Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hoverboard Wars! Game On!

Visit here:

Here is something new and fun to try in Second Life.   The Hoverboard Wars at Hoverpark is a new sim owned by Selc (3rd photo). 

"Looking for fun competitive gameplay? Like racing coupled with ranged and melee combat? Master frictionless agility and exhilarating momentum as you challenge your friends to a game of Hoverboard Wars" 

There will be a tournament Friday August 8 with $20,000L to the winner.  They show different time frames for the various zones for this, so pop over and check it out.  I visited during free play and while I thought this was fun to race around and shoot at people, I have to admit I'm not the best driver of most any type of vehicle or moving thing in SL, so I probably won't be winning any competitions, but again, it's very fun to try and it's cool to just zoom around the ramps and obstacles and see things.  As always I took a bunch of photos. (First photo me, 4th photo Naiq.jinx, 5th me again) Hoverboard Wars Hoverboard Wars Hoverboard Wars Hoverboard Hoverboard Hoverboard Wars Hoverboard Wars

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