Saturday, August 2, 2014

Want to Run Your Own Club?

Free Club!
Owner/Manager Wanted

Are you interested in running your own club?  Please contact us regarding this unique opportunity for a free club to manage in a well established fun sim.  The prior owner's RL took over and now the club needs a new owner to run it, schedule DJs, coordinate events, and be creative. Successful candidate will get the club to run,  and keep all club venue tips.

The Station Club is over a year old in it's current style, and over 2 years old total on the sim, with established staff and guest groups.  The Steampunk theme setting has hosted all genre and is ideal as a steamy blues club.   For more information contact Enigmatic Deir, sim owner, Sonrisa Seminario, sim manager, or Kara Trapdoor, sim gallery curator.

Visit here:

Some Video here:
club events:

Sim scenes:

The Station

Also, the sim has some rooms available for rent at 50L pr week 20 prim (some larger/more prim). Furnished or unfurnished. Example below is a furnished room at 50L per week with 20 prim.

the station_019

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