Monday, March 14, 2016

2016 Pose Fair

Visit Pose Fair Here:

  • Dates: 12-03-2016 until 26-03-2016
  • Location: Village

  • The Hottie Cooterati Experience with all the details and many blog posts with pics and info. here:

    It's time for the original annual pose fair again and I stopped over to see some of the latest cool poses, pose props, animations, photography equipment, and studio merchandise.  Some stores even have dollarbies and gifts.  This is always a fun event to visit even if just looking, but I bet you don't get away without buying something cool!  Have fun.

    Pose-Fair-2016-Poster1 official (I didn't make this)

    (above pic is offical poster I didn't make but is the PR add)

    pose fair_005

    (above cool .50L gacha items)

    pose fair_004 pose fair_001 pose fair_002

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