Monday, March 28, 2016

Lost Dream, A Beautiful Explore in Second Life

Visit here:

I've spent a little time recently in Lost Dream-Les Reves Purdus, in the Wonderous Love sim.  It's so pretty. Their sim info. states: "Lost Dream, original world of dreams and creativity, with the atmosphere of nature and soothing and rejuvenating, discover and rejoice in his wonderful, Explore, stay awhile, and do not forget to bring your camera...tag photographe.....rezz poses"  It appears to be made by Chanell/demonista(zaziaa).  This is a very relaxing and beautiful sim.

Lost Dream Lost Dream Lost Dream Lost Dream Lost Dream Lost Dream Lost Dream

lost dream_007

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Tomb is still Empty
Wow!!! Just so lovely
Posted by Daniel Fred on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Friday, March 25, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cica Ghost's Strawberryland Open!

Visit here:

Be sure to visit Cica Ghost's latest immersive exhibit "Strawberryland" as she delivers yet another impressive and fun build.   This one is a strawberry garden-like area where we, the visitors, are the tinies and the strawberry garden is huge.  The strawberries are huge, the green house is huge, the artsculpture people are huge, the welcome area is huge, items in the area are all huge making visitors miniature in contrast.  Be sure to click on things to pose and immerse.  She always has some unique items too like at the landing/info. area where she has a little set up of what initially simply looks like one of her signature houses (in mini) set in a field of flowers and grasses with a picture frame and oval matted sky scene behind it but upon closer look you see the grasses and flowers are blowing in the wind and the sky scene is actually moving across the picture.  Although her scenes are super cool I had to take some pictures with people/myself in them for perspective so you can see how big things are and how tiny we appear which makes it all the more fun.  

In the sim info. it simply says: "Q: Why were the little strawberries upset?
A: Because their parents were in a jam!
23rd March 2016"

Gotta love her ongoing creativity and whimsy!

Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Boudoir Wearable furniture and Spring Line

Boudoir Wearable on SL Marketplace here:

Occasionally I'll blog SL products I like and today I'm featuring the newish Boudoir Wearables and spring line of furniture by Precious Restless.  My good friend Kathy Nikolaidis already blogged the Gacha-Bunny Porters chair rare available at the Boudoir store inworld which actually isn't a wearable but a cute spring item.   There is a similar Spring Throne on marketplace that however is a wearable.  And here I am wearing the Wearable Boudoir.  And before you start thinking they are all girly, I've found there are a bunch of wearables, some for various seasons, some for guys, some light and some dark.  The wearables are chairs or sets that you wear instead of rez.  There are even some rideable things and all seem to be very reasonably priced.  The nice thing about the wearables is you can take/wear them anywhere and pop them out even in sims you cant rez in.  Also they are highly detailed so you don't have to worry about adding prims to a sim as you would if you rezzed a set or thing out to the ground.   The wearable I'm sitting in has 2 different poses. As I said Kathy's chair isn't a wearable but it's low prim and still highly detailed and a great gacha item.   Kathy took her pic and I did mine obviously as I don't Photoshop so sorry the pic you get from me is raw as/is in SL.
Kathy's post on "A Few of my Gacha Things" here:

The lingerie I'm wearing in this pic I also really like. It's Erratic's Risque' Eden nude and is a cute little set that fits easily and well with my Maitreya Lara mesh body. It's currently available at this round of Collabor88.    I actually first saw this outfit and wearable last night at the Voodoo Lounge when Toxic (Toxie) Darkmatter was singing and the theme was lingerie so she was sporting the whole deal on stage while vamping out her tunes.  I always love to hear her sing and you can find her on the Wispering Sands Live Promotions site here:
Erratic here:
Collabor88 here:
Maitreya here:
Sim Location, Whole Wheat Landscape and Creation here:


Above Kathy in the gacha Bunny Porters chair and me below in the boudoir wearable set.

Boudoir Wearable

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Town 2016

Visit here:

St. Patricks Day is barely over and Laura Liberty opened her Easter Town 3-18-16.  She's really on the ball and Easter Town is up and running and better than ever, which is good because Easter comes early this year.  She has the usual fare, Easter holiday outfits and costumes, decorations, party supplies and foods, gifts, pose props, and tons of freebies and fun things to play on in the sim. Her info. below lists just a few of the many things to play on and do in the sim and I have to mention the peep race track is super cool.   At this point for me it's tradition to hit up Laura's towns at holiday time.  They are always a lot of fun.  Her info. note includes:
"Lots of shopping plus...
-20 eggs to find with prizes inside
-Race marshmallow peeps
-Take pictures with Tina the Easter Bunny
-Do the bunny hop with Bugs & Babs
-4,000 L$ Easter egg decorating contest
-Jelly bean dance
-Ride the egg boats
-Race carrots cars
-Free bunny hoppers"

Like before the first picture was the official Easter Town Promo pic and the following pictures were taken by me and Cash Benelli in Easter town tonight. 

2016 Easter Town Promo Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016

(Cash jumped into the carrot race cars and I refrained from large carrot comments with difficulty) Easter Town 2016

(We also ran into sim owner/designer/builder Laura Liberty!)

Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016

(were they giving each other the evil eye?)

Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016 Easter Town 2016

Farrah Fawcett Hair - Capital Cities

I just think this is a great SL machinima so sharing it here.  by Trace Osterham

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Visit St. Patrick's Town in SL

Visit Here:

Laura Liberty's annual St. Patrick's Town is open and is a fun whimsical place to visit for the holiday.  She has shops with themed clothes, decorations, fun gifts, and more.  Then there is an abundance of green beer, dancing, riding of the giant rainbow slide and flipping gold coins, etc.  There are many places in the sim to play and interact with, always  making it a favored holiday destination. 

(official St. Patrick's Town official PR pic 1st then the rest of the pictures are taken by myself and partner Cash Benelli while checking out the sim.)

2016 st patricks town logo-official.  I didnt take this pic. St. Patrick's Day Town 2016 St. Patrick's Day Town 2016 St. Patrick's Day Town 2016 St. Patrick's Day Town 2016 St. Patrick's Day Town 2016 St. Patrick's Day Town 2016 St. Patrick's Day Town 2016 St. Patrick's Day Town 20160by Cash St. Patrick's Day Town 2016

(ok he might get me for posting that last above pic)
(And Cash took the last pic below here, captioning it: "She just asked me to sign life insurance forms")

She just asked me to sign life insurance forms-pic by Cash Benelli in St. Patrick's Town

Monday, March 14, 2016

2016 Pose Fair

Visit Pose Fair Here:

  • Dates: 12-03-2016 until 26-03-2016
  • Location: Village

  • The Hottie Cooterati Experience with all the details and many blog posts with pics and info. here:

    It's time for the original annual pose fair again and I stopped over to see some of the latest cool poses, pose props, animations, photography equipment, and studio merchandise.  Some stores even have dollarbies and gifts.  This is always a fun event to visit even if just looking, but I bet you don't get away without buying something cool!  Have fun.

    Pose-Fair-2016-Poster1 official (I didn't make this)

    (above pic is offical poster I didn't make but is the PR add)

    pose fair_005

    (above cool .50L gacha items)

    pose fair_004 pose fair_001 pose fair_002

    Friday, March 11, 2016

    Skin Fair 2016 Opens Today Through March 27

    Skin Fair Time here: (sim 2)

    It's Skin fair time and this year there is a whole lot of mesh going on.  The fair runs from March 11-27 and you can find all the importation info. on the official web site with PaleGirl Productions:
    The fair showcases over 100 designers and since it just opens today I'm only having a quick look before I head out to work, but there seems to be a lot of cool mesh heads, skins, and things for standard avatars too. Check it out.  There are two sims/landing spots and of course #1 was full to me, but I slipped in #2 with the link I've provided above. Shop on!

    skin fair skin fair_001 skin fair_002 Skin Fiar