Monday, September 13, 2010

More Explores:

Soror Nishi, very cool explore
Tree of Trees IBM Exhibit C

An installation by Dekka Raymaker. When I first visited this very interesting and challenging interactive place I was somewhat confused about the meaning. I later took a note card from out front. I met Apmel Gooson here who has a fantastic blog and he blogged some of our conversation which I found amusing. Plus he has some good pics, check it out here: ApmelHere. You will prob have to scroll down a bit as he moves along very fast: )

Playing Fairy in Glyph ArtCrossworldsGalleryHere. Glyph Graves Art


  1. Hi Kara! Thank you for talking up my blog so kindly :)

    Here is an url for your readers to come straight to the pictures and our conversation:

  2. Ah, tysm! I need to learn to link : )