Thursday, September 23, 2010

BOSL 2010 Fashion Week Sept 18-25

Where but Second Life can just about anyone afford, fit, or even make the most fashionable clothes ever imagined? Granted we can’t all make the impressive designs showcased this week, but the designers have gone all out this year for an impressive showing. The Best of Second Life Fashion week is well under way with the Kickoff Saturday September 18th at Milky House showcasing gorgeous Japanese Kimonos in a quaint Japanese setting located in Insilico. The shows run daily now through Saturday Septembur the 25th at 10 am SLT which will be a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent in the Renaissance Galleria.

Sunday the 19th provided attendees at the Chateau Versaile with an eye feast of Haute Couture collections featuring gowns from some of the best designers in SL as the models glided down a corded off strip surrounded by onlookers. Of course I tp'd in right on top of the models as usual. I have to question why that always happens to me and wonder if my subconscious self wants to model these cool clothes or something. Monday provided attendees a look at the urban collection for the streets of Second Life exhibited at Couture Boulevard.

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 Mea Culpa Tuesday
Tuesday I was in for a treat as the show was right up my alley presenting Mea Culpa Fantasy Couture in a glamorous setting at the Mexico Distrito. Spectators sat in the floral and grassy knoll or in rustic wooden bench seating amongst greenery and flying Akasha. VIPS including Brett Linden stood across the water in elaborate building doorways and window balconies. Models emerged from a magical veil of greenery that gave the appearance of walking downhill from a forest pathway to the stairs that led to the runway surrounded by water, waterfalls, mystical lights and magical surroundings. The musical selections added a dramatic touch with fitting songs like Mea Culpa, and a ET remix giving the whole event an almost surreal feel that was fitting for the exotic outfits the models displayed. The Mea Culpa designs provided attendees a pallet of unique and beautiful outfits that ranged from mermaid style all the way to the almost demonic. Even Frolic Mills participated in this event.

Wednesday the 22d provided a look at the Vintage Collection in all the splendor of the 20s at the impressive Patch Thibald Auditorium. It’s always fun to see the audience get in the spirit, many of which showed up in vintage designs themselves.

BOSL Fashion Week 2010
Thursday was The American Graffiti show at 4pm SLT. I also really enjoyed this show and dancing 50's sock hop style afterward with the models. The guys and gals showed off, some of them skating in, retro clothes such at poodle skirts, saddle shoes and bobbie socks, leather jackets, cool shades and various other styles and fun hair from the 50's look all set in a cafe/soda shop with drive in setting.

There is still plenty to look forward to as Friday will be the Black and White new collection at Couture Blvd. Saturday September 25th at 10 am SLT will wrap up the week with the Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent. The date and time change was done so that many more people can enjoy it and also so that Metaverse TV can film it. This promises to be a show not to be missed presenting 25 brand new Yves Saint Laurent inspired couture dresses that will take your breath away by the 3 time winner, Miss Nish Mip. There will be engineered lighting and Soleil will perform live. Honestly it will be hard to top the other shows but knowing BOSL it can be done and I know I for one don’t want to miss it.
Stages were built by Architects Patch Thibaud, Mr. Mike Denneny and Miss Nardya Rousselot.

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