Monday, September 13, 2010

Hunt Time

A few new hunts:
-Sept 1-30 Back to School Hunt 10 apples 10 prizes-Grumble Mainstore
-Sept 1-30 Hunt for RP by GMI Sa-eela, Falcon Products
-Sept 1-30-Twisted
-Sept 1-30th 3rd Annual STEAM Steampunk Travlers Event Adventure and Megahunt Grid Wide Hunt :Steampunk Information Centre Inworl Group
-Sept 4-25 What's Your Sign? Hunt by Greatest Love
-Sept 12-Oct 31 Crazee Otaku Hunt start: Viixen Valour
-Sept 13-20 Seven Deadly Sins Lust Hunt
-Sept 12-14 True Love mallhunt location: True Love Shopping Mall
-Sept 15-30 BDSM fetish find hunt for kinksters
-Sept 15 -Oct 14th Sinner's Playground Hunt by Happy Hunters Hunt Group
-Sept 15-Oct 15th Fashion Freaks gridwide hunt
-Sept 16-Oct 4 The Red Seal hunt Vive la Rue item: white envelope with red was seal start: (ba) Barnesworth Anubis Prefabs -Sept 20
-Oct10 Make Him Over Hunt for Men start:KMADD/MADesigns
-Sept 21-Oct 31 The Witches Brew 2 "The new ingredient"
-Oct 23-Nov 21 Black & White Hunt 1-14 The Stalker Adult Hunt by Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Triva-Oct 1-31 pumpkin Prints Hunt 2
-Oct 1-31 Pure as Lace Hunt gridwide
-Oct 1-Nov 1-Hallowes Eve Hunt start: K&B Designs
-Oct 1-31 Home for the Holidays hunt a 4 path themed hunt, Christmas, yule, Hanukkah and Kwanzza grid wide a Hioh Jinx Hunt
-Oct 1-31 Diipped in Chocolate Hunt gridwide
-Oct 1-31-Grimm Hunt by Eclectic Dreams (
-Oct 1-31 Diversity Hunt by OhBoi Magazine start: aMuse
-Oct 1-31 Bats and Cats Hunt by Mandi Blanco fo Love my Textures/textures and builds
-Oct 1-31 We Are Connected-The Hunt for Quality Creator's Connections by A.R.C.G.F.N.
-Oct 14-Nov 14 Fashion and Decor Affair Hunt start: Flirt Boutique
-Oct 15-Nov 15 Addicted to Halloween Hunt
-Nov 1-30 The Dirty Turkey Hunt by Depraved Hunts Razorblad Jacket and Ol'Dirty Bastards
-Nov 1-30 The Autumn Hunt
-Nov 1-30 Simply Mad Hunt hunt object: Top Hat Start Location Ello Poppet
-Nov 15-Dec 15 Autumn Hunt all items will be 10L start location: Divine shop
-Nov 22-Dec 22 Creative Christmas Hunt full perm gift for builders, textures, sculpts and tutorials start location: Bleem's Textures
-Dec 1-31 Find Santas Socks Christmas Hunt current accepting applications

Note: above hunt info. came from various sources so I can't vouch for any of it. Some are still taking apps. Just a list for me to keep track and catch up on if/when I have time or feel like hunting something. Enjoy and look them up if you like.

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