Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Free Gifts and Thank You!

Holiday Free Gifts  and Thank You!
Look for and click on the gift box under the steampunk tree just outside Miri's club doors. 

The Station Gifts by Kara 2

Visit here:

Tis the season and all that!  At this point I want to take a moment to blog a huge thank you to many people but first I want to tell you about some great gifts free for the taking.  Some of the items are also transfer so might make nice gifts to re-gift to others-just in time for the holidays.  Just stop over at The Station to pick them up.  

The free gifts are as follows:
*-Exclusive adorable and fun new light up women's Rudolph dress and matching men's shirt (made by Sonrisa Seminario)
*-Santa Baby sexy female outfit (made by Nix Greymyst) comes with sexy and "naughty" sexy styles
*-2014 Calendar (made by yours truly) suitable for re-gifting as they are transfer/copy
*-A cool underwater full dive suit (made by Enigmatic and Sonrisa)
*-Station Sports jacket and also a fun t-shirt that says "I got serviced at The Station" (made by Sonrisa)
*-A Steampunk Christmas Story  intellibook, perfect for a Christmas gift and is transfer (made by Sonicity Fitzroy)  ( note I play the role of a cat in it-so have a look)

So those are the gifts...... now for the thank yous...

Most of you who know me well know I've been hanging out with a great guy Enigmatic Deir who built and owns  The Station sim and so he's letting me do what I want around there which includes curating The Skywalk Art Gallery and also a little PR etc.  He and sim manager Sonrisa are giving me the privilege of announcing the sim gifts above as well as offering thanks to all The Station patrons and those who have been a part of the sim's success in such a relatively short time. 

First an acknowledgment and personal thank you to the sim owner who made this whole sim loaded with fun stuff to see, do, and play with, Enigmatic Deir, and also to Staryiefurio who helped organize and manage the sim and Sonrisa Seminario, sim manager who also makes many things for the sim and helps organize and coordinate on a regular basis. (note gifts above too)  Ok, those were my thank yous, for these are the people who make and share, so that I and others can enjoy.

Now,  a  huge thanks to Miri's Club owner Mirianette and all her staff DJs, hosts and hostesses with special thanks to Nacht, Jax, and Sasha for their ongoing work and support.  Moi  (Me Orfan) has joined forces with Miri to coordinate club events and we are very thankful for her time and efforts in doing so.

Next we are very thankful to all those who have made the Skywalk Gallery a huge success including artists, Bryn Oh, Sina Souza, Burk Bode, Male Vansant, Zach Larsen, Chaos Richard, Josie Anderton, and Sugar Silverstar. 

Thanks also to live musicians at The Station Avram Zapedzk (Av)  who sings live mike at The Attic venue in The Station each Monday evening at 6pm SLT, Josie Anderton, Savannah Coronet, and AMForte Clarity who have also entertained at live events.

Thanks to Brett and Morgan Linden for adding the sim to the destination guide, BOSL magazine for the October feature, and to all those who nominated and voted for The Station in the Avi Choice awards.

Finally a HUGE thank you to all the visitors and bloggers to the sim which ultimately makes it more fun for those of us hanging around.

  Bloggers  or posts we are aware of include :

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(If I missed anyone who has blogged or contributed I'm so sorry, and if you let me know I'll add your name/blog here, etc.,  I'm relatively new to the E gang but am learning) 
Happy Holidays and we hope to see you around The Station often.  Sincerely, Kara Trapdoor

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