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All You Need is Now-Duran Duran 4 Ever!

Visit here: or direct link here: AziziDDUHere.

(Secret Rehearsal Room)
Duran Duran

Fans are still hungry, hungry like the wolf that is for Duran Duran. Most everyone knows by now that Duran Duran the 1980's to current pop hit group established a very public SL presence this year and previously had a sim, band members had avatars, etc., but this summer the Duran Duran Universe officially opened to the public June 15, 2011 and has had strong SL support from a lot of regular fans with frequent parties including SL video footage shown RL. Some sites of interest in DDU include the eyeball mountains, the UFO Club, The Secret Rehearsal Room (one of my personal favorites to play in), Lipstick Tower, The Mediterranean Spa, Tion Love Chapel, and many other special areas of interest. Duran Duran recently began incorporating Second Life machinima into their latest live concert tour, playing it as visuals behind the stage. I was first made aware of the DDU when Hamlet Au of New World Notes blog reported on the group's established SL presence and upcoming sim opening in June.

My friend Sonicity Fitzroy officially interviewed Duran Duran for the August 2011 BOSL magazine soon after the DDU opening and she gained some wonderful information and insight into the group and their SL presence. Soni did a great job with the story and Lowe Runo, LLC got some cool pics for the article, so I will just link it here or direct link here: DDUBOSLHere.

DD-Nick Rhodes
(Nick at Beach Party)

I have attended a few DDU SL parties including a July 17th beach party with Nick Rhodes, lead keyboardist, co-founder and song writer present, later a party where Roger Taylor dj'd, an October 1st Outer space/cyber party, and most recently 10-14-11 a superhero party. I have missed several great parties too but there are plenty of cool videos and photos all over Flickr of most of the events that often last for hours and draw huge crowds. Their in-world community manager, Chrissy Welinder, has done a great job of keeping the inworld Duran Duran group advised of events. Vixie Durant, a self-proclaimed big DD fan, often dj's for the parties.

DD Party
(Robot Roger as DJ)

(right to left, Belinda Barnes, Lowe Runo, Kara Trapdoor, Sonicity Fitzroy, and other attendee)


At this point there is a huge SL fan base, some in-world groups, specifically for DDU or about Duran Duran, and multiple Flickr streams and groups with photos and video fans take. See here: direct link here: DDFlickrHere and some good Flickr groups here: or direct link here: DDFlickrGroupHere. and or direct link here: DDFlickrGroupHere. There have been SL videos made at some of the parties and even shown during RL Duran Duran events. To find Duran Duran RL here is their link: or direct link here: DDWebsiteHere.

(Duran Duran)


So, yes, clearly I am a Duran Duran fan, have been since well.. ok I'll date myself, around high school. Since I graduated in 1984 when, as the norm for most teens, music and dancing, including Duran Duran, dominated a big part of life. I'm sure I'll always have special memories to songs like "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Girls on Film", "Rio", "Save a Prayer" and many more. Duran Duran has continued RL success with their recent "All You Need is Now" tour 30 years later to sold out crowds. Wiki states, "Duran Duran are an English band, formed in Birmingham in 1978. They were one of the most successful bands of the 1980s and a leading band in the MTV-driven "Second British Invasion" of the United States. Since the 1980s, they have placed 14 singles in the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart and 21 in the Billboard Hot 100 and have, according to the Sunday Mercury, sold more than 100 million records."

duranduran superhero party 10-14-11_024
duranduran superhero party 10-14-11_016
(DJ Vixie)

Congratulations to Duran Duran for lasting popularity and success in RL and SL. I appreciate their music and look forward to seeing what more they have to offer both RL and SL. Be sure not to miss out on this SL/RL experience.

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