Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge So I couldn't resist trying this in SL.  It's for a good cause, so I figured I'd do a shout out to SL and see if anyone is interested in doing a photo, gif, video or stop-motion like I did here, list the sim too so we all get to see some favorite sims in the process. I tagged a few people at the end who I know like to explore and might be up for the challenge.  I'm sure everyone can do a better one than this one I did late at night... let's see them!!

Now they have a super cute free automatic one way better/works great: You can Come on Down to the Second Life Pro Wrestling Community Headquarters, Get yourself recorded and get the Bucket for $0L and DONATE at :
Or you can find it as MUSCHI In-world free at MUSCHI In-world :

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