Monday, September 6, 2010

Explore the Grid! A few more good explores

One of my favorites is in Teagan, Equality, Wraith Dragons Temple. They recently had a reopening and the notcard describes it best: " Wraiths covers 2 sims and includes Dragons, Dragon Avs, Robot Avs, Fairies, Fairy Avs, Dragon pets, Fairy pets, other pets, Mermaids, Sci Fi monsters and creatures, Monsters, Trolls, and so much more. There are also hidden places for exploring, dancing and romance. We also have Dragon Rides, Sci Fi ride and a mermaid ride. Much of the product has been updated and many new additions, including a whole Sci Fi and Apocalyptic section."
A lot to explore. Check it out here at the direct link: WraithDragonsTempleHere.

Cafi showed me Costa Rica, geko Stoop's Memorial Forest. It looks real and is beautiful! Check it out here

My friend Dividni showed me "Heartseed" Wild Designs sim. This actually has a plant with a heart with a pose ball inside to find.. and cool underwater and sky things.. I think you have to look closely to actually catch some things in this place or visit more than once. Some interesting unique couples pose balls around. Check it out here:Heartseed.

Lion's Gate Journey's End is super cool with pods you enter around the exterior of the gallery for some special 3D immersive art sets. The gallery itself is more club-like with dancing and life music lined with art. Great for art lovers, explorers and people who like live music and dancing. Here is a pic from one of the artist's pods and a quote from Rose Borchovski's notecard there: "A SUSA BUBBLE INSTALLATION AT THE ANGEL GALLERY
Who to trust ?
What to feel ?
Where to go ?
What is real ?
Are we two ?
Are we one ?
When I smile ?
Do you frown ?
When I’m up ?
Are you down ?
Am I your enemy?
Am I your friend ?
Am I the beginning ?
Or the end ?
I’m a multi- media artist and totally taken by the wonders of SL.
My SL creation is the story of Susa Bubble.
A sweet but savage telling.
About how single Susa doubles up.
How she cannot handle to be out of balance,
and despite her best willing to be good,
Susa does bad and tumbles down, and with her all the other Susas.
The story is told at several locations in SL with different layers:
Text and Image,Sound and installation.
Rose Borchovski"
Check it out at the direct link here: JourneysEndHere.

Crimarison is also a cool place to explore. It is still under construction, but hard to tell because it's already loaded with nature, fantasy, many very romantic areas and a lot of beauty. Check it out here: CrimarisonHere.

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