Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Few Fun Things

Some links not SL related but shared by SL friends. Check these out for fun if you get bored. Be forwarned the second one is not PG and if you can't stand the "F" word please don't watch it.
1stOneHere One of the early SL machinima I found that cracked me up good.
2ndOneHere. The more I watch this one the more I think it should be my new theme song for a few "things". But, in the end... it's all good. I enjoy RL and SL a LOT and, don't hold grudges and want to have fun with everyone... just saying.... sometimes you just gotta think it though once in a while. And if you think I'm talking about you I'm probabaly not.. it's just in general some stuff.
3rdOneHere. This one is fun to play with and almost like magic at first : ) Enjoy.

Ok that is 3 for now. If you find any other really good funny ones please let me know. Thanks : )

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