Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lost Town "New Special Arts Exhibition"

Visit here;

lost town by Kara 2

I have blogged Lost Town before when it had the same general city structure but looked very different with the added décor/art, etc.,  and now Lost Town has some new art and I went over to see Rebeca Bashly's "Invisible People" then realized they were having a full opening event for a variety of types of art by 6 artists, all unique.  I was home early from work so caught the tail end of a burlesque show as part of the opening party.  The town itself is a fantastic explore with a sort of eclectic feel and a variety of settings including city, underground, and rural. There are little art and café type shops, many places to dance or pose and it's really fun for pictures, a date, and art appreciation.  It's all seemingly quite artsy to me with many nooks to try to find and explore.  When visiting be sure to keep an eye out for teleport options. 

Lost Town.jpg by Kara Trapdoor

First I took a photo of myself so you can see how cool the general look of the place is.  (above)
Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

rebeca bashly invisible People by Kara 2

Anyway, since I mostly went to see Rebeca's stuff I'll focus on that, although all is very worth a visit.  Rebeca's "Invisible People" intrigued me as it's an exhibit that is spread throughout the area with pieces mixed into the environment and when viewed from only the "right" angle they blend into the scenery.  There is even a sort of hunt or prize offered if you find all the invisible people.   I took one pic from 2 diff angles to show here.  The rest I just lined up for some shots.  Go check it out for some fun times in SL.

Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

Rebeca Bashly Invisible People by Kara 2

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