to make memories with new friends and old.
The fun won't stop there with a transferable item gift shop to pick something up for you and your sweetheart.
If you don't have a sweetheart, you might find one at the Mingle Date Auction. Gussy up and get ready to Mingle!"
Mingle by Kara 2

Mingle by Kara 2

Mingle by Kara 2
Mingle by Kara 2Mingle by Kara 2
Mingle is open until Feb 28th so head on down with a date or good friend or go and try to meet some new friends.  You do have to complete the tasks with someone.  I also got a little hung up toward the beginning when we were to get the free cards.  I didn't realize you had to wear them and have the other person touch or take them from you when they were worn.. which was similar with a chocolates situation.  Other than that its' pretty easy and self explanatory from the hud and local chat.  You and your partner will get to know each other a little better in a variety of ways. The hud is free btw. Rated PG.
Mingle by Kara 2

Friday, February 14, 2014

Google Doodle Valentines Day

google doodle Valentines Day by Kara 2

google doodle Valentines Day, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.
Happy Valentine's Day! Ok, so you have to try the Google Doodle today.. it's very sweet. Have a good one!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Singularity of Kumiko-Opens February 14th, A New Bryn Oh Immersive Exhibit

Visit here:

Byn Oh by Kara 2
On February 14th, 2014 Bryn Oh will be opening a new immersive environment called "The Singularity of Kumiko" at Immersiva.  I think this is possibly my favorite Bryn exhibit.  I'm not completely sure why but it might have something to do with the dark.  It's definitely dark.  I don't want to give the story away yet, so I'll give some info. I think will be helpful in enjoying the experience. 

  * The artwork requires specific settings to be installed and Bryn has the setting info. clearly explained at the landing.  It still took me a bit to get it just right but I got it and it was worth setting the lighting up right.  I'm just techy slow, so if I can do it anyone can.

* Watch out for Mr. Zippers.  The info. provided at the sim actually gives all the tips and info. you need to know but this bit about Mr. Zippers is very real.  This crazy hooks-for-hands rabbit on wheels can kill you and send you home (no permanent damage).   If you see him coming just run.  It's fun to run in the dark anyway.  You can easily escape, but if you don't run he will get you.

*Do NOT wear a face light.. I repeat.. do not wear a facelight.  Bryn's notes suggest leaving the facelights off as the sim is intended to be dark with most important scenes and areas lightly lit, and you also get a free head lamp at the start that helps.  Some facelight Nazi's will complain though as they do have a right to enjoy the sim in the intended darkness I suppose, but I will admit I did turn a facelight on for pics of some more obscure areas with a bit more lighting and for easier navigation.  In retrospect I probably could have just switched light a bit lighter when I wanted to get a few lighter shots and a good cam on the overall sim etc. But I did love running around in the creepy dark dark sim looking for stuff. It really does set the ambiance.

*Wander all over the mainland area and try to pick up the bottled messages in the order they are numbered but as Bryn said, it's ok if you wander off the beaten path in the dark like I did and come across the notes/info. and scenes out of order. I just wanted to be sure I saw everything and got all the info. The info is numbered, its written and verbal at locations and so I was able to wander around and get all the info.  before I headed up some big stairs for the next scene of the exhibit.

*To assure optimal enjoyment without lag, Bryn has limited the sim to 10-15 avatars at a time. So on opening day, it's possible you might have to wait your turn to get in.  If you can't get right in, keep trying or even another day, as you REALLY do NOT want to miss this. 

*There is a new Bryn doll to pick up for free if you find it.  (Seen in the 2nd to last pic on this post)

*Try not to get so overly excited with it all that you miss the story and details in the notes and info. given, as that really does enhance the experience.  I think I might have adult onset ADD though as I wanted to see it all, right away, so much so that even though I read the notes (ok glanced at them) I still had to look back to even just see how to enter the exhibit area. This is one exhibit to slow down and savor.  Enjoy.
BrynMr.Zippers.jpg by Kara 2
(Mr. Zippers.... watch out for this one!)
Byn Oh by Kara 2

(The entry with a little extra light.)
Byn Oh by Kara 2

Byn Oh by Kara 2
Byn Oh by Kara 2
Byn Oh by Kara 2
Byn Oh by Kara 2

Byn Oh by Kara 2

Byn Oh by Kara 2
So, yes I took a lot of pictures and I have a lot more, but no worries, there is a ton more stuff to find and see including the end, than what is giving away in these pics.  No spoiler alerts... this is one you have to see for yourself.  Have fun... I did. I'm sure I'll go back, but it will be later after others have a turn.