Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shadows in Black and White Exhibit 12-8-13 12noon SLT

Shadows in Black and White, An FCP Reunion Exhibit by Kara Trapdoor

Shadows in Black and White, An FCP Reunion Exhibit, a photo by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

Everyone is invited to:
Shadows in Black and White: An FCP Reunion Exhibit
Visit here:
Opening Party Sunday December 8th at 12 noon SLT
Josie Anderton will sing in the gallery at 12 noon followed by DJs in the club

Featured Artists:
Burk Bode
Maloe Vansant
Zach Larsen
Chaos  Richard
Josie Anderton
Sugar Silverstar

Flickr Collaborators and Posers (FCP) was a longstanding group, now mostly inactive, that comprised a large number of SL residents who met weekly Fridays and/or Sundays, accommodating various time zones over a 3 year period.  The group was founded around February 2008 by Katiya who also organized many of the photo shoots.  A pre-selected theme and location was arranged and announced in the in-world and Flickr groups then people would get together and pose for group shots in costumes, poses, and props fitting the selected theme and sim.  

Many of the former FCP members have become exceptional SL artists and this exhibit showcases works from just a few of the “regulars” to FPC.   We thank the artists contributing to this Skywalk Gallery exhibit.  Last month’s exhibit “Technochory”  by Bryn Oh and Sina Souza will also remain in place for an extended time.  Please enjoy the exhibits and explore the entire sim. 

The Station boasts a variety of fun things to explore in the sky and on ground level including 2 clubs, 2 theaters (one can be booked for free/contact sim management) many rides (various carnival rides, a human cannon that explodes shooting the rider into the air opening on a steampunk bird glider to fly around, a sling shot ride from sky to ground, trains, trolleys, a mechanical bull, floating balloons), a fun house, zeppelins, numerous hidden locations for hanging out, dates or photography, a gambling hotel with various games to play for free, stores, rentals, underwater area, freebies in various locations and much more.  Look for future art exhibits, live music, and club events to come.    (Sim owner/builder: Enigmatic Deir, Sim Manager: Sonrisa Seminario)

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