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H.P. Lovecraft annual Festival Aug. 15-23

It's the annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival time!

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I always enjoy this fun and interesting, in true Lovecraft fashion, event (see pics below).  The press release states:

"The Second Life Lovecraft Festival (as hosted by HPL-RPG) was founded and first held in September, 2012, and has since been an annual event dedicated to the works and concepts of the granddaddy of "Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction," H.P. Lovecraft.
This year's Festival celebrates Mr. Lovecraft's 125th birthday, and will be held August 15-23, 2015.
Since 2013, Lovecraft Festival has been pleased to raise support for AutCom - the Autism National Committee. To date, all of the festival's vendor fees, as well on-site donations at the festival, have gone straight to AutCom's coffers in order to help this agency's mission of increasing awareness and education concerning Autism Spectrum conditions. In fact, one of AutCom's board members is an active member of the Lovecraft Festival staff.
The festival involves a faire of events, activities and vendors with each festival having a different overall theme or concept. Musical events stage shows, parties, carnival rides and all the fun that comes with a classic faire/festival are a regular part of Lovecraft Festival, along with splendid full-scale stores that vendors secure and decorate to their individual needs and wants.
2015 FESTIVAL STORY QUEST ; The Heart of Llhao":
This year's Festival features a new task - coordinating a multi-sim "story quest." This will be a sort of mystery quest with a distinct Lovecraft-themed bent and "Big Finale"!
Each "chapter" in the story will be at different "host sims" or parcels, and the story followers will be challenged with following clues and collecting evidence and items to track an ancient artifact stolen from the Miskatonic University.  The story path will provide links that the questers must follow to reach the story's inevitable end."

Lovecraft Festival

It's notable there is also an absolutely loaded events calendar with so much stuff (a LOT of daily events) on it I'm not going to list it all here, but wanted to be sure and mention the Shadows Silhouette Dancers: "The Shadows Silhouette Dancers will be performing a mini-show for the Festival, Burlesquetacle (in keeping with the Lovecraft theme of course) on Tuesday, Aug 18th and Friday, Aug 21st at 1pm SLT and you're all invited to come and enjoy!!! Just look for the Cabaret Sybarite!!"

Lovecraft Festival lovecraft_003 Lovecraft Festival

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