Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Boudoir Wearable furniture and Spring Line

Boudoir Wearable on SL Marketplace here:

Occasionally I'll blog SL products I like and today I'm featuring the newish Boudoir Wearables and spring line of furniture by Precious Restless.  My good friend Kathy Nikolaidis already blogged the Gacha-Bunny Porters chair rare available at the Boudoir store inworld which actually isn't a wearable but a cute spring item.   There is a similar Spring Throne on marketplace that however is a wearable.  And here I am wearing the Wearable Boudoir.  And before you start thinking they are all girly, I've found there are a bunch of wearables, some for various seasons, some for guys, some light and some dark.  The wearables are chairs or sets that you wear instead of rez.  There are even some rideable things and all seem to be very reasonably priced.  The nice thing about the wearables is you can take/wear them anywhere and pop them out even in sims you cant rez in.  Also they are highly detailed so you don't have to worry about adding prims to a sim as you would if you rezzed a set or thing out to the ground.   The wearable I'm sitting in has 2 different poses. As I said Kathy's chair isn't a wearable but it's low prim and still highly detailed and a great gacha item.   Kathy took her pic and I did mine obviously as I don't Photoshop so sorry the pic you get from me is raw as/is in SL.
Kathy's post on "A Few of my Gacha Things" here:

The lingerie I'm wearing in this pic I also really like. It's Erratic's Risque' Eden nude and is a cute little set that fits easily and well with my Maitreya Lara mesh body. It's currently available at this round of Collabor88.    I actually first saw this outfit and wearable last night at the Voodoo Lounge when Toxic (Toxie) Darkmatter was singing and the theme was lingerie so she was sporting the whole deal on stage while vamping out her tunes.  I always love to hear her sing and you can find her on the Wispering Sands Live Promotions site here:
Erratic here:
Collabor88 here:
Maitreya here:
Sim Location, Whole Wheat Landscape and Creation here:


Above Kathy in the gacha Bunny Porters chair and me below in the boudoir wearable set.

Boudoir Wearable

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