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Linden Endowment for the Arts- WOW!.. So Much to See and Do!

LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) has a LOT going on in SL lately. I previously blogged about Rebeca Bashly's "Inferno" which is a must see explore in the LEA area (scroll down a few posts for info, SLurl, pics and video)

LEA also recently announced LEA has negotiated with Linden Labs to make available twenty new regions for the arts in Second Life. Four regions for exhibitions curated from LEA sandbox art, and two will be allocated through a land rush. Fourteen will be allocated by application. These regions will be awarded to selected artists for a period of five months. After the completion of five months those regions will be transferred to a new set of awardees. Recipients can be considered for a second endowment of five months.
Yesterday opened "The Path", an immersive collaborative exhibit that is a must see in LEA (see below) and today is the opening of "Interact" on LEA4 (see below) and also "Survey of Hyperformalists" on LEA1. LEA 3 hosts a twice weekly speed build and LEA3 continues to host Monday night Avatar games which I have previously blogged and participated in and continue to enjoy attending. There is a lot more going on so check out the LEA web site here for more information: or direct link here: LEAWebsiteHere.
The Path -LEA
The Path:
Visit here: or direct link here: LEA2PathHere.

There is so much I could say about this but you must just visit, take the notes and enjoy yourself.
Artists include:
1-Bryn Oh
2-Colin Fizgig
3-Marcus Inkpen
4-Desdemona Enfield / Douglas Story
5-Maya Paris
6-Claudia222 Jewell
7-Scottius Polke
8-Rose Borchovski
Scottius Polke LEA The Path


The Pathpath_021

As quoted by the LEA site: "The LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, which came to life following the end of the UWA FULL SIM ART SERIES is about to kick off with the displays proper across the months of October 2011 - March 2012.

For this series, each artist/group of artists will have a full 15,000 prim SIM for 1 month from the 1st day of the month, till the last day of the month. Events will launch when the artists say it is ready!

Following a great application round, we are proud to present the lineup for the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, which will start on the 1st of October:


OCT 2011: Rebeca Bashly's 'Inferno', inspired by Dante Aligieri's Divine Comedy, Inferno
NOV 2011: JOINT, Tyrehl Byk's "~(Not-A-Knot)" and The Pink Tutu Ballet Group's 'Forgiving' inspired by Desmond Tutu (Group Members: Marmaduke Arado, Kikas Babenco, Sca Shilova, Cat Shilova, Saveme Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, Luce Laval & Rose Borchovski)
DEC 2011: Haveit Neox's 'Binary Green' where bots take over the earth
JAN 2012: Artistide Despres 'Research on Musical Instruments'
FEB 2012: Romy Nayar & Ux Hax 'An Interactive History of Life'
MAR 2012: Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo's 'The Labyrinth of Absurdity'


On LEA4: InterACT!, curated by L1Aura Loire/Lori Landay
Opening October 15, 2 pm PDT

Virtual art can invite, or even insist, that you interact with it. The artists in this exhibition cleverly and creatively make art out of interactions between data, objects, actions, and people within and beyond the virtual world in a stunning array of installations and experiences that stretch the possibilities of virtual art. Expect the unexpected, and click whenever you can. #interactLEA. Again, so much to say, but just visit.
Installations by:
Eupalinos Ugajin
Glyph Graves
Lorin Tone
Maya Paris
Misprint Thursday
PinkPink Sorbet
Selavy Oh

Senses Places - Mixed Reality Participatory Performance Environment by:

Butler2 Evelyn/Isabel Valverde, PT
Toddles Lightworker/Todd Cochrane, NZ
In Yan/Keiji Mitsubuchi, JP
Island Habana/Yukihiko Yoshida; JP
Anisabel/Ana Moura, PT

With: Mesh by Sage Duncan, Machinima Mutoscope Viewers by FreeWee Ling, Flickr Viewer by Solo Mornington, Twitter Garden by Frans Charming, Inner Tube Ride by UzzU Artful"
_LEA Glyph
"On LEA1: The 2011 Survey of Hyperformalists in Second Life, curated by DC Spensley AKA DanCoyote

Opening October 15, 1PM PDT

The Museum of Hyperformalism, founded in 2006, to promote the unique genre of metasculptural abstraction in simulated space.

featuring the metasculptural artwork of:
Josina Burgess
Oberon Onmura
Ray FX
Sabine Stonebender
Selavy Oh
Suzanne Graves
Velasquez Bonetto"
(Kara and Oberon-artist)
So bottom line, this is the place to be and keep an eye on. Check it out.

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