Friday, August 14, 2015

5 Great Dance Shows Saturday!

There is a great group in SL for shows called Dance Queens.  If you enjoy dance shows, cabaret, burlesque, and theater this is a great group to belong too.  Cherri Banks of Dance Queens released this info. regarding Saturday shows.  I actually caught a couple of shows tonight, Friday, at The Empire Room and Gueerilla  Burlesque, so will use pics I took at those here as an example.  The press release states:

"A Stacked Dance Show Saturday!!!
Five fantastic shows highlight this Saturday in Dance!!!

12 am - Guerilla Burlesque
Guerilla Burlesque presents an hour-long show of live dance entertainment! Each act individually created and performed by some of the best dancers in Second Life. The costumes are glamourous, the music is sizzling and the stage sets will leave you breathless.
Guerilla Burlesque (SL) opens the doors of the Acuo Theatre from 11pm on Friday nights, to give our beloved audience plenty of time to find a seat before the sim fills up! So make your plans to include getting there early and hang out with the coolest audience in Second Life.
Hope to see you there on Idle Rogue!!!
1 pm - Elysium "Dancing for Bears" AAF Fundraiser  at The Empire Room
This is a dance show fundraiser in support of Animals Asia Foundation's "Honey Money Days" fundraising drive. All proceeds from this show will be donated to Animals Asia Foundation.
Jill Robinson founded Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) in 1998. The organization raises awareness of the inhumane methods used in bear bile, which involve bears living up to 25 years in small cages, with metal catheters inserted into their abdomens for bile extraction, or even open wounds through which the bile drips. The organization also works "to reduce the demand for bile in Asia by promoting affordable, effective and cruelty free alternatives." AAF headquarters is in Hong Kong, with sanctuaries in Vietnam and China. AAF has rescued more than 500 bears.
Please join us in helping Jill and AAF in their tireless devotion to putting an end to the horrific practice of bear bile farming. Today, we dance for the bears! Elysium Cabaret in The Empire Room on Copperhead Road sim.
7 pm - Dance Xcetera's Grand Re-Opening
Dance Xcetera is proud to announce their Grand Re-Opening on Saturday, August 15th at 7 pm slt with an encore performance on Sunday, August 16th at 3 pm slt.
Debut Performances directed by Jade Currier & David Gage!!!
Please join us at our brand new theater for a great night of performances by our team!!! Wild Catnap-Constantine, Rhiannon Colclough, DeJaye Barracuda, Lily Palmer, Seth Oleander, Sebastain Bourne, Dee Shepherd, Fancy Bekkers, Kahina, Moni Corbeau, Skylar Ragu, Dark Star, Eric Hennessy, and Tyrath.
Music by: Dire Straits, Shakespears Sister, Steven Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger, Santana, Loreen, Shakura S'Adia, and Meghan Trainor.
7 pm - Paramount Dancers "Anything Goes"
Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we, the Paramount Dancers of the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, perform our new show, “Anything Goes,” just for you!!!
We take this month to show you what we personally want to show you!!! What does that mean you ask? That means we get to show off some NEW acts we are proud and excited for you to see!!! Come for the entertainment, come for the skin, come for the dancing… come for YOUR enjoyment!!!
7 pm - The Moulin Rouge
The Moulin Rouge is proud to present a special variety show featuring individual and group performances from its top performers. The excitement starts at 7 PM SLT this evening, so don't miss this unique live presentation in the Main Ballroom of the Moulin Rouge. On behalf of the entire staff of this unique theater and region, we look forward to seeing you there."
Join us at the "Meet and Greet" Party
on Dance Queens Info Island
every Wednesday from 2-4 pm slt!
Guerilla Burlesque Guerilla Burlesque Guerilla Burlesque Guerilla Burlesque

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