Friday, September 24, 2010

Avatars United Shutting Down-I don't "get it!"

I just don't "get it"! Linden Labs acquired Avatars United, the avatar social network, this past January. Many avatars signed up, use it regularly for social greetings and advertisement, and now I hear they are shutting down! Just when I had established over 1,000 SL avatar contacts for myself? Nooooooo. I have actually made several good SL inworld connections due to AU. AU is similar in nature to Facebook or MySpace, but is for avatars, primarily SL avs. Surprisingly I found myself checking in there almost daily to see what friends where up to, check personal or general messages, look at new pics and to find cool things to do or visit in SL. I actually really enjoyed it a lot, but I've heard some call it a self promotional ploy. Call it what you will, but thousands of people were using it regularly -and now this. Straight from LL: Here. So what now? After all this time and effort uplaoding pics, finding friends and establishing many new contact, they are telling us what? They are taking it down and we will have to start all over with something new and different inside SL? Wwwwhhhhyyyyy? I read the info. I don't really "get it!" Check mine out here if you like: Kara'sAUHere. The closing date is set for September 29, 2010.... Farewell Avatars United.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

BOSL 2010 Fashion Week Sept 18-25

Where but Second Life can just about anyone afford, fit, or even make the most fashionable clothes ever imagined? Granted we can’t all make the impressive designs showcased this week, but the designers have gone all out this year for an impressive showing. The Best of Second Life Fashion week is well under way with the Kickoff Saturday September 18th at Milky House showcasing gorgeous Japanese Kimonos in a quaint Japanese setting located in Insilico. The shows run daily now through Saturday Septembur the 25th at 10 am SLT which will be a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent in the Renaissance Galleria.

Sunday the 19th provided attendees at the Chateau Versaile with an eye feast of Haute Couture collections featuring gowns from some of the best designers in SL as the models glided down a corded off strip surrounded by onlookers. Of course I tp'd in right on top of the models as usual. I have to question why that always happens to me and wonder if my subconscious self wants to model these cool clothes or something. Monday provided attendees a look at the urban collection for the streets of Second Life exhibited at Couture Boulevard.

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 Mea Culpa Tuesday
Tuesday I was in for a treat as the show was right up my alley presenting Mea Culpa Fantasy Couture in a glamorous setting at the Mexico Distrito. Spectators sat in the floral and grassy knoll or in rustic wooden bench seating amongst greenery and flying Akasha. VIPS including Brett Linden stood across the water in elaborate building doorways and window balconies. Models emerged from a magical veil of greenery that gave the appearance of walking downhill from a forest pathway to the stairs that led to the runway surrounded by water, waterfalls, mystical lights and magical surroundings. The musical selections added a dramatic touch with fitting songs like Mea Culpa, and a ET remix giving the whole event an almost surreal feel that was fitting for the exotic outfits the models displayed. The Mea Culpa designs provided attendees a pallet of unique and beautiful outfits that ranged from mermaid style all the way to the almost demonic. Even Frolic Mills participated in this event.

Wednesday the 22d provided a look at the Vintage Collection in all the splendor of the 20s at the impressive Patch Thibald Auditorium. It’s always fun to see the audience get in the spirit, many of which showed up in vintage designs themselves.

BOSL Fashion Week 2010
Thursday was The American Graffiti show at 4pm SLT. I also really enjoyed this show and dancing 50's sock hop style afterward with the models. The guys and gals showed off, some of them skating in, retro clothes such at poodle skirts, saddle shoes and bobbie socks, leather jackets, cool shades and various other styles and fun hair from the 50's look all set in a cafe/soda shop with drive in setting.

There is still plenty to look forward to as Friday will be the Black and White new collection at Couture Blvd. Saturday September 25th at 10 am SLT will wrap up the week with the Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent. The date and time change was done so that many more people can enjoy it and also so that Metaverse TV can film it. This promises to be a show not to be missed presenting 25 brand new Yves Saint Laurent inspired couture dresses that will take your breath away by the 3 time winner, Miss Nish Mip. There will be engineered lighting and Soleil will perform live. Honestly it will be hard to top the other shows but knowing BOSL it can be done and I know I for one don’t want to miss it.
Stages were built by Architects Patch Thibaud, Mr. Mike Denneny and Miss Nardya Rousselot.

A Few Fun Things

Some links not SL related but shared by SL friends. Check these out for fun if you get bored. Be forwarned the second one is not PG and if you can't stand the "F" word please don't watch it.
1stOneHere One of the early SL machinima I found that cracked me up good.
2ndOneHere. The more I watch this one the more I think it should be my new theme song for a few "things". But, in the end... it's all good. I enjoy RL and SL a LOT and, don't hold grudges and want to have fun with everyone... just saying.... sometimes you just gotta think it though once in a while. And if you think I'm talking about you I'm probabaly not.. it's just in general some stuff.
3rdOneHere. This one is fun to play with and almost like magic at first : ) Enjoy.

Ok that is 3 for now. If you find any other really good funny ones please let me know. Thanks : )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phaylen Fairchild and Divas Machinima

One of my all time favorite machinima. Phaylen Fairchild has this series "Divas" and she just recently released the 3rd episode that can be viewed on her Youtube or Vimeo.. check out her Youtube here: PhaylenYoutubehere. Phaylen is well known in Second Life for her cute machinima and the Diva series is done in WOW with her SL avatar. This one happens to be my fav and I just wanted to pull it here and share. She has many many other great machinima and so far 3 Divas episodes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Crooked House? My SL House Hunt: New Houses, Haunted Houses, Crooked Houses, and Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

Recently I moved to a new location in SL and was having a very hard time getting motivated making it feel like home. My heart was not in it so I decided treating myself to a new house might help. Having numerous houses in my inventory already, I thought I'd try to find a higher quality dwelling this time. I was getting a little tired of having my furniture items sometimes looking like they were disappearing outside through my walls, trees suddenly appearing inside, curtains going transparent, crooked walls, perspectives being "off" (think giant size doors, counters or bathtubs), or like in my last rental the doors kept flying open and shut as though possessed.

Thanks to my RL/SL sis Piper, I found a cute land parcel to buy, and off I went with my good exploring buddy Cafi in search of a "quality" home. Keep in mind I have been on this hunt several times before. Several hours later and with about 20 new demos and more than 50 home views later a friend suggested I check out the homes and furniture by Pamela Galli. The second I landed in La Galleria I knew I had found a home. Other friends had suggested "The Loft" (nice, but way to big), contracting for a build, and various other home sales landmarks, but this is the only place that even came close to fitting my bill. Granted everyone has different needs and desires in a home which I understand and although I was not looking for a specific style necessarily, I really was after quality. La Galleria homes are mostly cottaged style ranging from what I would call "large" to "too large for me" in size, although are modifiable and with parts that detach as well. I think in the end I chose the smallest of the offerings and still it is a bit large for a single inhabitant on a small lot. The one I chose is very homey with gorgeous hardwood flooring, crown molding and style throughout. I did detach the pool in lieu of yard space I want and I left out some of the many extras that came with it, such as ceiling fans, some shutters and extra curtains, etc., to save on prim. The houses are a bit primmy for me, but mine checks in under 200 prim that is well worth it to me as it is full of class and style and has a lot to offer for the value, plus no weird disappearing walls, strange doors or other oddities. In other words I love it.

La Galleria also offers a wide range of home, kitchen, dining, living rooms, bedrooms, curtains, rugs, outdoor, vases and lamps, garden center and office/study furnishings, some of which come with a discount when a home is purchased. The furniture is classy with some very impressive features such as the dining tables that offer full course meals with food choice options. It's like magic to me. Visit just for fun or to add some style to your home. Check it out at a direct link here: LaGalleriaHere.

Speaking of homes, I'll add a direct link here to one of my favorite SL haunted houses. I visited this same build last Halloween and was happy to see it again this year. Be sure to see all the interactive cool things upstairs too where you will find a "trapdoor", giant spider, creepy kids room and it's loaded with much to see and do. Direct link enjoy here: HauntedHouseHere.

My friend Divi got into the house hunt spirit with me as well and gave me a tour of an interesting build called "Crooked House" at xyz which is an ever changing stacked cube home filled with magic doors and hatches leading... or rather... misleading visitors up, down, and all around until you are more confused than an Escher picture. Be careful not to fall out of the bottom or maybe that was the top. Check it out here: xyzCrookedHouseHere.

Cafi also showed me the Frank Lloyed Wright Museum sim that includes examples of some interesting homes. There are plenty of homes to see and Cafi explained I could visit the RL homes as replicated for us in SL. I noted the Frank Lloyd Wright sim is also holding it's annual Fall FLW inspired build off Sept 24-26 with many events and entry spots in novice to pro divisions. Check it out here: FrankLloydWrightHere.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oceanwind 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Oceanwind, a gorgeous sim, has a 1 year anniversary party today from 10-4 with  lots of entertainment planned.  I LOVE this sim with a variety of cool styles to it.

One of my fav sims. Press release: "Oceanwind's One Year Old Party
This Saturday 18th 10 am to 4 pm SLT
Music to dance by with:
10 to 12:00 Crunch Optera
12 to 1:00 Charity Corleone
2:00 ish to 4 pm Lysana McMillian
Live performance by
1:00 Brett Hansome
Come celebarate our gorgeous sim's one year aniversary and share in the fun!
Dancing on the Crystal Sky Platform,
Gifts for everyone.
And if you havent yet then please come and explore the isand!
Love to see you,
Narina and Windhawk"

Monday, September 13, 2010

More Explores:

Soror Nishi, very cool explore
Tree of Trees IBM Exhibit C

An installation by Dekka Raymaker. When I first visited this very interesting and challenging interactive place I was somewhat confused about the meaning. I later took a note card from out front. I met Apmel Gooson here who has a fantastic blog and he blogged some of our conversation which I found amusing. Plus he has some good pics, check it out here: ApmelHere. You will prob have to scroll down a bit as he moves along very fast: )

Playing Fairy in Glyph ArtCrossworldsGalleryHere. Glyph Graves Art

Hunt Time

A few new hunts:
-Sept 1-30 Back to School Hunt 10 apples 10 prizes-Grumble Mainstore
-Sept 1-30 Hunt for RP by GMI Sa-eela, Falcon Products
-Sept 1-30-Twisted
-Sept 1-30th 3rd Annual STEAM Steampunk Travlers Event Adventure and Megahunt Grid Wide Hunt :Steampunk Information Centre Inworl Group
-Sept 4-25 What's Your Sign? Hunt by Greatest Love
-Sept 12-Oct 31 Crazee Otaku Hunt start: Viixen Valour
-Sept 13-20 Seven Deadly Sins Lust Hunt
-Sept 12-14 True Love mallhunt location: True Love Shopping Mall
-Sept 15-30 BDSM fetish find hunt for kinksters
-Sept 15 -Oct 14th Sinner's Playground Hunt by Happy Hunters Hunt Group
-Sept 15-Oct 15th Fashion Freaks gridwide hunt
-Sept 16-Oct 4 The Red Seal hunt Vive la Rue item: white envelope with red was seal start: (ba) Barnesworth Anubis Prefabs -Sept 20
-Oct10 Make Him Over Hunt for Men start:KMADD/MADesigns
-Sept 21-Oct 31 The Witches Brew 2 "The new ingredient"
-Oct 23-Nov 21 Black & White Hunt 1-14 The Stalker Adult Hunt by Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Triva-Oct 1-31 pumpkin Prints Hunt 2
-Oct 1-31 Pure as Lace Hunt gridwide
-Oct 1-Nov 1-Hallowes Eve Hunt start: K&B Designs
-Oct 1-31 Home for the Holidays hunt a 4 path themed hunt, Christmas, yule, Hanukkah and Kwanzza grid wide a Hioh Jinx Hunt
-Oct 1-31 Diipped in Chocolate Hunt gridwide
-Oct 1-31-Grimm Hunt by Eclectic Dreams (
-Oct 1-31 Diversity Hunt by OhBoi Magazine start: aMuse
-Oct 1-31 Bats and Cats Hunt by Mandi Blanco fo Love my Textures/textures and builds
-Oct 1-31 We Are Connected-The Hunt for Quality Creator's Connections by A.R.C.G.F.N.
-Oct 14-Nov 14 Fashion and Decor Affair Hunt start: Flirt Boutique
-Oct 15-Nov 15 Addicted to Halloween Hunt
-Nov 1-30 The Dirty Turkey Hunt by Depraved Hunts Razorblad Jacket and Ol'Dirty Bastards
-Nov 1-30 The Autumn Hunt
-Nov 1-30 Simply Mad Hunt hunt object: Top Hat Start Location Ello Poppet
-Nov 15-Dec 15 Autumn Hunt all items will be 10L start location: Divine shop
-Nov 22-Dec 22 Creative Christmas Hunt full perm gift for builders, textures, sculpts and tutorials start location: Bleem's Textures
-Dec 1-31 Find Santas Socks Christmas Hunt current accepting applications

Note: above hunt info. came from various sources so I can't vouch for any of it. Some are still taking apps. Just a list for me to keep track and catch up on if/when I have time or feel like hunting something. Enjoy and look them up if you like.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Talamasca Bengals-Yay for the SFL Cheerleaders. Let the Games Begin!

Lilly Juno took our Cheerleading Group Photo

Yay for the Talamasca Bengals Cheerleaders! Team owned by Dirk Talamasca and Journey McLaglen. Cheerleaders, seated front l-r, Kara Trapdoor and nemi McCoy, l-r middle row, Annalise Cyberstar, Kathy Nikolaidis and Charriol Ansar and top, our squad captain, Aealla Illyar.
Photo by Lilly Juno
For more info, see my prior August post about the SFL football and cheerleaders-scroll back to August or go here: SFLPriorPostandInfoHere.

September 11, A Time to Remember

This is a day to reflect. There are many things going on in SL to remember loved ones lost and 9-11. Here is just one venue's sample:
The Disaster Zone proudly presents

September 11,2010 At Lion's Gate, Journey's End-direct link here: Lion'sGateHere.

A celebration of muisc and remembrance

2:00pm Zachh Cale
2:30pm Strum Diesel
3:00pm Clairede Dirval at her place
3:30pm Saintess Larnia
4:00pm Shannon Oherlihy
4:30pm Sojurn Rossini
5:00pm Sid Slade
5:30pm Anek Fuchs
6:00pm Maximillion Kleene
6:30pm TwinGhost Ronas
7:00pm The Follow
7:30pm The Follow
8:00pm Dimivan Ludwig
8:30pm Moondoggirl Moomintoog
9:00pm CraigLyons Writer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pass the Prozac Please

Dear Diary,
Wowza! I have had a roller coaster past few weeks in SL. I think most people have some extreme ups and downs in SL more so than in RL and it's the nature of the game, but it's been off the charts lately for me. Maybe I've become SL bipolar. I wanted to blame it on a full moon or PMS, but neither last this long and I guess I don't really get PMS like some do. Then at work I saw the following and found it coincidental:
You Might Have “Estrogen Issues” If:
-- Everyone around you has an attitude problem.
-- You’re adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet.
-- Your spouse is suddenly agreeing to everything you say.
-- You’re using your cellular phone to dial up every bumper sticker that says: “How’s my driving-call 1-800-”
-- Everyone’s head looks like an invitation to batting practice.
-- Everyone seems to have just landed here from “outer space.”
-- You can’t believe they don’t make a tampon bigger than Super Plus.
-- You’re sure that everyone is scheming to drive you crazy.
-- The ibuprofen bottle is empty and you bought it yesterday
Well, I'm not near the "estrogen issues" stage yet, so I think, Dear Diary, that maybe it's not me but just all the other guys and gals around me in SL. Yeah, Yeah, I know, guys don't really get "estrogen issues", well whatever.... just pass me the Prozac please!
No Drama

Viewers and Stuff

One of my groups sent this out today.
"1) Yes, Emerald will be banned as of 10am SLT today.

2) Emergence and Phoenix are both Emerald clones that have been cleaned up. They are slightly different because they are based on different versions of the Emerald code. Phoenix is the more advanced one. Phoenix, however, shares a bug with Impudence in that some textures won't render correctly due to probs with th jpeg2000 libs. Neither Emergence nor the SL standard viewer have this problem.

3) Emergence is a stopgap. The developer, LordGregGreg joined the Phoenix team.

4) Different viewers have different strengths. There is no one "best" viewer.

5) If you keep crashing when you try a new viewer - here is a likely cause. Sometimes different viewers don't like sharing the same texture cache with other viewers. Just clear your cache before trying a new viewer. Better still, if you know how to do it, create seperate designated texture and sound caches for each viewer you try (under Prefs/Network/Disk Cache Location"

As a side note I saw there is a Phoenix add on now for crashers. It seemed to help me. I have tried many different viewers now and really can't vouch for any, but am on Phoenix at the moment.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Explore the Grid! A few more good explores

One of my favorites is in Teagan, Equality, Wraith Dragons Temple. They recently had a reopening and the notcard describes it best: " Wraiths covers 2 sims and includes Dragons, Dragon Avs, Robot Avs, Fairies, Fairy Avs, Dragon pets, Fairy pets, other pets, Mermaids, Sci Fi monsters and creatures, Monsters, Trolls, and so much more. There are also hidden places for exploring, dancing and romance. We also have Dragon Rides, Sci Fi ride and a mermaid ride. Much of the product has been updated and many new additions, including a whole Sci Fi and Apocalyptic section."
A lot to explore. Check it out here at the direct link: WraithDragonsTempleHere.

Cafi showed me Costa Rica, geko Stoop's Memorial Forest. It looks real and is beautiful! Check it out here

My friend Dividni showed me "Heartseed" Wild Designs sim. This actually has a plant with a heart with a pose ball inside to find.. and cool underwater and sky things.. I think you have to look closely to actually catch some things in this place or visit more than once. Some interesting unique couples pose balls around. Check it out here:Heartseed.

Lion's Gate Journey's End is super cool with pods you enter around the exterior of the gallery for some special 3D immersive art sets. The gallery itself is more club-like with dancing and life music lined with art. Great for art lovers, explorers and people who like live music and dancing. Here is a pic from one of the artist's pods and a quote from Rose Borchovski's notecard there: "A SUSA BUBBLE INSTALLATION AT THE ANGEL GALLERY
Who to trust ?
What to feel ?
Where to go ?
What is real ?
Are we two ?
Are we one ?
When I smile ?
Do you frown ?
When I’m up ?
Are you down ?
Am I your enemy?
Am I your friend ?
Am I the beginning ?
Or the end ?
I’m a multi- media artist and totally taken by the wonders of SL.
My SL creation is the story of Susa Bubble.
A sweet but savage telling.
About how single Susa doubles up.
How she cannot handle to be out of balance,
and despite her best willing to be good,
Susa does bad and tumbles down, and with her all the other Susas.
The story is told at several locations in SL with different layers:
Text and Image,Sound and installation.
Rose Borchovski"
Check it out at the direct link here: JourneysEndHere.

Crimarison is also a cool place to explore. It is still under construction, but hard to tell because it's already loaded with nature, fantasy, many very romantic areas and a lot of beauty. Check it out here: CrimarisonHere.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hair Fair 2010

HairFairDirectLinkHere. Ok, the hair fair just opened. But I went on Phoenix viewer and at the same time opened this blog, was transferring a bunch of files to a external 1TB drive.. and Phoenix crashed on me. I hope this is not a bad sign. I will put more here later...but for now, here is a link if anyone wants to be at the hair fair before it gets so crowded. I myself will be trying to get back in now. Have a good day.

The Unicef Project

The Unicef Project, a fundraiser for the Pakistan Flood Crisis, runs September 4 through 19. The ladies all seemed to be clamoring for a specific "Truth" hair called Aloha made just for this project. It is really cute so I've modeled it here for all to see.
I found a lot of cool clothes, hair, jewelry, poses, scenes, novelties and various other things. I spent a small fortune but was all for a good cause. Very well worth the visit. Check it out here: UnicefProjectHere.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Phoenix Has Risen!!! Phoenix Viewer---Thank God!!!

Ok, after all my fussing and whining about Emerald and my fears about it, yet sticking with it to the end, the Phoenix has emerged!!!! It's great, it's like Emerald, it's supposed to be safe. I am so happy. I just downloaded and tried it when all kinds of info started pouring in about it... Here is some:

"From the ashes….
Posted on September 3, 2010 by jessicalyonsl
From the ashes… the Phoenix has risen.
My name is Jessica Lyon. My goal during my time with the Emerald Project, was always to give the users what they want. That goal has never and will never change. I’m very happy to announce, it continues…
A few days ago, I assembled a team of developers to work on a new viewer. Some who were originally Emerald developers, some who were not. All are respected reputable residents in the SecondLife Community. The goal was simple, to provide users with what they want and do it transparently.
I’m am very proud to announce the launch of the Phoenix Viewer. This project, has started off simple, with it’s initial release of a safe clone of the Emerald viewer. Users want Emerald features, you shall have them. We have big plans to expand to the Snowstorm project as well. We have already applied for the TPVD, to which we have no doubt we will be accepted in a timely fashion. We have already started making in world groups for support, (Phoenix Viewer Support), beta testing etc. There is much more to do… however…
This Viewer is ready for use by you, right now!
For this project, I insist on, and everyone on this team insists on 100% public transparency in EVERYTHING we do. We have already established a public IRC Dev chat, public repo and are working on much much more.
Our developers are; (in alphabetical order), Dakun Flux, Dimentox Travanti, Jessica Lyon, Kitty Barnett, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther, Vortex Saito, Wickman Gibbs, with more to come.
Our Lead Developers are: Dimentox Travanti, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther.
Ed Merryman will be leading our support team: Aleia Sapphire, bee Baroque, Damian Zhaoying, Ed Merryman, Marybeth Oceanlane, Mindy Spiritor, Nisa Maverick, PixelProphet Lane, Toy LaFollette, Vortex Saito, Whirly Fizzle, Wolfspirit Magic.
Our website is still in progress, however we have up the required links. .
More information here
Downloads. .
Public repo
I am very pleased and excited about this project, and I hope that you will be too.
Jessica Lyon and the Phoenix Viewer Development Team.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashion is in the Air

Where but Second Life can just about anyone afford or fit or even make (if given a little time to learn) the most fashionable clothes ever imagined? September is a time when students head back to school, weather is changing and everyone seems to have the urge for new and seasonal clothes to show off. In SL September must be fashion month mimicking RL new release shows, based on all the big fashion events and weeks ahead. Some of the events I have heard about include the follow:

Best of Second Life Fashion Week from September 18 through 24 promises exciting sets, fabulous new creations, and great gifts for attendees. The closing tribute this year will be to Yves Saint Laurent.
SATURDAY THE 18TH - MILKY HOUSE - 6 PM SLT - Japanese Kimonos at their best!􀀄
SUNDAY THE 19TH - HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION - 11 AM SLT - Some of the best designers in SL showcase their finest couture gowns.􀀅
MONDAY THE 20TH - URBAN COLLECTION - 4 PM SLT - The streets of Second Life won't ever look the same!
TUESDAY THE 21ST: MEA CULPA - 4 PM SLT - Fantasy Couture in a glamorous setting.􀀆
WEDNESDAY THE 22ND: VINTAGE COLLECTION - 4 PM SLT - All the splendor of the 20's in a renewed environment.
FRIDAY THE 24TH: TRIBUTE TO YVES SAINT LAURENT - 6 PM SLT - We close this year's fashion week with a tribute to the master YVES SAINT LAURENT - NOT TO BE MISSED.􀀇
Stages will be built by Architects Patch Thibaud, Mr. Mike Denneny and Miss Nardya Rousselot. Get ready for the MOST INFLUENTIAL FASHION EVENT OF THE YEAR!


The press release states: "Torches are lit in the spirit of the Olympics! The spirit of cooperation! The spirit of sharing knowledge, showcasing our businesses, growing both personally and professionally through sharing and helping others to do so!See Updates on the convention website:
The latest information, tools, fashions and experts!

TOOLS! Model’s HUD’s, poses, makeup and more!
SHOES! How to get the color right!
Save the dates, you will not want to miss this exciting and informative event for everyone involved in the modeling and fashion world. Watch for us in BOSL Magazine!

For More Information on participation please contact:
Giselle Temple, CEO Premiere Modelling Agency
Convention Owner & Coordinator
WEDNESDAY - September 22, 2010
11:00am CONVENTION KICKOFF & WELCOME - Giselle Temple
12:00pm LADY THERA - PREMIERE Fashion Show
1:00pm KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Mimmi Boa >2:00pm SEMINAR: Shoes: Getting the Color Right - Dancer Dalligio
3:00pm SEMINAR: Blogging: The Write Way to Give Fashion a Face - Sequoia Nightfire
4:00pm INDIA POBA Fashion Show
THURSDAY - September 23, 2010
10:00am SEMINAR: Fashion Photography in SL - Photography or Graphic Design? - Hermes Kondor
12:00 pm BLISS COUTURE -Evane Fashion Show
1:00pm DEMONSTRATION: Perfect Pose Preparation - Arisia Ashmoot
2:00pm PRESENTATION: Vanity Tour Presentation - Katherine Comet
3:00pm SEMINAR: The Ins & Outs of Photoshoots - Anabella Ravinelli
4:00pm BLACKLACE - PREMIERE Fashion Show
4:45pm After show FIREWORKS
FRIDAY - September 24, 2010
10:00am SEMINAR: A View on Viewers - Scarlett Loxingly
11:00am PRISM - PREMIERE Fashion Show
12:00pm SEMINAR: It's Not Fashionable to be Laggy - Talyia Tarber:
1:00pm SEMINAR: Kay Fairey
2:00pm SEMINAR: History of Modeling - A Five Year Oveview - Nemi McCoy >3:0pm SEMINAR: Creations of the Mind: Intellectual Property and Second Life - Nox DEIGAN>4:00pm International Model Agency: Fashion Show
SATURDAY - September 25, 2010
10:00am SEMINAR: Intro to Mastering the Balut HUD - Monica Balut
11:00am TRES BEAU - PREMIERE Fashion Show
1:00pm SEMINAR: SUPERELITE - Amber Quinzet
2:00pm SEMINAR: SETH Diabolito
3:00pm SEMINR: The Agency / Model Relationship - Astrokris Messmer 4:00pm SUPERELITE Fashion Show
SUNDAY - September 26, 2010
11:00am iC MOTIONS FASHION AGENCY Fashion Show
12:00pm SEMINAR: Lorelei Maggs
1:00pm SEMINAR: DO'S & DON'Ts of SCRIPT WRITING - Blackbarbie Bravin
2:00pm DEMONSTRATION: Studio Nails Demonstration - Anastasia Magic
3:00pm SEMINAR: SHAPE SHIFTING with blackLiquid Tokyoska
4:00pm PURPLEMOON - PREMIERE Fashion Show and Grand Finale


Designers United 4 from September 4 through September 15.
Designers United is a 12 day long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time.

The theme chosen is "Narcissus", and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colors, textures or feelings evoked by this flower or myth.
This bi-monthly event is being hosted by the Floyd sim, and will be held from September 4th to September 15th. (info. thanks to Lu Waffle vis Flickr) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
There is also the new Styling Forward televised show that sounds very interesting, with press release information as follows:
"STYLING FORWARD - a new reality TV show!
A new era in fashion begins ...
Some people say that being a virtual model is easy: You buy a shape and some stylish hair; then you get a nice skin, a pretty dress and a proper AO and off you go down the runway.
Maybe true! So what differentiates the hundreds of thousands of ladies that are dancing in a disco at any given time from the absolute top models?
It's their ability to style!
The ability to style and make themselves fabulous and unique every time, is the difference between anyone and a fashion connoisseur. They need to know when to leave an outfit alone (less is more), but also when to mix and match and accesorize in a fabulous way to create that look that will have everybody else inspecting them!

Frolic Mills & Mimmi Boa in association with METAVERSE TV are proud to announce the first televised master styling competition. This show is available for both ladies and gentlemen.
More auditions may open if needed.
Taping of the show starts on Sunday September 26th and goes for 10 weeks every sunday at 1:00 PM SLT. If you cannot commit to this schedule, please don't audition.
Everyone is welcome to participate, even MVW contestants, ex misses and misters and all SL models.
NOTE 1: If you are too sensitive to public criticism, this may not be the right show for you.
NOTE 2: If you would like to sponsor this show, please contact Frolic Mills.
Good luck and may boring and safe fashion be forever cured!
Oh, did I forget there is a 100,000 L$ prize?
and the cover of BOSL Magazine? span>>and a modeling contract with Boulevard Agency?
and that's just the beginning... Many more gifts to be announced later!
Have fun and show me an amazing outfit tomorrow during auditions. That's all I am going to say."


Featuring the music of Craig Lyons who will be stopping at fashion spots with a launch party at the BOSL Radio Lounge 10am SLT September 4th Saturday to be filmed by Metaverse TV. This launches a 6 week tour through 30 of the grid's top designers with hunts, contests, and exclusive releases.
New press release info: "To get the hunt locations, check out The FASHION ROCKS Series group on MOOLTO, a social network for SL avatars with a special eye on the SL fashion world. You'll also want to go there to see updates about ongoing photo contests, event news, and other surprises :)
Join here:
BOSL Radio and Metaverse TV will also be streaming live shows during the 6 week event, so make sure you tune in for all the latest news plus follow Craig’s real life web pages for updates on his music.
PLUS: At all the performances there will be chances to buy raffle tickets for some amazing and one-of-a-kind prizes!
Grand Prize:
1. Private SL House Show from Craig Lyons
2. Autographed Craig Lyons CD
3. Package of 30 Outfits (different from those found on the Hunt) from participating Designers.
4. Be in an upcoming Craig Lyons Machinima Video!
The Second Prize winner will receive:
A Collection of 30 L$50 Gift Cards from participating Designers.
Ten Third Prize winners will receive:
Free Craig Lyons Single Song MP3 Download.
So Craig fans, head over to MOOLTO, join the group, and get ready to be part of the most unique and best dressed concert series on the grid!
Music, fashion, fun and free gifts-this promises to be the most talked about event of the year!
Some of our participating designers:
Eshi Otawara Mimi's Choice
Jador Fashion Indyra Originals
CHAMPAGNE! Paris Metro
LionSkins G Sloane Couture
Mayden Couture Shouted Couture
LaLutka Champagne!
Join the Series MOOLTO group:
~~The FASHION ROCKS Series~~
September 4th - October 16th"

**Plus we can't forget the Miss Virtual World Competition in full swing that promises a whole lot of fashion and style.


Morning Dew Sheer Gown-just released September 1. Check out Lili Halostar's store here: Lili'sHere.