Monday, January 30, 2012

Le Cactus at SBCC

Visit here: or direct link here: MayaHere.

You gotta just love Maya Paris. Get one or all of the 7 free and unusual avatars plus a free music hud. Put on something strange provided and jump around on everything including tentacals, bananas, records, etc,. for animations. I played as a sort of horn/record avatar then as myself so I could see how the animations were in both. My friend Divi got me over to this one and when I arrived he was a pile of whipped cream with bananas with a hoop around it all, so I quickly took a free avatar and found myself a stranger creature with horns and record boobies.

The press release reads, : "Welcome to Le Cactus at SBCC!
A celebration of the extraordinary talents of cultural trailblazer Josephine Baker, queen of the trumpet Valaida Snow, the lampshade-hatted dancers of the Casino de Paris and the offbeat irony of Jacques Dutronc.

Throw a banana on your head, dance on a cactus and tickle a tentacle. Everything's interactive, so click away!

1- COSTUMES - Click the records to get your free costumes you can choose to be "human", OR...go on..., wear the invisible avatar then mix and match to make your own combinations.

*Flickr- you can add pictures to the " Le Cactus "flickr group

2- CREATE YOUR OWN REVUE - to DANCE -click a revolving banana, a cactus or hop on a turntable.

**IMPORTANT** (You'll need to TURN OFF YOUR AO, or the animations all won't work and you'll be standing there like a lemon)

**There's 1920's-30's MUSIC on the stream from Radio Dismuke

3- USE the HUD ( right click and choose wear and it will appear on your screen, then click the discs) to listen to Josephine Baker , Vailaida Snow (Queen of the Trumpet) and Jacques Dutronc + also to see movies.

4- There's always someone having a row in the corner, tickle a tentacle if you want to blow off some steam.

5- RELAX by the bar ( click it to get your free drinks ). Sit and smoulder. Dive into a giant cocktail.


Maya Paris 2012
There is a smaller version of Le Cactus inside the Casino de Paris in Virtual Montmartre. LOTS of great other art installations and interesting things to see in Montmartre, do visit!

A huge thank you to Mick Huet, who asked me to participate in the Virtual Montmartre project , to project leaders Dr Bryan Carter, Indea Vaher, Insenara Siamendes and to Liz Rusotti/Zil Jewell, who is so generously hosting the larger version of Le Cactus at the Santa Barbara City College sim ( SBCC).

The University of Paris IV-Sorbonne funded the development of Virtual Montmartre in 2004. The Montmartre and Harlem sims have been cosponsored by the National Black Programming Consortium and the Government of Norway for the development of Virtual Harlem and Virtual Montmartre in Second Life. Virtual Harlem and Virtual Montmartre are owned by Dr. Bryan Mnemonic/Dr. Bryan Carter.

More info on my blog-

+ more Interactive art projects

Credits: Sculpt maps: cactus - Lemondrop Serendipity, tentacle - Ona Ra, banana - Juliea Diesel, snake -Neema Chester
Animations: Easy Babcock, Nomasha Syka, dais Papp, Jackie Jetcity, Actingill Igaly.
Thank you all!"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 5th Rez Day to my Good Friend Kathy

Happy 5th Rez Day Kathy!

Today is Kathy Nikolaidis' rez day! Have a great one Kathy.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New FZaPP Hat

Visit FZaPP here: or direct link here: FZaPPHere.
I purchased this new hat tonight for 250L at FZaPP -'Thought it was cool so here it is.
New Hat

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Explore Second Life -4 fun places to see

Visit here: or direct link here: TwoFishHere/
Rose had her 5th rez day party and a lot of fun pose and play things are still out for a while. Two Fish is always a fun place to visit anyway. Check it out and dont miss all the little pose things that turn into pose props once on them or the magic doors to other parts of the immersive area.
Two Fish
Two Fish Two Fish
Visit here: or direct link here: OsmoseHere.

This is a very cute place to take pics with lots of pretty pose places, windlight and waters work great here and it's set on a water base, pose props are beautiful and there are some very cute and also some unique hair for sale here as well.
Visit here: or dirct link here: WizardHutHere.

Beautiful natural setting with wonderful poses, cuddles, dancing for couples,beautiful scenery for photographers and plenty of water with a big castle nearby.
Visit Here: or direct link here: ClockworkKingdomHere.

This is an amazing steampunk sim. Fantastic for pics and exploring and home to a nice store with lots of cool gadgits and things. My friend Soni recently shot most of the pics for her SL book, A Steampunk Christmas here... see link:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cartoonimals Closing Inworld Feb. 14th

Hurry and visit here: or direct link here: CartoonimalsHere. Cartoonimals will be closing inworld Feb. 14th-Products will be for sale on marketplace and through affiliate vendors, but hurry and visit this main sim before it closes up as it is loaded with very cute fun animals and characters and play things to try and see and buy if desired. I met the owner/maker, Duggy Bing, who said he is busy RL now with little time to make new things or market and tier is taking profits. The sim is advertised for sale as a full 15,000 prim region. This is the place you can get the crying wild babies or octomom baby pouch, the attached clingy ex or a couple of special arm candy avatar attachments,beehive hats, googly eyes, and so much more.

Cartoonimals-Duggy Bing

69L Black Box Angel Dessous and More

Today I picked up the 69L Wed. Angel Dessous special. It turned out to be a very nice Alice gown. Then of course I couldn't get out of the store without getting more and picked up this Lulu Red lingerie set that sits right out front. Harper blogged some new Akruka gorgeous skin I had to have and I have blogged their skin before, so figured I'd put all these new things together and post them and share the info. and save it all here so I can find it again in the abyss, aka: inventory.
Outfit: Angel Dessous, Alice 69L today only black box Wednesday special
Skin:AKERUKA, new release Lisa
Hair: Truth, Jocelyn
Lingerie: Angel Dessous, Lulu red
Heels: Pixel Mode, Baby T's
Pose: Disel Works, Debutante Chaise
New Skin=Blogged Skin, Poses, Sales, Fashion, & Stuffs!
Jewelry: MANDALA, Pearl Rain, Rose pink
Hair: Truth, Blake
Pose Chair: Diesel Works, Modeling Chair (<3 this!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unified Heart Exhibit

Visit here: or direct link here: UnifiedHeartHere.

I hit both grand opening events this weekend at the Unified Heart Exhibit @Palais Orleans Art Studio and Designs. This show conceived and curated by Morgana Nagorski showcased the works of twenty SL artists who got together to do twenty pieces . . . each one, his/her interpretation of the title of or a line from a Leonard Cohen song. I took so many pics of the crowd I made them into two collages. Be sure to check it out.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Utopia Gowns-Shopping Therapy

Visit Utopia here: or direct link here: UtopiaHere.
Utopia Dresses

'Been a bit melancholy lately so went and broke the bank on 4 Utopia dresses today. I ended up loving them all even more than I hoped I would.
Upper left, right, lower left, right:

-Utopia Frida Glitter Gold
hair:Truth Melinda
(I love that this comes with 3 different top options)

-Utopia JOhana Flame
hair:Analog Dog, Tavern, heat
(Gorgeous dress, also has a optional detatched collar piece I think is adorable)

-Utopia FARAH Ruby
hair: Truth, Andrea cocoa
(This one almost has a medeival look to it)

-Utopia FRIDA Cream
hair:Exile, Hayley brown sugar
(Love this sexy almost sheer gown, comes with bangles)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Follow at The Looking Glass-Vote Now

The Follow played at the fantastic open air amphitheater in the sim, "The Looking Glass". This fantasy sim by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee is a popular place to explore, shop and take gorgeous fantasy pics. The Follow drew a lasting crowd of well over 50 people at any given time. Troy, Aj and Powers performed well as usual and requested the crowd to hurry and vote for them for their chance to go to the grammys. Here's how:

╔═▶ ▷ ◀ ◁══════════════════════════════╗

║ Send THE FOLLOW to the GRAMMYs!


║ LIKE the page on FB

║ THEN Search for "The Follow"

║ VOTE 10 Times Daily!!!

╚═══════════════════════════════▶ ▷ ◀ ◁═╝
The Follow at The Looking Glass
I'm going to go ahead and put the SLurl for this sim as its so cool, even though obviously The Follow can't be found there all the time, the rest of the place is great to see too. Check it out here: or direct link here: TheLookingGlassHere.

The Follow
The Follow also has some contest a hunt and meet the fan contest going on so be sure to catch a show soon and often. : )

Grand Opening of The Wrong Side of the Tracks Club Tonight

Visit here: or direc link here: TheWrongSideHere.
I previously recently blogged about the adorable Ruby Island sim that has a wonderful beach/camp area with tons of poses and cool animations and funny signs and things to enjoy with friends, lots of Elvis related things, A 50s area with skating rink, diner and more poses, props and animations to play on, a grung city type area, a couple of clubs and a winter wonderland area. You could spend hours in this place. But tonight the focus is on the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" club grand opening. They are featuring the music of Etta James via dj Loriiii Sheperd. The DJ said "You are on the wrong side, you can't do anythign right on the wrong side, so don't worry about it!" Then the comments about being on the right track and the wrong way etc began. ZsaZsa Adored wore the club owner tag title. The dj is up from 6-8 SLT so there is still time to come enjoy some great blues oldies in an adorable setting. Check it out any time for fun and enjoy all the pose balls and things like the crashed bus out back etc. The Wrong Side of the Tracks is a tribute club so will have events featuring musicians that at times will include video of the musicians playing too. Sounds promising!

Their notecard reads:
"Grand Opening of Wrong Side of the Tracks on Ruby Island!
" If You're Lookin for the Wrong Side you've come to the Right Place!"
Friday Jan 20th 6-8 pm slt featuring DJ Loriiii with all the Rock and Blues you can handle.
A club for the most discerning of folks who have impeccable taste for the lowest of places. The Wrong Side is sure to please the hobo in us all... the less than fortunate, the people your mother told you to stay away from, and all you lazy bums would rather dance in SL than get some fresh air! I f you're reading this you know who you are! Featuring Jazz,Rock ,Blues, R&B with DJs from around the globe.
The party starts Friday 1/20/2012 at 6pm"
The Sim owner is Bryan Jonstone. Check it out.

The Wastelands 5th Birthday Bash-January 20th-22nd

Visit here: or direct link here: WastlandsHere.
Wastelands 5th Bday
The Wastelands, an awesome SL post-apocalyptic themed residential estate, is community-driven with residents who live there paying for it to exist on the grid. This is a also a mature role play sim. Most everyone whose been in SL for much time at all has visited this creative enviornment for some reason or another whether to role play, buy some amazing outfits or gadgets, or take impressive photos in their picturesque sim. This weekend they are celebrating their 5th birthday with a lineup of events from Jan. 20th through the 22nd. The Wastelands is host to regular events, and features it's own internal combat system. The Wastelands boasts an eclectic participatory crowd at most their regular events and this weekend will be sure to delight all. I stopped in this evening for some great tunes and dancing amid the natives and had a good time. Don't miss out, be sure to visit this weekened. Schedul of events as follows:

The Wastelands 5th Birthday is upon us!
WL5B - Jan. 20th / 21st / 22nd - Schedule (all times in SLT)


Fri. Jan 20th: Main Stage - The Atropine, The Great Fissure
1PM - DJ Wiseblood Wisent
2PM - The Invisible Band (LIVE music)
3PM - Aposiopesis Fullstop - Radio Three Wastelands
5PM - DJ Giuseppe Spicoli
7PM - Movie Night @ The Burnt Oak Drive-In

Sat. Jan 21st: Main Stage - The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash
11AM - Gameshow @ The Chaoseum􀀋
1PM - DJ Kendo (electronica and IDM) @ Kendo's home, Malady Bog􀀎
2PM - Krakov Letov (LIVE music)
3PM - Fight Night (double session of violence!) / DJ Rance Alva
5PM - Redzone (LIVE music)
6PM - DJ Gomi Mfume
8PM - DJ circulating Serevi
Sun. Jan 22nd: Main Stage - The Junk Stage, The Junkyard
1PM - DJ Sandling Honey
3PM - Diamanda Gustafson (LIVE music)
4PM - Cabeza Muerta @ The Arena, Cormac􀀊 / DJ TBC
5PM - The Junkies - The Wastelands Awards
7PM - Bartleby Ricantaur, travelling storyteller


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Miles Eleventhauer Machinima, Art, Music, DJ, and Much More

Youtube link here: or direct link here: MilesYoutubeHere.
This evening I visited 11th Art Gallery featuring Miles Elventhhauer as dj who also unveiled 5 new portraits all sketched on his IPHONE including Elivs Presly, Beyonce, and others! Jazzologist, DJ Miles 11Hour Played 2 hours of the best in Jazz, Classics, & Fusion, John McLaughlin, Billie Holiday, Jan Hammer, Abbey Lincoln & More. The hostess was Valsadie Springvale.
I previously had the privilege of interviewing Miles for a Retropolitan magazine article. During that time Miles was DJing but after his set I spoke with him a bit
about 11thArt. He said it is relatively new having opened
June 23rd, 2011. He said all the art on the walls he created saying,
“The portraits are caricatures I drew with my finger on
my iPhone with an app called ‘Sketchbook Mobile, and the
larger B&W line are older portfolio pieces I did in pen &
ink back in the 80’s”. He added, “I DJ all types of jazz from
all eras, and I love jazz fusion.” He does regular Thursday
night sets, bouncing between here and Black Soul Rhythms
headquarters, the Internet radio station he does his set on,
but moved the radio show to Sundays where he streams from
Nat’s Jazz club 7pm as people who were used to his Thursday
sets asked him to continue them at 11th Art. Miles said he
does a lot in Second Life; is a DJ, performs Keyboards live,
creates machinima, and also co- hosts on TreetTV..Stream
scene. 11thArt has held a nice crowd each time I’ve visited.
Visit here: or direct link here: MilesinSLHere.

Miles is a mulit-talented guy for sure. Check out his videos, art and tunes some time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Press Pass Media Group

Press Pass Media Group in SL turned 2 years old today! Great group for a good variety of SL and related information. Check out their blog here: or direct link here: PresPassHere.


What is SOPA?
SOPA, which stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a piece of legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives. The act is designed to target copyright infringers online through a series of harsh penalties.

In the U.S. Senate, a separate companion bill is called the Protect Intellectual Property Act or PIPA.

Several sites held a blackout today as seen here with WIKI
(wait, did I just pirate that Wiki blackout pic?)
Even my beloved Flickr had a blackout option and I logged in today to see my top pick already blacked out along with others of friends with an option to bypass this and see the pics anyway. It was just there to raise awareness of this issue.
The Second Life Newser seems to have the latest on this issue and implications for SL here: or direct link here: SLNewserSOPAHere.

Monday, January 16, 2012

One for the Ladies BY the Ladies

I've been wanting to do this for a little while now so last night some girl friends and myself got together to do a spoof on the LMFAO "I'm Sexy and I Know It" song. Here are a couple of stills and if you want to see the vid check here: or direct link here: KTLMFAOHere.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


LEA is loaded with a lot of new cool stuff.. actually it's almost overwhelming but well worth taking the time to check it all out. Visit here: or direct link here: LEAHere.

A fun place to start is the "Dance of Life" at LEA13 by Nexuno Thespian. The note out front reads: "turns a paper boat,
overwhelmed by the vortex of time.
we ran out of breath
against the continuous movement of the gears of life
dreams, castles in the air
inexorably sinking into the sand of an hourglass
mechanical dancers dance of destiny
around the threads of our lives
and death awaits
in a rotating magnetic
playing a melody out of tune
ticking time passes
, nightingales fly artifacts
and watch the circle closes
a flower blooms at the center of creation
another life and 'ready
to run
, breathe
, to rejoice
, suffer
to dream
and die."
It's very steampunkish and in front of it there is provided a free outfit for the taking.
Another cool explore is the art of Betty Tureaud

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Club Eclectricity Trivia, Music and Dancing Jan 15th, 6-8 PM

Visit here: or direct link here: EclectricityHere.

club eclectricity

Their press release invite reads, "Trivia Tournament! 6-8 PM SLT

You don't want to be late for this event! We're kicking off a trivia tournament with a possibility of winning $L1,000, or $L500 gift cards from AlphaMale and Blacklace!

Black History is the theme of the trivia. So, bone up on your history.

Along with the trivia, DJ Isabelle will be doling out her plethora of eclectic tracks from African American artists. Join us as we explore the sounds from blues to rock and beyond.

Club Eclectricity is a club like no other. The atmosphere prompts our guests to feel at home. Play games, dance from our handpicked selection, sit by the fireplace and gab. Come home to Eclectricity!"

This club is run by some good friends of mine and I always have a blast there.. hope to see everyone tomorrow!

Seasons Gotcha January 14th - 28th

Visit Seasons Gotcha for some fun inexpensive items to have or gift here: or direct link here: GotchaHere.

Seasons Gotcha

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Explores

The Dark Muse Forest in Nocturnia Urban Design sim is a beautiful place for fairies, elves, fantasy photos and then always busy clubbing in Club Zero just outside the forest. Visit here: or direct link here: DarkForestHere.
The Dark Muse Forest
The Dark Muse Forest
The Rockin Rink at Ruby Island is a great place to play. They have a very cute 50s and Elvis area with pose and animation spots, a skate rink, diner etc, some urban spots, a great club, winter wonderland and a beach camp area with adorable pose spots and signs. Check it out here: or direct link here: RubyIslandHere.

Klassy Kara?
Happy Mood has been around forever, but thankfully they provide us with seasonal changes and something new all the time to put everyone in a happy mood. They currently have cool leaf boat rides around their area and you can get a free boat of your own as a group gift along with a table and chair set they offfer for free. Check it out here: or direct link here: HMCadenzaHere.
Happy Mood

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Four Seasons Plaza Fashion Mall

My good friend, fellow blogger and model, Burly Tigerpaw, showed me the Four Seasons Plaza Fashion Mall today. We met up with one of the owners, Dru Paulino who along with her partner Lam Erin own the Plaza. Check it out here: or direct link here: 4SeasonsPlazaHere.

We met in the beautiful ballroom and Brian and I had a quick dance before exploring the area. The Plaza is known for having some of the best SL designers in an Old world style fashion mall that includes a Jazz Cafe, hosts events & fashion shows with shops for male and females including Paris Metro, UTOPIA, Elisea Carter, Lady Mor,Sartoria, LollipopZ Hair, Couture,Wilson Men,Costumes,SF Design,Glamour Style, GizzA,JayGee,Finesmtih,Sascha Design,Dafne,Danielle,Fellini,Entre Mares,WTG JEWELRY,J&W Jewlery,Vanity Hair,Mina,Indrya Originals,Chichi of London,KK Foods,Alafolie, Morea Style, Azul, ALB Dream Fashion, Adam Edelstein Couture, PRISM, Anubis Style, Vita Boudoir, Diorsis Hair, ALEIDA, ELAN, Similar Italian Shoes, Mohna Lisa Couture, Lady Thera, Siryelle Designs, Danielle, Auro Borealis, Marianela's ARt in Fashion, AMACCI,VANITY HAIR and many more! There are currently over 55 stores in the 2 sim Plaza. They also have regular events and dancing in the ballroom. Brian and I went late at a time that was good for filming video.

I made a short video of just a tiny bit of what they have to offer. My friend Brian is wearing a free tux from Adam Edelstein Couture found in the mall and I'm wearing an Azul dress. Both stores are located in an area near the ballroom. Adam's note on the tux reads in part, "A message from Adam : Adam Edelstein Couture is pleased to announce the opening of a store at the White Rose Fashion Hall & Ballroom at the Four Seasons Plaza. For this special occasion we would like to offer our new group members, for a limited time ONLY, a Free Gift (a free Tux outfit with shoes) Only at this Location! Please take advantage of this opportunity and visit our location, Join our group and grab your free gift here today"

If you haven't visited yet this is a great place to shop, dance and hang out.

BOOM Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress

If you are a frequent reader you know I don't often blog fashion (mostly because I'll probably have something out of place which is not so good for advertising), but today I tried this cute sweater dress and since it has some cool features I figured I'd put it up here with a few other new items I got today.
Visit BOOM inworld here: or direct link here: BOOMHere.
This new Oslo baggy mini sweater dress is now available at the *BOOM* Main store and on the marketplace! One of the cool things is that it comes in 5 different sizes (compatible with most store sizing standards) and in 29 different colour choices! I like to change shape and size a lot and fairly dramatically because I'm a kind of "When in Rome" type of girl, so this pack of dresses works great for me.
You can find this at the following locations:
Facebook: Like us!

*Hair: Truth, Andrea (new release)
*Boots and Leggings: I'm also wearing Bukka dark leather boots and Vantage leggings in grey (yes I said vantage, not vintage)
*Jewelry: I have on some of my favorite jewelry by League that I have actually had for a while now, necklace and earrings from the "Wanderer" set.
*Glasses: GOS Custom Eyewear, Intuition
*Pose: Purple Poses 164

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Props and Pose Fair Drama

I don't know if I should even repeat the drama but since I had a prior post on the Pose fair, I guess it's only fair to say there are many questions about where the proceeds have or are going. I did receive an inworld notice as well. I'm not going to get into all of this because what do I know after all about it, but if concerned or interested in some of the issues check here: or direct link here: PoseFairDramaHere.

Explore Second Life

3 Cool Explores
loin des equilibres
Visit loin des equilibres here: or direct link here: PasqualeHere.
Spring Isles, Fern
Spring Isles, Fern
Visit Fern, Spring Isle here: or direct link here: FernHere.
Cerridwens Cauldron
Visit Cerridwins Cauldron here: or direct link here: CerridwinsHere.