Friday, September 24, 2010

Avatars United Shutting Down-I don't "get it!"

I just don't "get it"! Linden Labs acquired Avatars United, the avatar social network, this past January. Many avatars signed up, use it regularly for social greetings and advertisement, and now I hear they are shutting down! Just when I had established over 1,000 SL avatar contacts for myself? Nooooooo. I have actually made several good SL inworld connections due to AU. AU is similar in nature to Facebook or MySpace, but is for avatars, primarily SL avs. Surprisingly I found myself checking in there almost daily to see what friends where up to, check personal or general messages, look at new pics and to find cool things to do or visit in SL. I actually really enjoyed it a lot, but I've heard some call it a self promotional ploy. Call it what you will, but thousands of people were using it regularly -and now this. Straight from LL: Here. So what now? After all this time and effort uplaoding pics, finding friends and establishing many new contact, they are telling us what? They are taking it down and we will have to start all over with something new and different inside SL? Wwwwhhhhyyyyy? I read the info. I don't really "get it!" Check mine out here if you like: Kara'sAUHere. The closing date is set for September 29, 2010.... Farewell Avatars United.

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