Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend Highlights

I've been doing a variety of things lately so I thought I'd just give a quick rundown of what I've been up to this weekend in SL.  Of course I hit a lot of live music, clubs, and hanging out at home and with friends as usual, but some of the other highlights I'll list here.  
*Starting with Friday night I was a groomsmaid in the wedding of my good friend Duke Sommers and his beautiful bride Cinneebunz Sommers over at the beautiful wedding sim, Love Story Venue @ Charming Beginnings Wedding Sim
(me on far right)

Dukes wedding Duke and Cinn 8-7-14 Wedding ______________________________________________________________________________
Saturday at 11pm SLT Saturday I visited Elvera's Castle of Dreams,  at English Rose Theatre Morabeza 131, 7, 131.  This 1.5 hr show by Elvera Lerner in this gorgeous theater was a Andrew Lloyd Weber tribute show as this year celebrates 50 years of Andrew Lloyd Weber.  Elvera sang and danced with set, costume, and special effect changes.  The sets and songs she sang came from Evita,  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat,  Jesus Christ Superstar,  The Likes of Us,  The Phantom of the Opera,  Tell me on a Sunday,  Cats, Sunset Blvd., Aspects of Love, and Whistle down the Wind.  I have never seen one of her shows before and this SL singer's show brings SL music to a whole new level.  Obviously she's well known as there was a large crowd enjoying the event. I'm not sure when her next show is but do visit her theater and maybe there will be new signs up about it here:

Elvera's castle of dreams english rose theater Elvera's castle of dreams english rose theater Elvera's castle of dreams english rose theater Elvera's castle of dreams english rose theater ______________________________________________________________________________
*Saturday another highlight was the grand opening of the Windlight Gallery here: owned by Johannes1977 who is also owner of the new highly popular Windlight magazine featuring all things art in SL.  The event held a large crowd in both the gallery area and the entertainment garden and I took a few pics.  They follow up with another formal music event August 23rd at  3pm SLT with singer Anek Fuchs.  Be sure to check out their lovely gallery with art by: Artemis Greece Resident, Richie Narstrom, Seb Arkright, Bones Delicioso, Ozymandi Resident, Ilyra Chardin, Sandi Benelli, Myra Wildmist, SereneDean Resident, Roffellos Resident, Bluesrocker Resident, ChrysteRox Resident, and Wicca Merlin.  They have a lot of events and things going on including a beach photo contest I previously blogged on so check out their web site here:

The Windlight Gallery Opening The Windlight Gallery Opening ________________________________________________________________________________
*Sunday I visited Psi City owned by  Louise Françoise de Dampierre (felizitas.barbosawhich) which has been around since 2008 but updated to the extent I had a hard time recalling I've been there before.  It's a great explore and I took a quick pic.  Visit here:  The sim info. states: "The City where Music comes alive, Thingies and Co., Thingies and Co goes Petites, erotic (sm, UREMBO Haute Couture, the Backdoor, Urban, Vintage, Live Musicians, Zoo, Wedding, Beach Volleyball, Park, Metro, Sewer, Art Museum". There is a lot to see and explore here. I'm showing off my great SL driving skills LOL.

Psy City ________________________________________________________________________________
*At 12pm SL I tp'd over to SLlive Radio studio for the DJ show of Sonicity Fitzroy whose "Slow Bake" show features music by SL musicians.  I tend to make this show each week  to hang out with old friends Soni and her Belinda Barnes.  Always a fun time with friends. Visit here: or check their web site and listen online here:

DJ Soni at SL Live Radio ________________________________________________________________________________
*Studio 25 also has a weekly Sunday DJ show starting at 12pm SL and I ran over to hear my artist friend Frenchy DJ followed by DJ Dregoon from 2-4pm SL.  Not only is this a fun place, it's got great art and a fun explore in the multi-level area.   Be sure to catch both these Sunday events each week. Studio 25 is also gearing up for their Black N White exhibit and they are still accepting photos too.  They have themed exhibits and parties each month, Sunday DJ events and various other events in between.
Studio 25 Black and White Exhibit and Party DJ and Artist Frenchy at Studio 25

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