Monday, August 31, 2015

AMForte Top Artist in August

Visit here to vote for your fav SL artist:

AMForte Clarity was the big August winner over at ArtistSignal and while she played her last set at Kennedy's last night the news came in she received the most votes on Artist Signal where you can see, hear, and vote for many of your fav SL artists.  She was so excited she almost broke down with a little crying in joy during her set when the vote tally was announced.  AM is so sweet she repeatedly thanked all her SL fans and supporters.  She plays multiple sets in SL almost daily and in the past has won the SL live musician of the year awards and is always one of the favored musicians in high demand.  This is a well deserved win for a great long time SL musician with many fans. She asks all her SL fans to vote for JoPil for September.  You can log in and vote each hour.   If you want to hear AMForte in SL check out her schedule at Whispering Sands Live Promotions here:

AM Winner! AmForte

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Review for DJ Soni's Slowbake Sunday Radio Show at SL Live Radio

Kara's Korner Week in review for the SL Live Slow Bake Radio Show with DJ Sonicity Fitzroy from 12 to 2pm SLT each Sunday.   You can hang out with us here:
Or listen each Sunday streamed here:
DJ Soni's blog here:

(radio spot)
Hey folks, it's Kara Trapdoor here again with a weekend review of Kara's Korner Second Life Adventures blogspot "Happening things around the grid".   This past week I enjoyed live music over at Idle Rogue and Ling's The Most Wonderful Party, I've continued following around some super great new live music talent with Whispering Sands Live promotions,  I visited Linden Endowment for the Arts to see many new and exciting exhibits and highly recommend LEA15 and LEA24 there and explored some other gorgeous sims around the grid as shown on my blog Stream previously.

Cica Ghost, Dreamers LEA24
Today be sure to check out the final day of the Country and Folk Festival over at Manifesto by 3Y Romea Entertainment featuring many live musicians and DJs on a cute country sim.  Flickr ad:
Visit here:
And be sure you hang on to your landmark as they have future events planned too.
SS Galaxy
This coming week I also look forward to The Vintage and Cool Fair 2015 which opened August 21 and runs  until September 4th. presented by the I Do network. Visit here:

Vintage and cool fair 2015
Key West is re-opening for the fall with a great line up live music and some fantastic added features to their sim:

I plan to make it make it over to The Starlite Theater Monday at 7pm SLT in their brand new theater and location.  I got a sneak peek at one of the dances for Monday and it's looking great.

Friday Sept the 4th  Studio 25 hosts their Steampunk art exhibit and opening party with dancing and DJs from 12 to 5pm SLT

Steampunk Party
And be sure to check out the beautiful new 3 region SS Galaxy cruise ship that is re-opening to include a wide variety of fun and interactive things  to see and do. Now located at the Galaxy MD sim.

SS Galaxy SS Galaxy
These are just a few of the many wonderful things I'll be checking out this coming week.  For links go to Kara's Korner Second Life Adventures BlogSpot.

And now back to DJ Soni with your Sunday afternoon Slowbake SL live Radio Show featuring top SL live performers.
And for my readers of course I'm all over at many other things in SL.  A new friend recently asked me how to find the live music shows, various artists and where and when they sing,  so here I'll list a few important links related specifically to live music events for DJ Soni's SL live music fans around the grid so we can all find what we want easily:

Second Life Live Music Events:

SL Destination Guide for Live music venues:

SL events calendar:
Some of the SL Live Music Promotions Groups with web sites including musician schedules, locations, bios etc.
Whispering Sands Promotions: Jorrdan.Jarman
SpiritFire SL Music and Videos: Sher Salmson
Dirval Music: Jenna Dirval
Brandy Maltas
Cybertstar Artist and Events Service:Sparkie Cyberstar
Some great Independent Artist Sims I also like a lot that are fantastic to explore but also host live musicians:
The Dirty Grind:
Hesperia Templemore

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Explore The Outer Garden

Visit here:

The Outer Garden
This is a beautiful place to explore, pose, take pics, and hang out with friends.  They have various levels, many little scenic areas,  and there are even a couple of different pianos along with other nice things.  The background music is Chouchou.   The sim info. states: "外苑 -the outer garden- by bisou Dexler Please spend time when conversation with friend and sweetheart,  walk and picture taking relaxed.  No sex or nudity."  The official web site is here:
I"m not totally sure what this site is but it's associated :

The Outer Garden The Outer Garden The Outer Garden The Outer Garden The Outer Garden

Got Drama? Take it to SLeople's Court

Visit here:

So I found this ad for SLeople's Court and had to check this out.  The sessions are Thursdays at 6pm SLT.  I ran over to have a look and met up with JardenAlexis who showed me the court rooms and offices that looks real and told me a little more about it.  She said they have been a lot of fun and the next court date is this Thursday at 6pm SLT.  The court sessions are technically run like rollplay and they roll with the alleged issue on docket. She said they are good entertainment complete with attorney, judge, bailiff etc.  She referred me to Cosmo Kawabata (cosmopecan.kawabata) who started it.   One of their promos states: "Got drama? Bring it to Court. Baby dadda/mama acting up? Bring them to Court. Landlord kick you out for no reason? You know what to do!   Looking for cases for upcoming court sessions. Contact CosmoPecan Kawabata or Jana Fleming to get your case on the docket". If you are interested in being an attorney or another position please also get in touch with Cosmo. 

SLeople's Court

Underwear in the Underground Lingerie and Underwear Party Aug. 26th

Visit here:
The Most Wonderful Party Presents ...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tillicum Island Sim Closing Announcement-Hurry and Visit Now Before It's Too Late

Visit here:

Tillicum Island 5
Scott Yedmore passed out this note today:
"To All,
Wow - what a great bunch of people we've encountered here at the islands! And over such a long period of time, too. Thank you for being a part of that for us.
I will be closing TI at the end of this month, and I will miss it. On the UP side, howevver, the lovely Tinker Drew and I are getting together in RL! :D Recently I have
moved cross-country (from Texas to Washington), taken on a new job with The Walt Disney Company, am loving RL. Next, a move to a house, furnishing it and all
that "jazz". Also, I came to SL with a fondness for music and I shall depart with that very same thing - music production opportunities are all around...
Tink and I, I am quite sure, will be back on the grid at some point soon. We'll rent from someone else or, possibly, start a new sim. Right now I am thinking it would
be so good to live somewhere close to the real Tillicum Island, aka Tillicum Villiage.
It has been fun. Hugs all around.

Tillicum Island

I got his permission to blog this as I feel everyone should have a chance to see this beautiful sim if they have not already.  If you get a chance to go explore it be sure to travel the caves and have a close look all around as you don't want to miss this highly detailed sim.   I blogged it before here:

Tillicum Island 4 Tillicum Island 3 Tillicum island case BW.jpg

(This is in the caves. Ok, yes I took a sleezy lingerie photo, so what)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cica Ghost's Strings

Visit here:

I popped over to Strings, by Cica Ghost today when I first saw it blogged by Ziki Questi here:

I always love Cica's builds and this one also greatly satisfied me.  Cica's "Strings" is set in a old world villa with the centerpiece a 5 piece band on a small bandstand in front of a flat filled with oversized unique figures of men, women, children, and I even saw some birds and a dog.   Cica's custom windlight is great for this setting.  I enjoyed the  fun couples and single dances in the stone cello huds around the sim.  I also really liked the sits in the apartment and had fun sitting in oversized chairs.  Even the sim music was delightful. Be sure to check it out.
Cica Ghost, Strings Cica Ghost, Strings Cica Ghost, Strings burlesque at lovefest_021

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sommergewitter / Summer Thunder Storm

Die Villa made this amazing video of this fun sim by Nidatine.

Visit sommergewitter here:

Sommergewitter Come join me.

MadPea Gacha Festival August 14-30

Visit here:

The MadPea Gacha Festival is a super cute whimsical location with art works for sale in inexpensive gacha machines some of which include artsy clothes, pictures, furniture, and a whole variety of artsy things by various well know SL artists.  So here is your chance folks to own some cute art from your fav SL artist while enjoying a fun sim. 

MadPea Art Gacha Festival Madpead Art Gacha Festival

H.P. Lovecraft annual Festival Aug. 15-23

It's the annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival time!

Visit here:

I always enjoy this fun and interesting, in true Lovecraft fashion, event (see pics below).  The press release states:

"The Second Life Lovecraft Festival (as hosted by HPL-RPG) was founded and first held in September, 2012, and has since been an annual event dedicated to the works and concepts of the granddaddy of "Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction," H.P. Lovecraft.
This year's Festival celebrates Mr. Lovecraft's 125th birthday, and will be held August 15-23, 2015.
Since 2013, Lovecraft Festival has been pleased to raise support for AutCom - the Autism National Committee. To date, all of the festival's vendor fees, as well on-site donations at the festival, have gone straight to AutCom's coffers in order to help this agency's mission of increasing awareness and education concerning Autism Spectrum conditions. In fact, one of AutCom's board members is an active member of the Lovecraft Festival staff.
The festival involves a faire of events, activities and vendors with each festival having a different overall theme or concept. Musical events stage shows, parties, carnival rides and all the fun that comes with a classic faire/festival are a regular part of Lovecraft Festival, along with splendid full-scale stores that vendors secure and decorate to their individual needs and wants.
2015 FESTIVAL STORY QUEST ; The Heart of Llhao":
This year's Festival features a new task - coordinating a multi-sim "story quest." This will be a sort of mystery quest with a distinct Lovecraft-themed bent and "Big Finale"!
Each "chapter" in the story will be at different "host sims" or parcels, and the story followers will be challenged with following clues and collecting evidence and items to track an ancient artifact stolen from the Miskatonic University.  The story path will provide links that the questers must follow to reach the story's inevitable end."

Lovecraft Festival

It's notable there is also an absolutely loaded events calendar with so much stuff (a LOT of daily events) on it I'm not going to list it all here, but wanted to be sure and mention the Shadows Silhouette Dancers: "The Shadows Silhouette Dancers will be performing a mini-show for the Festival, Burlesquetacle (in keeping with the Lovecraft theme of course) on Tuesday, Aug 18th and Friday, Aug 21st at 1pm SLT and you're all invited to come and enjoy!!! Just look for the Cabaret Sybarite!!"

Lovecraft Festival lovecraft_003 Lovecraft Festival

Hurricane Diane in St John Parish Second Life!

Visit here:

The annual hurricane in St. John Parish is back!  But hurry over as the storm will subside some time Sunday 8-16-15.  Above is a video I made of it last year.  It's really cool to see.  Sat night I went to the annual rooftop party Hosted by Emma Portilo with her partner John as DJ. 

Below are party pics from this year/last night.

Hurricane in St. Johns Paris

Friday, August 14, 2015

5 Great Dance Shows Saturday!

There is a great group in SL for shows called Dance Queens.  If you enjoy dance shows, cabaret, burlesque, and theater this is a great group to belong too.  Cherri Banks of Dance Queens released this info. regarding Saturday shows.  I actually caught a couple of shows tonight, Friday, at The Empire Room and Gueerilla  Burlesque, so will use pics I took at those here as an example.  The press release states:

"A Stacked Dance Show Saturday!!!
Five fantastic shows highlight this Saturday in Dance!!!

12 am - Guerilla Burlesque
Guerilla Burlesque presents an hour-long show of live dance entertainment! Each act individually created and performed by some of the best dancers in Second Life. The costumes are glamourous, the music is sizzling and the stage sets will leave you breathless.
Guerilla Burlesque (SL) opens the doors of the Acuo Theatre from 11pm on Friday nights, to give our beloved audience plenty of time to find a seat before the sim fills up! So make your plans to include getting there early and hang out with the coolest audience in Second Life.
Hope to see you there on Idle Rogue!!!
1 pm - Elysium "Dancing for Bears" AAF Fundraiser  at The Empire Room
This is a dance show fundraiser in support of Animals Asia Foundation's "Honey Money Days" fundraising drive. All proceeds from this show will be donated to Animals Asia Foundation.
Jill Robinson founded Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) in 1998. The organization raises awareness of the inhumane methods used in bear bile, which involve bears living up to 25 years in small cages, with metal catheters inserted into their abdomens for bile extraction, or even open wounds through which the bile drips. The organization also works "to reduce the demand for bile in Asia by promoting affordable, effective and cruelty free alternatives." AAF headquarters is in Hong Kong, with sanctuaries in Vietnam and China. AAF has rescued more than 500 bears.
Please join us in helping Jill and AAF in their tireless devotion to putting an end to the horrific practice of bear bile farming. Today, we dance for the bears! Elysium Cabaret in The Empire Room on Copperhead Road sim.
7 pm - Dance Xcetera's Grand Re-Opening
Dance Xcetera is proud to announce their Grand Re-Opening on Saturday, August 15th at 7 pm slt with an encore performance on Sunday, August 16th at 3 pm slt.
Debut Performances directed by Jade Currier & David Gage!!!
Please join us at our brand new theater for a great night of performances by our team!!! Wild Catnap-Constantine, Rhiannon Colclough, DeJaye Barracuda, Lily Palmer, Seth Oleander, Sebastain Bourne, Dee Shepherd, Fancy Bekkers, Kahina, Moni Corbeau, Skylar Ragu, Dark Star, Eric Hennessy, and Tyrath.
Music by: Dire Straits, Shakespears Sister, Steven Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger, Santana, Loreen, Shakura S'Adia, and Meghan Trainor.
7 pm - Paramount Dancers "Anything Goes"
Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we, the Paramount Dancers of the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, perform our new show, “Anything Goes,” just for you!!!
We take this month to show you what we personally want to show you!!! What does that mean you ask? That means we get to show off some NEW acts we are proud and excited for you to see!!! Come for the entertainment, come for the skin, come for the dancing… come for YOUR enjoyment!!!
7 pm - The Moulin Rouge
The Moulin Rouge is proud to present a special variety show featuring individual and group performances from its top performers. The excitement starts at 7 PM SLT this evening, so don't miss this unique live presentation in the Main Ballroom of the Moulin Rouge. On behalf of the entire staff of this unique theater and region, we look forward to seeing you there."
Join us at the "Meet and Greet" Party
on Dance Queens Info Island
every Wednesday from 2-4 pm slt!
Guerilla Burlesque Guerilla Burlesque Guerilla Burlesque Guerilla Burlesque

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Junk: Shop and Explore

Visit here:
This is a super cool sim to explore.  It's a shop and explore sim all in one. I left the sim lights on like they were when I landed, but it's also great for messing around with windlights.  I just happened to really like their lighting choice and it's a little different, so once again, what you see is what you get.  This sim appears to be owned by co-owers Tab Tatham and Return of the Meggins evankeel.  There are all kinds of cute decor in the barn sheds around the sim.  The rest of the sim is decorated in little vignette type arrangements to explore and pose in.  Their profile info. on the sim states: " here.
original furniture and decor and stuff.
Find more junk. information at;
junk updates"

Junk Mainstore_004
Junk Mainstore_008 Junk Mainstore_003 Junk Mainstore_002 Junk Mainstore_006 Junk Mainstore_005 Junk Mainstore_001