Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve- SL Events and Fashion

Happy New Year's Day to my SL friends in other countries that have already hit the mark, and happy New Year's Eve to my American friends.  I'm about to head out the door for some RL celebrating for some hours but before I go will leave my blog with a couple of pics of some SL New Year's Outfit ideas and events for tonight.   When I return home late tonight (early tomorrow morning) it will be the new year, but I will pop in to SL for a little celebrating here too. 

A fun party I will miss will be with friends at Miri's at The Station here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Station/128/128/4 Their theme for the night is formal and should be a lot of fun from 6pm SLT to whenever but especially from  6-8pm SLT.   Then later at Scarborough Fair for some fun and dancing from 6pm SLT to whenever, but especially later around midnight my time.  Izzy usually does a great New Year's bash binging in the new year with each time zone on her time keeping thing that shows all zones.   I know they'll be hopping late so will catch up with SL friends there after midnight. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Upper%20Fenland/128/128/60

new year body suit.jpg by Kara 2

I will be formal tonight but I found some cute outfits on marketplace.  The first 2014 bodysuit is here:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/2014-Gold-Catsuit/5522935  I traded out the hat for a little 2014 tierra though that a friend gave me.  Then I tried on the  Irrisistible burlesque type outfit here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/irrisistible-2014-NEW-YEAR-WOMEN-FULL-OUTFIT-mesh-transfert/5601546 and I posed them up in a invitation gift I received from Izzy who makes things like this in her stores also over in her Scarborough Square.  Even her invite pose gift was cool in that you could click the menu sit on the pose and change things with the menu.  She is a gifted builder/designer.  If you visit her party you can cam out or visit her stores and see for yourself. 
new year burlesque.jpg by Kara 2

Her invite says: "Stop by and help us celebrate the end of 2013.  Join us from 6:00 PM SLT until 2013 hits the west coast of North America. We're having a New Year's Eve Party with gifts, drawings fun party favors, games great music and conversation. Best couples dances in SL and some pretty great solos, if you don't carry your dances with you.

Hope you can make it. In any case, I hope you will enjoy this little gift include with the invitation. Sit on the unicycle and take some photos, will ya?

See you New Year's Eve!
Isabelle Mavendorf"

Whomever you celebrate with tonight whether it be RL or SL, or even the TV and yourself, be safe, have fun, and look forward to a great 2014.  Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Raglan Shire Revisited for Winterfest

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan%20Shire/128/128/24

Raglan Shire by Kara 2

I'd almost forgotten how well the tinies in SL do Christmas and the holidays until I popped into Raglan Shire today.  This is a fun explore whether a tiny or biggy.  The landing puts you by their Christmas tree and as the tinies are known for being generous the tree is loaded with gifts that can get you more than set up as a tiny, and it's near the welcome center that provides a lot of things to also help you be "tiny ready" or just to understand more about them, the sims, and newsy related info.  I was surprised how large the area looked, but then I always am when I visit, so I asked and was told the whole of Raglan Shire is 7 sims.  The tinies also have an adorable caroling group.

Raglan Shire by Kara 2

Raglan Shire has dancing, skiing, train rides, sledding, skating and many things to play on, see and do.  There are also a lot of shops with cute things to buy or get.  One of the tinies told me being a tiny is like being a kid, only as a tiny animal.  They are playful, generous, friendly.  The locals have their own sort of language and even the dj had a "tiny" voice.  The music has a lot of special songs that are tiny specific and I even heard a special song by Gina Stella - "Waffleujah".  Yes, they love waffles and all kinds of foods  ; ) There is a huge variety of tiny avatars around SL to choose from and it's usually a good mix of small animals but they wear clothes and talk tiny. 
Raglan Shire by Kara 2

Raglan Shire by Kara 2
Raglan Shire by Kara 2I'm a when in Rome type person in SL, so I donned my tiny penguin and last year's holiday dress and joined in the dancing. Raglan Shire, where the tinies play! 

I thought the tinies have been in SL forever or at least as long as I have.  Karmagirl Avro advised me the shire was established in 2007.  She is a good example of how the tinies can accessorize
 with the best of them as evidenced by her Christmas tree hat, gingerbread house she was carrying in one hand and tiny piggy in the other and Christmas light strings wrapped around her.  Party on, I say! Winterfest is upon us.

Raglan Shire by Kara 2

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays

Holiday Free Gifts and Thank You!

Holiday Free Gifts  and Thank You!
Look for and click on the gift box under the steampunk tree just outside Miri's club doors. 

The Station Gifts by Kara 2

Visit here:

Tis the season and all that!  At this point I want to take a moment to blog a huge thank you to many people but first I want to tell you about some great gifts free for the taking.  Some of the items are also transfer so might make nice gifts to re-gift to others-just in time for the holidays.  Just stop over at The Station to pick them up.  

The free gifts are as follows:
*-Exclusive adorable and fun new light up women's Rudolph dress and matching men's shirt (made by Sonrisa Seminario)
*-Santa Baby sexy female outfit (made by Nix Greymyst) comes with sexy and "naughty" sexy styles
*-2014 Calendar (made by yours truly) suitable for re-gifting as they are transfer/copy
*-A cool underwater full dive suit (made by Enigmatic and Sonrisa)
*-Station Sports jacket and also a fun t-shirt that says "I got serviced at The Station" (made by Sonrisa)
*-A Steampunk Christmas Story  intellibook, perfect for a Christmas gift and is transfer (made by Sonicity Fitzroy)  ( note I play the role of a cat in it-so have a look)

So those are the gifts...... now for the thank yous...

Most of you who know me well know I've been hanging out with a great guy Enigmatic Deir who built and owns  The Station sim and so he's letting me do what I want around there which includes curating The Skywalk Art Gallery and also a little PR etc.  He and sim manager Sonrisa are giving me the privilege of announcing the sim gifts above as well as offering thanks to all The Station patrons and those who have been a part of the sim's success in such a relatively short time. 

First an acknowledgment and personal thank you to the sim owner who made this whole sim loaded with fun stuff to see, do, and play with, Enigmatic Deir, and also to Staryiefurio who helped organize and manage the sim and Sonrisa Seminario, sim manager who also makes many things for the sim and helps organize and coordinate on a regular basis. (note gifts above too)  Ok, those were my thank yous, for these are the people who make and share, so that I and others can enjoy.

Now,  a  huge thanks to Miri's Club owner Mirianette and all her staff DJs, hosts and hostesses with special thanks to Nacht, Jax, and Sasha for their ongoing work and support.  Moi  (Me Orfan) has joined forces with Miri to coordinate club events and we are very thankful for her time and efforts in doing so.

Next we are very thankful to all those who have made the Skywalk Gallery a huge success including artists, Bryn Oh, Sina Souza, Burk Bode, Male Vansant, Zach Larsen, Chaos Richard, Josie Anderton, and Sugar Silverstar. 

Thanks also to live musicians at The Station Avram Zapedzk (Av)  who sings live mike at The Attic venue in The Station each Monday evening at 6pm SLT, Josie Anderton, Savannah Coronet, and AMForte Clarity who have also entertained at live events.

Thanks to Brett and Morgan Linden for adding the sim to the destination guide, BOSL magazine for the October feature, and to all those who nominated and voted for The Station in the Avi Choice awards.

Finally a HUGE thank you to all the visitors and bloggers to the sim which ultimately makes it more fun for those of us hanging around.

  Bloggers  or posts we are aware of include :

LL Featured events Skywalk Art Gallery
LL Featured Steampunk : http://secondlife.com/destination/the-station

Ziki Questi blog post

Quan Lavender blog post

Mimi Juneau  Facebook

Charlie Namiboo
Apmel Blog

Photohunt pics from week of 10-23-13

Sina's fb

Photohunt FB

Frenzy23   DJ Frenzy's blog

Thinkerer Mellville /Selby/Virtual Outworlding

The Hunt show: http://vimeo.com/78752876

Ziki Questi

Emma Portilo


(If I missed anyone who has blogged or contributed I'm so sorry, and if you let me know I'll add your name/blog here, etc.,  I'm relatively new to the E gang but am learning) 
Happy Holidays and we hope to see you around The Station often.  Sincerely, Kara Trapdoor

Sunday, December 22, 2013

TAO Cyberstar Builds

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean%20Sky/128/128/20

TAO Cyberstar by Kara 2

My friend TAO Cyberstar who many of you know as a fun DJ, showed me some of his latest builds which are really works of art, and I was once again very impressed.  I have blogged some of his things before.
TAO Cyberstar by Kara 2
This time he has a bar code area that is vast white and blacks and adjoining area with a lot of movement then he also has a Buddha meditation area.

He said "Ocean sky is my studio where I create" But he assured me people can come visit now. He will move the bar code area for a party later but both these areas are here and open to visitors and he will soon add informational notes.
TAO Cyberstar by Kara 2

TAO Cyberstar by Kara 2

 I had to ask a few technical questions and he provided a great deal of information for me especially in the Buddha area.  He explained: "I have created a mathematical , astrological  and spiritual art work here.  The western zodiac moves precisely al 12 signs around the Chinese zodiac 12 movements per one movement for the Chinese zodiac  we have 12 months they have 12 animals at 12 years.  That is the first part you will see.  The second part is the five elements fire water , wood , water, and metal that govern the earth then at the center is Buddha surrounded by the seven chakarah.  The first one is red , which is your base chakarah. The second is orange where i am that is your stomach. The third is yellow, your heart chest,  the green is your shoulders upper chest. The blue is your throat chakarah. The indigo is your third eye chakraha, and the top is your crown,  purple.  Meditating on all of them you find you will reach a sense of enlightenment

Oceania Planetary Park Skating Today

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA27/128/128/22

The Oceana Planetary Park over at LEA27 is still open until Dec. 31 which ends with this round of LEA exhibits.  The exhibit is a walking tour of our planet's solar system.  You can read more about it here: http://oceaniaplanetarypark.blogspot.com/
Just for today Vaneesa Blaylock and/or whatever her name/names are, hosted a fun skating party where skaters could skate in sync... always fun.  The usual suspects or alts showed up for a good time.  I took a few pics as I always love to see the avies do things in sync.  The skating was just for today, but be sure to check out the exhibits before they end.  "The park was created as an educational experience but the intent is to inspire a sense of wonder about the universe outside of our home planet."
Oceania Planetary Park by Kara 2

LEA27 by Kara 2

LES27 by Kara 2

Lost Town "New Special Arts Exhibition"

Visit here; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Land%20of%20Glory/128/128/7

lost town by Kara 2

I have blogged Lost Town before when it had the same general city structure but looked very different with the added décor/art, etc.,  and now Lost Town has some new art and I went over to see Rebeca Bashly's "Invisible People" then realized they were having a full opening event for a variety of types of art by 6 artists, all unique.  I was home early from work so caught the tail end of a burlesque show as part of the opening party.  The town itself is a fantastic explore with a sort of eclectic feel and a variety of settings including city, underground, and rural. There are little art and café type shops, many places to dance or pose and it's really fun for pictures, a date, and art appreciation.  It's all seemingly quite artsy to me with many nooks to try to find and explore.  When visiting be sure to keep an eye out for teleport options. 

Lost Town.jpg by Kara Trapdoor

First I took a photo of myself so you can see how cool the general look of the place is.  (above)
Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

rebeca bashly invisible People by Kara 2

Anyway, since I mostly went to see Rebeca's stuff I'll focus on that, although all is very worth a visit.  Rebeca's "Invisible People" intrigued me as it's an exhibit that is spread throughout the area with pieces mixed into the environment and when viewed from only the "right" angle they blend into the scenery.  There is even a sort of hunt or prize offered if you find all the invisible people.   I took one pic from 2 diff angles to show here.  The rest I just lined up for some shots.  Go check it out for some fun times in SL.

Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

Thursday, December 19, 2013

35 Elephants at LEA4 for a Limited Time

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA4/128/128/21
35 Elephants Art Immersive at LEA - Copy to Kara by Kara 2

Eliza is on a role and has sent her first check for the elephants!  Great job Eliza and SL residents!
elephant_005 by Kara 2
LEA4 now hosts "35 Elephants" scheduled to open this Saturday with live music and events.  This is a temporary build by Eliza Wierwight over at LEA in conjunction with her recent efforts to raise the funds to save 35 Asian elephants that have been abused into labor.  I previously blogged about her goals and she is all over Facebook and SL closing in on her goals, but there is still quite a ways to go to sponsor all 35 elephants she has taken on, and needs the help of SL residents. Go visit the cool exhibit, as Eliza is a great artist in her own right, and then hop on over to Patron where you can donate or purchase one (or more) of her cute topiary elephants with 100% of the proceeds to go toward this goal.  Her products are a delight and this particular one is for a good cause.
elephant_001 by Kara 2
elephant_007 by Kara 2

elephant_004 by Kara 2

elephants1 by Kara 2

elephant_003 by Kara 2

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bonaire Estates Christmas Parade of Homes this Weekend!

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire%20CountryClub%20Parkway/128/128/17
trans sibeian orchestra_001 by Kara 2

My Friend Emma Portilo is in the Bonaire Parade of Homes.  She's always been a great interior decorator so Enigmatic and I went over and took some pics of her beautiful home to blog here along with info. about this weekend events and opportunity to get some good decorating hints or just enjoy the scenery and things the estates have to offer like skating, beautiful grounds,  and a party tonight.  Check it out this weekened where you can just walk right on into the homes of the participants, which are listed (with SLurls) with landmarks at the landing in a note.

                                               Bonaire Estates Presents The First Annual
                                        ღ♥ღ¸.•*¨) Christmas Parade of Homes! (¨*•.¸ღ♥
                                                   Sat., Dec. 14th and Sun., Dec. 15th
bonaire.jpg by Kara 2

Their press release states in part:

"..Please feel free to wander around and look at all the beautiful decor outside and inside these beautiful homes and business. Some residents have set out refreshments; feel free to linger and eat.
PLEASE: Be respectful of people's property! Look; don't touch. Send the owner a note of thanks for opening their homes so others can enjoy their wonderful work. ...
trans sibeian orchestra_012 by Kara 2

You are invited to attend the Bonaire Estates Christmas Party on Saturday, December 14th from 6 to 8pm SLT.  Dress is formal. We are pleased to have two amazing live singers performing at this event. From 6 to 7 pm we have HammerFla Magic, and from 7 to 8pm we have  KatRose Serendipity and DennyMac."

trans sibeian orchestra_011 by Kara 2

Friday, December 13, 2013

Miss Virtual World-Finals December 14th

MVW.jpg by Kara 2

(Addendum:  Results just in :

Anjelica Carling ✦ MISS V♛ JAPAN

1st Runner Up: Evaluxury Resident (Eva Luxury) ✦ MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
2nd Runner Up: Locuala Madruga ✦ MISS V♛ INDIA
3rd Runner Up: Amita Yorcliffe ✦ MISS V♛ MONGOLIA
4th Runner Up: Astralia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ DENMARK)

Congrats ladies!


MVW.jpg, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

You can watch live here: http://metaversetv.com/live/

THE CAMERAS ARE TURNING and Metaversetv.com is ready for the biggest fashion event of the year!

Antonio Galloway, Tamra Sands and
Seth... Regan (Mankind Tracer) confirmed as performers.

ALL 3 STAGES ARE BUILT AND READY. - Beautiful work guaranteed to keep you watching for all of 5 + hours! Opening Stage by
Nexuno Thespian, Musical Number stage by Regi Yifu and the Christmas Extravaganza Stage by Sofia Corleone.


Dec 14th - 10:00 am SLT

MVW.jpg, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

(below are some pics I took at one event.  Actually I have pics from several but just sticking to these for now. )
MVW by Kara 2

MVW by Kara 2


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boudoir for Christmas-And a Great Hunt and Photo Contest!

visit here; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boudoir/128/128/22

vitas2.jpg by Kara 2

I always love to check out Boudoir at Christmas for some cool clothes, decorations, freebies, and great scenery.  This year they have a hunt with some quality prizes starting December 11th and ending January 7th!  They also have a photo contest with a deadline of December 17th to submit entries to their Flickr site, but be sure to read the rules for it in order to qualify for the prizes. 

This year I picked out a couple of sexy items, but they carry all kinds of clothes and accessories of course, from formal to whimsical. They also have beautiful furniture, decorations and some great builds.

In the top pic I'm wearing Boudoir's "Unwrap me baby!" in front of their gingerbread house sitting in the "Christmas shoppingcart"  and below I'm in their "Lady in Red" in front of their beautiful ballroom. Both the "Gingerbread house" scene and this Winter ballroom", which are among many other holiday builds and props, are for sale and so well made.
Vitas1.jpg by Kara 2

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sleepy Snail--Dr. Dolittle's Got Nothing On This Big Guy

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/128/128/21

I just visited Rebeca Bashly's "Sleepy Snail".  It's cool and worth a visit.  Dr. Dolittle's got nothing on this big fella... pics from outside and inside the big snail and area.  I wasn't there long and had to leave after a short time, so I'm not sure if anything is interactive other than you can go inside the large snail.  It looks very cool though and I took a bunch of pics. Have fun.
Sleepy Snail by Kara 2
Sleepy Snail by Kara 2
Sleepy Snail by Kara 2

Sleepy Snail by Kara 2

Sleepy Snail by Kara 2

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shadows in Black and White an FCP Reunion Exhibit at The Station Sunday 12-8-13 12pm noon SLT

the station gallery_002 by Kara 2

the station gallery_002, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Station/167/114/1028

Please join us at the opening party at 12pm noon SLT Sunday 12-8-13-Today!

I previously blogged this but wanted to post a couple of pics from the exhibit prior to the party today.  I hope everyone can join us.  Josie Anderton will be singing too!

the station gallery_003 by Kara 2
Shadows in Black and White, An FCP Reunion Exhibit by Kara Trapdoor


Tunnel of Light, an Experience-- Opening Party 12-11-13

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa%20Blanco/128/128/18
Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2

I took a early TP over to Dido Hass and Nitro Fireguard's Nitroglobus Gallery to check out their latest exhibit for December.  I have to say I am overly impressed with this latest installation by Burk Bode and Maloe Vansant.  This couple has been putting out quality art in SL for a long time now.  I don't know how they keep up really and this exhibit really impressed me a lot.  It's great and I'm not over-reacting or doing my usual thing about how excited I am about a lot of things in SL, as this one I'm sure anyone would agree is exceptional.  This one is really fun!  Maybe fun is not exactly the word as although it's fun, it's also touching, and grabbed me from start to end.  I took some pictures and left my own avatar in the pics which often I don't do when showing other's art because it can detract, but this time with the suggested windlight my av is basically just a silhouette and can show the size and shape of this exhibit.
Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2

Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2

Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2

The exhibit is actually made into a sort of "tunnel" or guided area like a maze even (I admit I did get a little lost a couple of times, so the word maze is a bit fitting) that is filled with hallways and small rooms of images, quotes, cool lighting, and information about art and creativity.  Burk made the actual build into the gallery and then I guess the two of them covered it all with Maloe's art making for a very creative and exciting experience.  I think you do need to use their suggested windlight or something close to really enjoy it, as when I started on default I couldn't even see it right, but when adjust OMG, it came to life!
Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2
The opening party is set for Wednesday Dec. 11th at 9pm Paris time until 12.   The exhibit is already open for viewing so have a look or wait for the party, either way, but don't miss this one.  Dido says of the exhibit, "Burk made a tunnel of light with lots of projectors that place not only Maloe's artwork on the walls and floors, but also poems, floating letters, popart teams and a lot more. It's really awesome!"  Exactly!
Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2

Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2

I do have to give a shout out here for The Skywalk Gallery over at The Station, as both Burk and Maloe have also contributed to the current exhibit there, "Shadows in Black and White, an FCP Reunion Exhibit", so to see more of their art, join us at the opening party Sunday 12-8-13 at 12pm noon SLT and check that out here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Station/182/122/1028
Tunnel of Light at Nitroglobus by Kara 2