Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cica Ghost's Strawberryland Open!

Visit here:

Be sure to visit Cica Ghost's latest immersive exhibit "Strawberryland" as she delivers yet another impressive and fun build.   This one is a strawberry garden-like area where we, the visitors, are the tinies and the strawberry garden is huge.  The strawberries are huge, the green house is huge, the artsculpture people are huge, the welcome area is huge, items in the area are all huge making visitors miniature in contrast.  Be sure to click on things to pose and immerse.  She always has some unique items too like at the landing/info. area where she has a little set up of what initially simply looks like one of her signature houses (in mini) set in a field of flowers and grasses with a picture frame and oval matted sky scene behind it but upon closer look you see the grasses and flowers are blowing in the wind and the sky scene is actually moving across the picture.  Although her scenes are super cool I had to take some pictures with people/myself in them for perspective so you can see how big things are and how tiny we appear which makes it all the more fun.  

In the sim info. it simply says: "Q: Why were the little strawberries upset?
A: Because their parents were in a jam!
23rd March 2016"

Gotta love her ongoing creativity and whimsy!

Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland Cica Ghost Strawberryland

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