Sunday, October 16, 2011

Explore Second Life, Izzies, MetaLES, Solandria, & Nordan Art

I've hit up a few new good explores lately thanks to my friend Cafi Rang turning me on to some additional SL blogs to follow.
Visit Izzie's here: or direct link here: IzziesHere.

The first explore is actually a shopping place too. Izzie Button has this adorable sim that is just absolutely beautiful with fall colors and makes for wonderful photos. I explored the outdoors for a long time before I ventured into her store and was equally impressed and surprised I had not come upon this store before as it is great! Izzie has quality clothes, skins, accessories, poses, discount area and amazing customer service when I just IM'd her to ask her a few questions. She said her store's been around a couple of years but new to this location since about June. I told her how much I like her products, as they seem to real and fit well. The sweater and necklace I am wearing in this one pic are from her store. Don't miss this whether you just like a great explore or shopping.. well worth the trip.

Visit Aerie here: or direct link here: MetaLasHere.

This next explore is "Aerie" in MetaLES by Cherry Manga, an exceptional SL artist I can't seem to keep up with. She keeps making and doing so much that impresses me. This is a creative sim to explore.
Visit Solandria here: or direct link here: SolandriaHere.
Solandria is a gorgeous sim for dance, meditation, photos, cuddles, posing, fairies, etc. The sim owner Soleil8 Andel said he has been working on the sim since June and already has a youtube video of the place and facebook group. It is filled with lots of beautiful flowers and scenery, straylights, garden and forest areas as well as beach areas. This might be considered a great date place.

Visit Nordan Art Gallery Here: or direct link here: NordanHere.

This last explore is actually Nordan Art Gallery I've blogged before but I wanted to add this as Rebeca Bashly who has "Inferno" at LEA (a few posts back I show a video and pics I made) put up a sort of Haunted area at Nordan that will only be up through October 31st, so don't miss it. While there check out the gallery and current artist exhibits on the ground level as well. Nordan always has impressive exhibits.

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