Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paradise Lost in Second Life

Paradise Lost at The Basilique.. visit here:

SL immersive theater at The Basilique presenting John Milton's Paradise Lost, the story of Adam and Eve's original sin in 14 movements of Mozart's Requiem in D minor.  Synopsis and more info. here:

Buy tickets on Marketplace searching "Paradise Lost".....many shows have been and are sold out so buy now if interested.  This is their second run due to the fist being so well received and sold out.  Now the shows for this run seem to be selling out too. When you get your ticket you will have the info. you need and a audience avatar which starts as a angel... I think we looked pretty darn cool all sitting in the pews as angels.. and I'm sure it helped keeps scripts/prim counts down too.  Tips not only go in part to the actors but also to a real life cause.  Next show ticket info. here:

Becky canary.beck and Harvy Crabsticks played Adam and Eve.  Becky's profile states, "I act and direct immersive theatre productions in Second Life. When not performing or directing, I manage the Basilique (see picks or go to I write and photograph my experiences on my blog: - See Pick for more info. To get into contact while offline -"  Contact them here: Harvey Crabsticks – and Canary Beck –

The whole show from start to finish is so impressive.  They use 8 actors to play 43 roles, there are 8 major set/scenes, and chorography, costume changes, special effects, are so amazing.  The audience is part of the play as we were immersed in movement, we wore their avatars provided with our purchased 1000L ticket,  and that costume literally changes while on us, magically!  I am sort of glad I am not sure how they made it all work because it really felt like magic.  For more information about the making of the show check out the Drax files feature here:  I purposefully avoided it until I had a chance to see Paradise Lost in SL, but in the end it doesn't give away the show, only enhances understanding of the makers and making of it.

This is just great SL entertainment we need more of.  This kind of thing is not possible in RL.  And finally here is a trailer: These snaps are not even spoiler alert worthy as they don't do it justice and certainly do not give you the immersive feel, but are just meant to be a teaser... enjoy: paradise lost basillic 2_002 Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost

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  1. Lovely photos and great write up, thank you for sharing our work. Also, I invited you to share your photos with the Paradise Lost Group on Flickr.