Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Bizarre at Twomoons Island -Now through October 31st.

Visit here: or direct link here: HalloweenBizarreHere.
Halloween Bizarre at Twomoons
Twomoons Island.. a super cool sim in itself, is hosting a Halloween Bizarre with tons of super cool and fun Halloween and creepy things such as skins, horns, poses, straight jackets, eyes, novelty items, skeleton av parts, toys, o well.. just so much you have to visit and see. Really super cute and some unique stuff to see and buy. The sim is decorated for Halloween with a lot of HUGE spiders, red eyed giant misquite freaky monsters, huts filled with beautiful glowing flowers, beautiful colored skies in Twomoons style and still has many little pose and photogenic spots for posers and phosphors. There are many outlying stores with Halloween and novelty items as well to offer a bit of everything. Did I mention the freebies and dollarbies? Yup.. check them out. A fun shopping, exploring and photo experience.
halloween bizarre at Twomoons Island_007
halloween bizarre at Twomoons Island_001

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