Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Did I mention I love Halloween? So here are some snips, clips and vids from a few of the many Halloween parties and events I've attended in Second Life.

Island of Fear Haunted Mansion
Swinging with Sissy for Halloween
Swinging with my RL Sis Lexi on Halloween
Clubbing With the Girls for Halloween
Clubbing with Friends Bel and Soni on Halloween
The Grove Halloween Party
The BOSL Beauties and Adonis dancing at The Grove Halloween Party
Adonis, Brittainy, Kara, Coral and Darling
NeoVictoria Halloween Party
NeoVictoria Halloween Party
Opium Haunted Mansion
Opium Haunted Mansion Tour

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser through October 31st

Visit here: or direct link here: BCAEventHere.
Josie and Aiden

My friend Josie Anderton is singing at Oasis The Sweet Escape for a Breast Cancer Awareness "Think Pink" week of events including a lineup of live music that continues through the 31st. She is dressed for the Halloween weekend. Aiden is on guitar.

The note card upon donating at the event reads: "Thank you for your donation to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the American Cancer Society's fundraising event, where donations collected are restricted to breast cancer research, education, information, and patient services..

We know that finding breast cancer early, when it's easiest to treat, can mean the difference between life and death. So we provide screening guidelines, physician education, and engage in efforts to increase public awareness about the importance of yearly mammograms.

The good news is that breast cancer incidence and death rates are declining; more people are beating this disease thanks to early detection through mammograms and improved treatment methods. But there is still much more to be done.

To help raise money to fight breast cancer with us, set out a donation kiosk on your land and/or sell virtual goods in a Making Strides Vendor. You can pick up your own kiosk and vendor (for free) at ACS Island:

Once again, thank you for your donation and your support in the fight against breast cancer."


And remember guys and gals.. get checked regularly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

State Fair October 26th through October 29th

Visit here: or direct link here: StateFairHere.

State Fair

This is actually a very cool place to visit.

Info states: "Virtual State Fair Week, Oct 26-29, 2011 9am to 6pm SLT
Rides and exhibits all day
9am until 9pm Voting for Animalia Virtualia photo contest
voting closes 9pm 10/28
Haunted House and Corn Maze
University Expo
With guided tours throughout the day, see sign for schedule
Virtual Geocache hunt5pm SLT Live Music
Wed Oct 26 Moondoggirl Moomintoog
Thurs Oct 27 Max Kleene
Friday Oct 28 Capos Calderwood
Saturday Oct 29 Frets Nirvana

>>>>>Special event Wednesday and Thursday only<<<<<<
Tour the LiveAbilty House between 2:00pm and 3:00pm SLT
Complete feedback form and receive 250 Linden Dollars

>>>>>>Special Event Saturday Only<<<<<<<<<<
12-1pm SLT Informal Horse Parade
Bring your horse or get a demo here
Ride the Morill Loop as a group
Followed by line dancing at Gertrude's Barn

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Party Tonight October 25th 8pm SLT Island of Fear

Visit here: or direct link here: IslandofFearHereParty.

Tonight is the Halloween party at Island of Fear Haunted mansion and everyone is invited. We'll have DJ Altair Swords at the party roof, so take the first magic door up or explore your way.

My friend Josie Anderton made this video/original on Youtube

More info: Break out those Halloween costumes Ghouls & Boys and join us for a Halloween Costume Party at Island of Fear Haunted Mansion Tuesday October 25th at 8pm SLT DJ Altair Swords

Bring friends and lets have some fun..... Haunted Mansion open through October 2011
for more info. check out the Flickr group:
Some videos:

Halloween Freebies

Today I visited Boystown Pumpkin patch and they have a nice area filled with free pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors for the taking. I grabbed a few neon colored ones, a giant orange one and a few black, white and green pumpkins as well as free scarecrows and corn stalks. There is also a little haunted house to enjoy. Check it out here: or direct link here: PumpkinPatchHere.
Pumpkin Patch
I picked up this free Halloween hat at Mimi's Choice store in a pumpkin near the Jador section. While there enjoy the wonderful shopping. This is a fav store of mine. Check it out here: or direct link here: MimisChoicHere.
Pumpkin Patch
Later this evening at 8pm SLT join me and friends at the Island of Fear Haunted mansion for a Halloween Costume Party with the sounds of DJ Altair Swords. Explore this fun interactive place and dance with the gang or bring friends for a fun time. Check it out here: or direct link here: HalloweenPartyHere.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Skeleton Dance! Halloween Party October 25th

Halloween costume party Tuesday Oct 25th at 8SLT.. here: or direct link here: IsleofFearPartyHere.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Follow World Tour of SL Today

The Follow World Tour

Follow The Follow around the world in SL today.
Remaining Shows today:
-3pm SLT: CANADA's Two Moon Paradise
-5pm SLT: BRAZIL's Warung Beats
Guest: Quanah at 4p SLT
-8pm SLT: UNITED STATES' The Rock Store
Guest: Avantgarde Frequency at 7p SLT

Their info reads, "Panoramic Rock band THE FOLLOW travels the world in one day to spread their music and a message of global harmony with an emphasis on the Earth’s oceans. The band will play five shows in five countries through the virtual world of Second Life, also promoting their new album “Building Machines To Reach The Stars”.

Previous tours have included Australia, India, Italy, France, Portugal, Scotland, Brazil, and the USA. There will also be a live video feed both in-world and broadcasted to select “real life” video venues across the globe in countries such as Switzerland, Spain, England, Costa Rica, and the United States. We are SEEKING MORE RL VIDEO VENUES (includes promotion)."
The Follow

Sponsors include:


Web sites:
The Follow

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Prism Fall Release

Prism has some cute new fall outfits. This is the new "Laura" outfit. I love the realistic looks, casual wrinkle lines and fall colors. Check it out here: or direct link here: PrismHere.

Going AFK

I recently saw a blog about AFK in SL.. and thought it was a good thing to blog since so many ppl end up "Away From Keyboard" with head hung low leaving friends wondering if they are gone for sure or coming back soon, or what the deal is. Many of us have found cute AFK tools. I found a few and took some pics.
(These first 3 are available on the SL Marketplace, search AFK)
(The above 2 were found at Kattastrophe which btw has a new mainstore location here: or direct link here: KattastropheHere.)The first of these two actually comes with multi change signs and props
(This last one found at: V&M Gallery Design Mainstore)

Ok, so now I'm going AFK and taking a nap RL.. yeah I said nap.. woot! : ) Have a nice day.

Miss Virtual World -New Press Release, Events, Contestants

On December 17th 2011 10:00am SLT the next MISS VIRTUAL WORLD will be selected at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium.
The press release provides the following information:
"Metaverse TV will join us once again in transmitting live to the entire grid via inworld Metaverse TVs or online at
Please join THE BEST OF SL Magazine readers Group for event landmarks and further announcements:
WINTER WONDERLAND - Farewell tribute to our reigning MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 Miss Serene Faith
1. Giuls Scarpulla MISS ARGENTINA
2. rissa Friller MISS AUSTRALIA
3. Sylphia Constantine MISS BELGIUM
4. Caroline Mosely MISS BRAZIL
6. Laetitia Vella MISS COSTA RICA
7. Nala Kurka MISS ESTONIA
8. Annough Lykin MISS FINLAND
9. Lauren Mureaux MISS FRANCE
10. Falbala Fairey MISS GERMANY
11. Calypso Oliphaunt MISS GREECE
12. Mariella Spitteler MISS HAITI
13. Aphrodite Brianna MISS ICELAND
14. Saleena Hax MISS IRELAND
15. Anna Sapphire MISS ITALY
16. tyako Coage MISS JAPAN
17. skylei Caproni MISS MEXICO
18. Vivienne Darcy MISS MONACO
19. Draakje Dailey MISS NETHERLANDS
20. shantal Gravois MISS NICARAGUA
21. Mely Gibbs MISS PANAMA
23. Rusalka Callisto MISS RUSSIA
24. Carley Benazzi MISS SOUTH AFRICA
25. Caoimhe Lionheart MISS SOUTH KOREA
26. shena Neox MISS SPAIN
27. Halllie Larsson MISS SWITZERLAND
28. DiamondGem Destiny MISS THAILAND
29. Xandrah Sciavo MISS TURKEY
30. Paulinha Lefevre MISS UNITED KINGDOM
31. Michela Benazzi MISS UNITED STATES
32. AnnaG Pfeffer MISS VENEZUELA

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mamboo Chic Skins

Visit Mamboo Chic here: or direct link here: MambooChicHere.
Mamboo chic_003
I found this great skin store today. In the photo to my right is the current group gift and I am wearing a prior group gift. Owner Leona Olivieri also has lucky letter/number boards up giving away free current skins and I actually won a great skin too while looking around. These are lovely skins I can't believe she gives away as group gifts and lucky boards. She offers wonderful customer service too. Leona said she's been open over 2 years. Check it out some time.
Mamboo chic_002

Mamboo Chic skins can be seen on Leona's Flick site here: or direct link here: LeonaFlickrHere. Here is another of her stores: or direct link here: MambooChicHere.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Only 2 Weeks Left-Visit Island of Fear


Only 2 weeks left to visit... don't miss out!

Visit here: or direct link here: HauntedMansionHere.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Explore Second Life, Izzies, MetaLES, Solandria, & Nordan Art

I've hit up a few new good explores lately thanks to my friend Cafi Rang turning me on to some additional SL blogs to follow.
Visit Izzie's here: or direct link here: IzziesHere.

The first explore is actually a shopping place too. Izzie Button has this adorable sim that is just absolutely beautiful with fall colors and makes for wonderful photos. I explored the outdoors for a long time before I ventured into her store and was equally impressed and surprised I had not come upon this store before as it is great! Izzie has quality clothes, skins, accessories, poses, discount area and amazing customer service when I just IM'd her to ask her a few questions. She said her store's been around a couple of years but new to this location since about June. I told her how much I like her products, as they seem to real and fit well. The sweater and necklace I am wearing in this one pic are from her store. Don't miss this whether you just like a great explore or shopping.. well worth the trip.

Visit Aerie here: or direct link here: MetaLasHere.

This next explore is "Aerie" in MetaLES by Cherry Manga, an exceptional SL artist I can't seem to keep up with. She keeps making and doing so much that impresses me. This is a creative sim to explore.
Visit Solandria here: or direct link here: SolandriaHere.
Solandria is a gorgeous sim for dance, meditation, photos, cuddles, posing, fairies, etc. The sim owner Soleil8 Andel said he has been working on the sim since June and already has a youtube video of the place and facebook group. It is filled with lots of beautiful flowers and scenery, straylights, garden and forest areas as well as beach areas. This might be considered a great date place.

Visit Nordan Art Gallery Here: or direct link here: NordanHere.

This last explore is actually Nordan Art Gallery I've blogged before but I wanted to add this as Rebeca Bashly who has "Inferno" at LEA (a few posts back I show a video and pics I made) put up a sort of Haunted area at Nordan that will only be up through October 31st, so don't miss it. While there check out the gallery and current artist exhibits on the ground level as well. Nordan always has impressive exhibits.

Pop Art Lab Photo Contest!

Visit Pop Art Lab here: or direct link here: PopArtLabHere.

Pop Art Lab presents its first ever photography contest in Second Life™
17th- 31st October 2011.

This sounds like a great contest for all my Flickr friends in SL or anyone needing a little L or who likes to take pics. Contest entries should be uploaded to the PAL Flick group here: or direct link here: PopArtContestHere.
The prizes are as follows:
1st Prize Winner: L$15,000
2nd Prize Winner: L$10,000
3rd Prize Winner: L$5,000
Contest Requirements
1) All entrants must join our SL group and flickr group to complete their entries
2) Shots MUST feature the Pop Art Lab sim in some way
3) There is no restriction on themes: you have complete freedom to choose composition-anything goes!
4) If you need rezz rights at our sim, contact Claus Uriza
5) Post processing such as Photoshop is allowed
6) By submitting your entry, you give permission for Pop Art Lab to use your images in SL, on its website and for real life promotional purposes
For more info.:
The PAL website & info. here: or direct link here: PopArtsitehere.

Contacts are:
Claus Uriza: CEO RL & SL Pop Art Lab
Persia Bravin: Marketing Manager RL & SL Pop Art Lab

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Through the Lense of Dreams at Art Screamer

Visit here: or direct link here: ArtScreamerHere.

This adorable new build by Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone is a very fun visit. If you click items you get cute matching sounds, there are free shoulder pets and a avatar to be had. The note card reads: "Introduction:
"Through the Lens of Dreams" is an exploration of the transformative nature of dreams, where each new setting may emerge from the last and seems continuous while we're experiencing them. The only truly consistent part of a dream is the viewer, that's you. Thus as you walk through the installation you help complete the piece, good work. The piece is more a series of doodles that flow from each other than a single large composition so it seems somewhat sprawling and busy. Just relax and enjoy your own little piece of the whole.

How to enjoy this piece:
Walk, fly, hop, or shimmy as to your preference. Click things, poke them, dance naked around them, or sit on them. Feel free to photograph, make machinima, exactly copy my work by painstakingly reproducing it, or loudly decry it as an assault against good taste, you have the artist's permission!
Art Screamer-
About the Artists:
Madcow Cosmos is a complete (self described) amateur who came to SL from a cooking background in order to try his hand at some 3D digital art. He provides the visuals for the piece.

Lorin Tone is a real life noise maker and a tasty beverage. He provides the noises for the piece.
Musical selections employed:
"March of the Trolls", by Edvard Grieg
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish", by Lorin Tone
And music that you will create and mix yourself."

Linden Endowment for the Arts- WOW!.. So Much to See and Do!

LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) has a LOT going on in SL lately. I previously blogged about Rebeca Bashly's "Inferno" which is a must see explore in the LEA area (scroll down a few posts for info, SLurl, pics and video)

LEA also recently announced LEA has negotiated with Linden Labs to make available twenty new regions for the arts in Second Life. Four regions for exhibitions curated from LEA sandbox art, and two will be allocated through a land rush. Fourteen will be allocated by application. These regions will be awarded to selected artists for a period of five months. After the completion of five months those regions will be transferred to a new set of awardees. Recipients can be considered for a second endowment of five months.
Yesterday opened "The Path", an immersive collaborative exhibit that is a must see in LEA (see below) and today is the opening of "Interact" on LEA4 (see below) and also "Survey of Hyperformalists" on LEA1. LEA 3 hosts a twice weekly speed build and LEA3 continues to host Monday night Avatar games which I have previously blogged and participated in and continue to enjoy attending. There is a lot more going on so check out the LEA web site here for more information: or direct link here: LEAWebsiteHere.
The Path -LEA
The Path:
Visit here: or direct link here: LEA2PathHere.

There is so much I could say about this but you must just visit, take the notes and enjoy yourself.
Artists include:
1-Bryn Oh
2-Colin Fizgig
3-Marcus Inkpen
4-Desdemona Enfield / Douglas Story
5-Maya Paris
6-Claudia222 Jewell
7-Scottius Polke
8-Rose Borchovski
Scottius Polke LEA The Path


The Pathpath_021

As quoted by the LEA site: "The LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, which came to life following the end of the UWA FULL SIM ART SERIES is about to kick off with the displays proper across the months of October 2011 - March 2012.

For this series, each artist/group of artists will have a full 15,000 prim SIM for 1 month from the 1st day of the month, till the last day of the month. Events will launch when the artists say it is ready!

Following a great application round, we are proud to present the lineup for the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, which will start on the 1st of October:


OCT 2011: Rebeca Bashly's 'Inferno', inspired by Dante Aligieri's Divine Comedy, Inferno
NOV 2011: JOINT, Tyrehl Byk's "~(Not-A-Knot)" and The Pink Tutu Ballet Group's 'Forgiving' inspired by Desmond Tutu (Group Members: Marmaduke Arado, Kikas Babenco, Sca Shilova, Cat Shilova, Saveme Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, Luce Laval & Rose Borchovski)
DEC 2011: Haveit Neox's 'Binary Green' where bots take over the earth
JAN 2012: Artistide Despres 'Research on Musical Instruments'
FEB 2012: Romy Nayar & Ux Hax 'An Interactive History of Life'
MAR 2012: Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo's 'The Labyrinth of Absurdity'


On LEA4: InterACT!, curated by L1Aura Loire/Lori Landay
Opening October 15, 2 pm PDT

Virtual art can invite, or even insist, that you interact with it. The artists in this exhibition cleverly and creatively make art out of interactions between data, objects, actions, and people within and beyond the virtual world in a stunning array of installations and experiences that stretch the possibilities of virtual art. Expect the unexpected, and click whenever you can. #interactLEA. Again, so much to say, but just visit.
Installations by:
Eupalinos Ugajin
Glyph Graves
Lorin Tone
Maya Paris
Misprint Thursday
PinkPink Sorbet
Selavy Oh

Senses Places - Mixed Reality Participatory Performance Environment by:

Butler2 Evelyn/Isabel Valverde, PT
Toddles Lightworker/Todd Cochrane, NZ
In Yan/Keiji Mitsubuchi, JP
Island Habana/Yukihiko Yoshida; JP
Anisabel/Ana Moura, PT

With: Mesh by Sage Duncan, Machinima Mutoscope Viewers by FreeWee Ling, Flickr Viewer by Solo Mornington, Twitter Garden by Frans Charming, Inner Tube Ride by UzzU Artful"
_LEA Glyph
"On LEA1: The 2011 Survey of Hyperformalists in Second Life, curated by DC Spensley AKA DanCoyote

Opening October 15, 1PM PDT

The Museum of Hyperformalism, founded in 2006, to promote the unique genre of metasculptural abstraction in simulated space.

featuring the metasculptural artwork of:
Josina Burgess
Oberon Onmura
Ray FX
Sabine Stonebender
Selavy Oh
Suzanne Graves
Velasquez Bonetto"
(Kara and Oberon-artist)
So bottom line, this is the place to be and keep an eye on. Check it out.