Sunday, October 9, 2011

Invasion by Champagne Sparkling Fashion for Halloween

Check it out here: or direct link here: ChampagneSparklingFashionHere.

Halloween costume meets classy fashionable sexy gown with this new release, "Invasion", by Enzo Champagne of Champagne Sparkling Fashion. I love this mix of elegant gown with Halloween spiders that I took to my haunted house. The gown is versatile enough it can fit in with my silly spider webs and crazy clowns yet gorgeous and sophisticated enough to wear to the classiest ballroom event. Now a girl can still feel elegant while participating in the seasonal festivities.

Their ad reads, "Who says Halloween fashion has to be spooky or silly? How about making a dramatic statement in a divine, sophisticated gown? CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion's latest release, INVASION, is the perfect gown for the Halloween Season.

This lovely frock, aptly named INVASION, will make you feel decadently fabulous! In your choice of black or white, a body suit is the base of this stylish little number, with a strap of tiny little sparkly spiders encircling your neck and covering the bodice. Short capped sleeves adorn the shoulders, and each has a lovely chiffon drape attached.

From the empire-waisted prim belt, layers of cascading chiffon drape down to the ankle. Little spiders on the upper thigh of each leg peek out as you move. And three rows of the sparkling little critters make a striking headpiece that sits on the front of the forehead!"
Of course I had to check this out last night, as the spiders attracted me...I told Enzo.. I think they are "Trapdoor" spiders LOL.. sorry that was a lame joke/play on my last name, but I couldn't resist. The dress is very pretty and I love the glistening spiders running up the legs, around the neck and bodice and crowing the head.. great design Enzo!

You can see more of Champagne Sparkling Fashion here:

So I ran to my Island of Fear, Haunted Mansion on Island of Fame to take a few pics in the dress, since I was getting some nice compliments on it. These are some shots I took in the basement where there are many spiders to play with : ) Have a visit to both Island of Fame and Champagne Sparkling Fashion for some seasonal great looks and some Halloween fun!
Island of Fear Haunted Mansion here: or direct link here: IslandofFearHere.


The dress is so sexy... I think the giant spider really wanted me : ) hehe

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