Saturday, September 11, 2010

Talamasca Bengals-Yay for the SFL Cheerleaders. Let the Games Begin!

Lilly Juno took our Cheerleading Group Photo

Yay for the Talamasca Bengals Cheerleaders! Team owned by Dirk Talamasca and Journey McLaglen. Cheerleaders, seated front l-r, Kara Trapdoor and nemi McCoy, l-r middle row, Annalise Cyberstar, Kathy Nikolaidis and Charriol Ansar and top, our squad captain, Aealla Illyar.
Photo by Lilly Juno
For more info, see my prior August post about the SFL football and cheerleaders-scroll back to August or go here: SFLPriorPostandInfoHere.

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