Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Got Drama? Take it to SLeople's Court

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wellard/205/30/3986

So I found this ad for SLeople's Court and had to check this out.  The sessions are Thursdays at 6pm SLT.  I ran over to have a look and met up with JardenAlexis who showed me the court rooms and offices that looks real and told me a little more about it.  She said they have been a lot of fun and the next court date is this Thursday at 6pm SLT.  The court sessions are technically run like rollplay and they roll with the alleged issue on docket. She said they are good entertainment complete with attorney, judge, bailiff etc.  She referred me to Cosmo Kawabata (cosmopecan.kawabata) who started it.   One of their promos states: "Got drama? Bring it to Court. Baby dadda/mama acting up? Bring them to Court. Landlord kick you out for no reason? You know what to do!   Looking for cases for upcoming court sessions. Contact CosmoPecan Kawabata or Jana Fleming to get your case on the docket". If you are interested in being an attorney or another position please also get in touch with Cosmo. 

SLeople's Court