Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hurricane Diane in St John Parish Second Life!

Social Media

I spent a little time updating some of my social media sites today, since I wanted to join the Avatar Social Network, and then it got me checking into some of the sites I've not been into much lately and realized some of my header pics and stuff just needed updating.  If you are curious or want to get into more SL social media sites to see what people are doing, where they are going, and the latest news, have a look..................

Avatar Social Network:
Second Life Profiles:

It's possible I've forgotten some..

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

I know it's not SL, but I love it, so I want it here: )

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Intro, Explore Second Life

Visit here:
Thanks to Ziki Questi I am enjoying this quaint sim filled with adorable scenery with 5 general explore areas with pose spots and 5 mainstores with a variety of very nice products for sale, Ooyki Skin, U.F.O., VCO, Howl, BCC.  The sim appears to be owned by LULU Vitamingirl.  I took all these unedited pictures in the natural sim lights,  the darker on low graphics and lighter on higher with atmospheric shaders.  Then later I tried various windlights which looked pretty cool too.  I stuck with the natural sim lights for this blog post so you can see their intended look and feel as it's pretty surreal and what you will see when you drop in.   

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paradise Lost in Second Life

Paradise Lost at The Basilique.. visit here:

SL immersive theater at The Basilique presenting John Milton's Paradise Lost, the story of Adam and Eve's original sin in 14 movements of Mozart's Requiem in D minor.  Synopsis and more info. here:

Buy tickets on Marketplace searching "Paradise Lost".....many shows have been and are sold out so buy now if interested.  This is their second run due to the fist being so well received and sold out.  Now the shows for this run seem to be selling out too. When you get your ticket you will have the info. you need and a audience avatar which starts as a angel... I think we looked pretty darn cool all sitting in the pews as angels.. and I'm sure it helped keeps scripts/prim counts down too.  Tips not only go in part to the actors but also to a real life cause.  Next show ticket info. here:

Becky canary.beck and Harvy Crabsticks played Adam and Eve.  Becky's profile states, "I act and direct immersive theatre productions in Second Life. When not performing or directing, I manage the Basilique (see picks or go to I write and photograph my experiences on my blog: - See Pick for more info. To get into contact while offline -"  Contact them here: Harvey Crabsticks – and Canary Beck –

The whole show from start to finish is so impressive.  They use 8 actors to play 43 roles, there are 8 major set/scenes, and chorography, costume changes, special effects, are so amazing.  The audience is part of the play as we were immersed in movement, we wore their avatars provided with our purchased 1000L ticket,  and that costume literally changes while on us, magically!  I am sort of glad I am not sure how they made it all work because it really felt like magic.  For more information about the making of the show check out the Drax files feature here:  I purposefully avoided it until I had a chance to see Paradise Lost in SL, but in the end it doesn't give away the show, only enhances understanding of the makers and making of it.

This is just great SL entertainment we need more of.  This kind of thing is not possible in RL.  And finally here is a trailer: These snaps are not even spoiler alert worthy as they don't do it justice and certainly do not give you the immersive feel, but are just meant to be a teaser... enjoy: paradise lost basillic 2_002 Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hurricane Diane is Here! at St. John's Parish

Visit here:

 "It's Hurricane Diane. That's what's coming. Diane!"
  And so we all woke to the sound of heavy rains this morning.  The forecast called for gale force winds, high waves, and yes, hurricane Diane this weekend.  The neighbors and I sandbagged around our doors, some boarded up windows and back doors and we had stocked up on foods and candles.  Now we all are just waiting as the day darkens and the thunder and rains grown louder and heavier.  Out my back doors I see the waves crashing much to close to the street which is starting to flood.  I grabbed an umbrella and ventured out for just a bit but soon found myself ankle deep in water and as I scanned past the city to the bayou I realized much was if it is several feet under water already. I headed back home to write this up as I fear my 1st floor flat will soon be wet and I may have to take to higher grounds or spend the night with my second floor neighbors. There has been a public invite for all to a roof-top party this evening at 6pm at Ms. Portillo's that I plan to attend but by then I fear I will have to use my raft to make it safely there over the waters.  I may spend the night there if the storm seems too unsafe to make it home.  I have heard the eye of the storm is quite large and will also pass through giving residents some reprieve but the storm will resume and the forecast doesn't call for clear skies until Sunday evening, just in time for a ball that has been planned for some time now.  I image the neighbors and I will all have time to clean up a little before attending and taking stock of how everyone fared during this hurricane.  Please join us if you are a storm fan, its a rare and exciting event in SL.  Huge thanks to Ms. Gabrielle Reil for bringing this special weekend event, one that I have never observed in SL before... congrats on an excellent job! You are all welcome to pop into my small place to check it out this weekend too! Location St. John's Parish, Fictional New Orleans of the 20th century.

Hurrican Diane in St. John Parish
Hurricane Diane at St. John Parish
Hurrican Diane in St. John Parish
Hurricane Diane at St. John's Parish
Hurricane Diane at St. John's Parish
Hurricane Diane at St. John Parish

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge So I couldn't resist trying this in SL.  It's for a good cause, so I figured I'd do a shout out to SL and see if anyone is interested in doing a photo, gif, video or stop-motion like I did here, list the sim too so we all get to see some favorite sims in the process. I tagged a few people at the end who I know like to explore and might be up for the challenge.  I'm sure everyone can do a better one than this one I did late at night... let's see them!!

Now they have a super cute free automatic one way better/works great: You can Come on Down to the Second Life Pro Wrestling Community Headquarters, Get yourself recorded and get the Bucket for $0L and DONATE at :
Or you can find it as MUSCHI In-world free at MUSCHI In-world :

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sarawak -Explore Second Life

Visit Sarawak here:

I'm loving this tranquil scenic sim by Ermandalee. This is a wonderful place to just relax, hang out with friends and take some photos.   Enjoy.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

LEA25, The Sea of Cubic Dreams

Visit here:
LEA25 The Sea of Cubic Dreams by ALEGRIA Studios opened yesterday and it's part of their upcoming and bigger project Theater Night’s Dream in LEA25.  In this dark blue, teal and black setting there are cubes you can sit on and push around to make them go floating around, sometimes bumping into each other.  Initially I didn't grasp that to move one while sitting on it you must left mouse click and drag the cube and release in order to make it move (or at least for me it only worked this way) but once I got the hang of it, I had fun gliding across the surreal background.  I saw Rhojen there who was looking pretty cool in this setting and she granted me permission to take her pic for my blog. 

The Sea of Cubic Dreams
The Sea of Cubic Dreams
The Sea of Cubic Dreams
The Sea of Cubic Dreams
The Sea of Cubic Dreams
The Sea of Cubic Dreams

Saturday, August 16, 2014

NOS Summer Jam This Weekend

My friend Josie Anderton passed me some info on this 3 day event that she is participating in along with 27 of SL's finest musicians.  This looks to be a great event for a great cause.  Check it out here:
Official web site here with info. and musician lineup/times:
ENT SL Radio also has a lot of great info here:


Fantasy Gacha Carnival Through August 31

Kathy Nikolaidis, Lexi Brooks and I visited the Fantasy Gacha this evening for a great deal of fun shopping and bank breaking.  Kathy the queen of gacha actually was more resevrved this time than I was, as fantasy is very alluring to me, but then again she may have just been discreet with her purchases since I've taken to calling her gacha queen.  She has a partner in crime in Lexi who sounds like she also has inventory issues.  I'm telling myself this shopping in SL helps curb the RL shopping fix.  Yeah.. that's it.  Anyway.. visit here:

And visit here for their official web site:!

As you can see from the photos, the gacha run the perimeter of the sim with a canyon in the middle home to a few adorable little buildings. I started wearing my purchases and Kathy just had to joke that's how I get all the men. I think I lagged the sim in the process of all this too.  There are all things fantasy in the sim gachas so go have a blast, we did.

Fantasy GachaFantasy GachaFantasy Gacha Fantasy GachaFantasy Gacha

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Slow Bake SL Radio is Back, Show Sunday at Noon

My friend Sonicity Fitzroy is back to SL radio with her Slow Bake show featuring music of SL performers. 

sonicity radio

DJ Sonicity Debuts on SL LIVE radio Sunday!

Sonicity Fitzroy brings back Slow Bake to SL LIVE radio!  Sundays, Noon to 2PM SLT.  Playing SL Music from around the grid.   Truly radio for your second life!   
Join us at the SL LIVE Radio studio

Listen live,
See ya there for Soni's Day 1!

Soni's blog,
SL Music events,

soni dj_002

Sunday, August 3, 2014

KAGAMI 2014, A Japanese Horror Event August 1-31

game 10


It's a game, a mystery, an explore, a place to get cool stuff, a story, it's KAGAMI.   I went in today after I first read about it on Honour's blog here:
 Of course I had to see and try for myself.  This is another of the properties places where you are teleported around at various times via the game and there are spots it tells it's own story for you and gives clues.  It has a good story and has great photo ops and interesting places to see and explore.  It's also a mystery you try to solve.  You have to have your scripts down, but at the entry they have places you can check and do this.  Visitors accept a hud and use it to pick up things and to get clues, etc.  My first hud was not willingly picking up everything I found that I needed so I actually started over with a new hud and it still would not let me "get" everything (even less using the 2nd new hud). I was able to get some things but even detaching and reattaching the hud didn't let me pick up all I needed.  I relogged.  I have a half decent Alien computer but who knows.  I guess I will have to try again another day.  What I did see, was VERY cool and so much worth the visit.  I just hope I can finish some time.  

Visit here:

Official Web site here:

The web sit says: "
KAGAMI is an event with high game properties.
       We will hold it in coming August.
       ("Kagami" means "a mirror" in the Japanese.)
       The stage is a gloomy settlement.
       It's gonna be the best season to enjoy horror.
       Please come & see KAGAMI, a great Japanese horror event.
       Also, we will have a shopping mall area as a part of it.
       Every shop is fantastic!!
       In this website, we'll pick up their new products sometime.
       Please don't miss them.
       We, KAGAMI, are all looking forward to you visiting our event.
       And please be scared by Japanese taste horror:)
Open:  2014 Aug 1st 0:00 PDT (16:00 JPT)
Close:  2014 Aug 31th
PLACE: Hakoniwa"


Addendum... So I'm updating this post several hours later after I took a break and resumed play.  In the first part I realized I could proceed without seeing everything on my hud as long as I knew I got what I needed and in the right order and it worked so I moved on to the 2nd half.  It was interested as it seemed the same area/layout only had some different elements /look to it and obviously more and different parts to the game.  The 2nd half I didn't have any problems with the hud or any part of it and it went much quicker.  Here's a tip when playing though, especially in the 2nd part, you sort of have to do things in the right order which you will figure out as you go along.  This was a nice challenge and interesting new way of things in SL.  So I did finish it and had fun.  Enjoy!

I also forgot to mention that at the end there is a fun shopping area that also includes Gotchas.